Electra and Uber enter into partnership on fast chargers

Electra, the European specialist in fast chargers for electric vehicles, and Uber, the largest ride-hailing platform in Belgium, have entered into a partnership on fast chargers. Together, they want to accelerate the transition to electric driving.

Throughout Belgium, drivers who use the Uber platform will be able to charge faster and cheaper with Electra. They can charge up to 400 km of range in 20 minutes. Drivers can also reserve a fast charging station in advance.

Fast chargers

According to a recent Electra survey, drivers prefer a reliable charging service that primarily offers fast charging (89%), a great rate (86%), and nearby charging points (79%). Thanks to Electra’s urban B2B offering, drivers can continue driving for long and waste as little time as possible at the charging station.

“Through this collaboration with Electra, we are strengthening Uber’s commitment to sustainability and helping our drivers to switch to electric at a favorable rate. This makes it much more enjoyable for them to drive 100% electrically without affecting their work schedule,” concludes Laurent Slits, CEO of Uber Belgium.

15,000 charging points by 2030

Electra is a European specialist in fast charging for electric vehicles. The company wants to facilitate the adoption of electric driving by offering an international, fast, and efficient charging network.

Electra is present in nine countries (Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, and Austria) and is developing a park of 15,000 fast charging points that will be available by 2030.


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