Fisker owners set up their own support to keep cars running

Fisker’s bankruptcy leaves thousands of Ocean SUV owners in limbo. With the company’s future in doubt, customer concern about the long-term support and maintenance for their cars is growing. In the US, they decided to unite. The European branch is still up and running, so servicing is not an immediate worry.

Some Ocean owners have established the Fisker Owners Association in the US, a nonprofit organization launched last week. The association’s mission is “to connect and empower Fisker Ocean owners worldwide, building a community that helps owners navigate present-day challenges and advocates for the long-term viability of our vehicles”. These owners aim to keep their cars roadworthy despite Fisker’s financial troubles.

The newly formed Fisker Owners Association is focused on ensuring a steady supply of replacement parts and providing do-it-yourself solutions for common problems. However, the group is mainly concerned about the continued software support essential for the Ocean’s functionality, with a working group dedicated to addressing these issues.

‘Less frightening’

Cristian Fleming, an Ocean owner and one of the association’s founders, emphasized the importance of community support during this uncertain time. “There’s a lot to figure out, but if we’re together and supporting each other, it’s less frightening,” Fleming told the website InsideEVs. Some owners have commenced dismantling their vehicles to identify parts and make an inventory.

Many early adopters of the Ocean faced software glitches, like the heat pump draining the 12-volt battery, hoods opening by themselves, or disabled key functionality. These issues are to be fixed by over-the-air updates, but while the company tried to keep a small team operational until the very end, the attorney has disapproved of that plan. The company will fully liquidate, meaning creditors will fight over the remaining assets.

During Fisker’s bankruptcy discussions, the Fisker Owner’s Association advocates for a seat at the table, aiming to secure warranties and guarantees for parts availability. They also push for continued access to 4G connectivity, which is crucial for the Ocean’s navigation and other features. Moreover, the group demands that Fisker fulfill its promises of software updates, including features like self-parking and adaptive cruise control, or compensate owners if these features remain undelivered.

Too fresh as a start-up

Parts are a concern. In comparable cases, like Saab, for instance, the manufacturer produced many components or stocked them at, often independent, importers. Even in the worst case of a depleted stockpile, the scrapyard offered a solution as sufficient models were processed. With production not even at cruising speed, Fisker was too fresh as a start-up to meet any of these scenarios. Owners will need to be backed by suppliers for the mechanical replacement parts.

The good news for European customers is that the service centers are still operational except for Belgium, where the only division, in Rumst, was declared bankrupt at the beginning of the month due to a lay-off round affecting all staff. The brand store in Rotterdam will support more than eighty Belgian customers. As this store is brand-exclusive, it remains to be seen if it can be upheld in the long run.


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