Danish Kalmar breaths new ‘electric life’ into 35-year-old Porsche 911

Kalmar Automotive, a Danish enhancer and restorer of bespoke sports cars and special-purpose adventure vehicles, is breathing new – electric – life into the 35-year-old Porsche 911 (type 964) with a beefed-up Tesla S hart in new lightweight factory fiber bodywork.

The 7-97 E-Volt is engineered to produce more power and torque than any road-going 964 produced by Porsche in that period: more than 450 hp and 660Nm. It sprints from zero to 100 km/hour in under four seconds and has a more than 320 km range. The company says Eco and Sport modes cater to a driver’s preference and mood.

Abandoned Porsche without engine

The 7-97 E-Volt is Kalmar’s first electric vehicle. The donor car for the first 7-97 E-Volt that was built is an abandoned Porsche 964 with no engine. It features an upcycled powertrain, parts recast using the original donor’s aluminum, and even windows reformed from the original glass.

“The idea of creating an EV version came from our customers,” says Jan Kalmar, founder of Kalmar Automotive. “But for us, it had to be more than just dropping an EV motor in a 911. So we looked to see how far we could take its green credentials. Using an existing car as a base is a good start. Still, it had to go further, hence recasting parts, reforming the glass, and using technologies such as flax fibers that produce lower CO2 in their manufacture than carbon fiber.”

Refurbished Tesla Model S drivetrain

The electric motor, a refurbished Tesla Model S drivetrain, is positioned in the rear, counterbalanced by the primary battery at the front axle. The 63kWh 350 Volt battery packs are split fore and aft, retaining the famous 911-weight distribution.

With no ICE engine, an electric vacuum pump powers the brake booster system, power steering, and air conditioning systems. Contrary to its donor car, the 7-97 E-Volt offers all the modern comfort you’d expect in a contemporary sports car, “discretely and intentionally hidden from view to retaining a period look.”

An efficient semi-automatic electric air conditioning keeps the cabin at the ideal temperature. At the same time, an Apple CarPlay Bluetooth-enabled audio system—with a floor-mounted active subwoofer—delivers “a rousing soundtrack for any trip.” Rain-sensing wipers and LED headlights further enhance everyday usability.

Starting at €450,000

Underneath, this modern electric Porsche gets adaptive suspension tailored for its unique weight distribution, and features improved suspension bushing to tackle most testing environments. Customers can choose between an OE braking system or Kalmar’s optional lightweight brakes in steel or ceramic.

If all this whets your appetite, pricing for the 7-97 E-Volt conversion starts at €450,000. Kalmar Automotive has selected dealerships in Chorleywood (UK), Vejle Øst (Denmark), Frankfurt (Germany), and Monaco.


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