Number of Belgian road deaths down for first time in three years

According to Statbel, the Belgian statistics office, 501 people lost their lives in accidents on Belgian roads in 2023. Accident figures also decreased again last year after increasing in 2021 and 2022. Also striking: the number of accidents fell more sharply in Brussels than in the rest of the country.

Last year, there were 36,855 road accidents in Belgium, with 45,243 casualties, or just over 1.2 victims per accident, but mostly slightly injured (92%).

A total of 501 people died within 30 days of the accident, 270 of them in Flanders. Fatalities included 212 motorists, 101 cyclists, 77 pedestrians, and 51 motorcyclists.

Fewer serious injured

The number of accidents and the total number of victims fell by 2% compared to 2022. The decline was most pronounced in deaths within 30 days: minus 7,2% (540 in 2022). The number of seriously injured fell 4.5%, and the number of slightly injured fell 1.6%.

The 2023 figures are also lower than in 2019, the year before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. There were 37,719 accidents then, with 644 deaths after 30 days, 3,605 seriously injured and 43,583 slightly injured.



More accidents in Wallonia

Wallonia did go against the current last year, with a 1.1% increase in the number of accidents on Walloon roads, although the number of road deaths there continued to drop to 225. There were fewer accidents in Flanders (2.2.%, to 22,871) and especially in Brussels (-9.5%, to 3,773).

At the provincial level, the most significant decreases were recorded in East Flanders (-6.7%), Liège (-4.7%), and West Flanders (-4.3%), while the most significant increase was in Walloon Brabant (+12.8%).

According to VIAS figures from the end of 2021, the social cost of road accidents in Belgium is estimated at around 13 billion euros, which is 2.9% of GDP. The cost of a traffic death is almost 7 million euros.




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