NIO partners with Belgian Syensqo in joint advanced EV materials lab

Chinese premium EV maker NIO has set up a joint lab with Belgian Solvay-split-off Syensqo to explore more advanced materials for electric vehicles. The lab was established at the Nio Nanxiang delivery center in Jiading, Shanghai, and announced on the occasion of Syenqo’s CEO Ilham Kadri’s visit.

Syensqo is a Belgian multinational materials company established in 2023 as a spin-off from Solvay. It has 13,000 employees working in 62 industrial sites and 12 research centers in 30 countries. Its current CEO is French-Maroccan chemical doctor Ilham Kadri, who previously led Solvay.

Specialty polymer solutions

Cooperation with Chinese NIO started already in 2021 in product development for electric motors and electronic control systems. According to the companies, “NIO stands at the forefront of the smart electric vehicle industry, with its innovations in autonomous driving, digital technologies, and advanced electric powertrains and batteries, while Syensqo brings its knowledge in specialty polymer solutions for the automotive and electronics markets.”

“This joint endeavor is poised to propel the integration of cutting-edge materials into sustainable automotive applications, setting new benchmarks for excellence in the industry,” Syenqo says in the press release.

In automotive, Syensqo is a specialist in composite materials and specialty polymers for components critical to creating lighter and more efficient electric and hybrid vehicles. Specific to e-mobility, the Belgian company is active in materials for batteries, thermal management, flame retardancy, electromagnetic shielding, and more, used in e-motors, power electronics, and charging stations.


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