Flibco bus connects Maastricht with Charleroi Airport via Liège

Flibco.com, a provider of transport services to airports in Belgium, is launching an international shuttle line between Maastricht and Charleroi Airport via Liège from 4 July. The bus company reckons the journey time will be around two hours for the 127 km separating the Dutch city from the Walloon one.

Flibco.com promises ten daily departures tailored to flight schedules, including weekends and holidays. Ticket prices start at 14,99 euros from Liège and 15,99 euros from Maastricht. Those who miss their bus can use their ticket for the next bus at no extra cost, subject to availability. Your ticket can also be canceled or changed up to six hours before the scheduled departure.

Four pieces of luggage may be taken, however, with a small extra charge you can request to take more luggage.

Sales start on 11 June

All buses have free WIFI, USB ports, air conditioning, and toilets on board. Ticket sales start on Tuesday, 11 June. Flibco.com connects Charleroi Airport in Belgium with Bruges, Ghent, Brussels, Arlon, Mons, Luxembourg, and Lille. It also organizes a bus service between Brussels Zaventem Airport and Lille.

At Charleroi Airport, a new outdoor area for Terminal 1, Plaza Princesse Astrid, was inaugurated in mid-May. Flibco.com got its building in the same location, a 4 million euro investment. That ‘Mobility Center’ includes a waiting room and digital sales points. The operator is responsible for about 2,100 weekly journeys to and from Charleroi Airport.


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