Scania sets up new depot and destination charging company

As well as being a part of Milence, the joint venture between the major truck manufacturers for public charging solutions, Scania has established Erinion, a charging solutions company for depot and destination charging. It aims to install 40,000 new charging points at customer locations by 2030.

According to Scania, depot charging will be the primary energy source for short and long-haul electric road transport. Therefore, Erinion will complement Scania’s public charging point operations as part of the Milence joint venture.

Cheaper than public charging

The advantages of depot charging are clear: lower energy costs, predictable charge planning, and increased uptime. According to Erinion, depot charging could save customers up to €15,000 per year per truck.

Customers can pay for the service in cash or via a combination of down payments and financial leases. Tailor-made solutions, including support and maintenance, are available for different kinds of transport companies.

Erinion’s charging solutions will be compatible with all truck brands. The company aims for 40,000 charging points installed by 2030 /Scania

40,000 customer charging points by 2030

The new charging company will debut in Sweden, Norway, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France, and Germany, with a global launch to follow “in due course”. Erinion will ensure compatibility with all truck brands and aims for a minimum of 40,000 charging points installed at customer locations by 2030.

Jonas Hernlund, who came from a background in venture capital and became Head of Energy & Infrastructure at Scania in September 2023, has been appointed as the CEO of Erinion. “With our solution, customers get peace of mind and can focus on their core business, while a specialized charging unit takes care of the hardware, software, financing, and operational services required to operate charging at scale with superior quality and cost efficiency,” adds Hernlund.


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