America will have to wait for Volvo EX30 ‘made in Belgium’

It’s official now: due to the 100% import taxes the Biden Administration imposes on EVs built in China, America will have to wait for the Volvo EX30 ‘made in Belgium’ to arrive. And that will be no sooner than 2025.

People who had already paid a $500 deposit to make a reservation got a message from Volvo apologizing and offering a discount from $1,500 to $2,500 on other electric Volvos.

“It was our hope to invite you to configure your new Volvo EX30 at this time. However, changes in the global automotive landscape will delay the introduction of the EX30 in the US while we ramp up EX30 production at our plant in Ghent, Belgium. We will let you know the exact timing at a later date, but it will most likely be between early and late 2025,” Volvo writes.


“We know this is not the news you were hoping to receive, and we understand your disappointment. We’re still committed to bringing EX30 to the US; it’s just taking longer than we expected to get it here,” the message continues. How much longer it’s going to take is not that clear, as Volvo is talking about ‘between early and late 2025’.

Volvo announced in October last year its intention to build the low-cost EX30 at its Ghent factory. Assembly was projected to start in 2025, and the Ghent factory is ramping up to meet the deadline. “Adding production in Ghent is logical as we aim to capture the strong demand for our exciting small electric SUV globally,” Volvo CEO Jim Rowan said then.

The EX30 is the third fully electric Volvo model to be produced in Europe, joining the XC40 and C40 models on the Ghent production line. There were some rumors that Ghent would also build the EX90 for the UK, but that was denied. According to Volvo Car Gent spokeswoman Barbara Blomme, the factory will already be at its limits by adding the EX30.

Strong market performance

Production of the EX30 started earlier that fall in Zhangjiakou, China. For now, all EX30s sold in Europe are ‘China made’. The model has already shown strong market performance, with 14,500 units sold in the first quarter of 2024, outpacing the sales of other models like the EC40 and nearing the EX40, which both come from the Ghent assembly halls.

It is currently Europe’s third best-selling electric vehicle after the Tesla Model Y and Model 3. But the US will remain empty-handed, at least until 2025. Volvo is trying to lure reservation holders with a discount for other electric Volvo models to ease the pain.

Short-term leases or discounts

People who have already paid $500 can get a refund, a special short-term lease until the EX30 arrives, or a discount for another model.

“If you need a car until we can get you behind the wheel of your EX30, we’d be happy to help you into another Volvo. Bring this exclusive personal identification number (PIN) to your retailer for a $2,500 loyalty bonus that can be used to lease or purchase a new electric Volvo car. If you are interested in one of our plug-in or mild hybrid models, you can use this PIN for a $1,500 loyalty bonus.”


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