Volvo Cars will fire 1 300 employees in Sweden

April 30, 2020

Volvo Cars wants to cut 1 300 jobs for employees in Sweden and to review and reduce the number of consultancy contracts. The Swedish car manufacturer, which also has a large production site in Ghent, announced this on Wednesday. “Volvo Cars wants to accelerate a transformation plan for long-term growth,” it said. No exact number […]

Crisis pushes fashion city Milan to become ‘cycling city’

April 22, 2020

The coronavirus may make Milan look more like a Dutch city. The city council wants to speed up building 35 kilometers of new cycle paths in the town to prevent Milan from flooding with cars. Post-corona “We can’t have overcrowded subways and buses anymore. We have to respect social distancing, and we need to provide […]

VW to compensate German dieselgate victims for €620 million

April 21, 2020

The German automobile group Volkswagen (VW) reached an ‘amicable settlement’ with some 200 000 VW owners in the dieselgate scandal in Germany. Compensation amounting to 620 million euros will be paid, VW announced on Monday. Compensation With this settlement, Volkswagen intends to end the dieselgate legal fight in Germany by paying out damages to the […]

Belgian energy transition delayed

April 20, 2020

The Belgian energy transition is delayed because the federal government is hesitating to decide. In principle, Belgium will have to close its nuclear power stations in 2025. To be able to do so, gas-fired power stations will have to be built, but the approvals are lacking. Gas-fired power stations According to Elia, the operator of […]

Number of youngsters killed in Dutch traffic up with 183%

April 16, 2020

The Dutch Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) has announced that the number of road fatalities is on the rise again. In particular, the proportion of people in their twenties and thirties who died rose by 24 to 183%. Who are these victims? More than one-third of the road accident victims were drivers or passengers of […]

Lowering car insurance premiums in corona times?

April 15, 2020

Insurance company Corona Direct (CD), offering an insurance premium based on the actual number of kilometers driven, foresees to pay back its clients up to 20% this year, a total of €4,1 million. Questions are raised whether other insurance customers are also entitled to such compensation now that many cars remain parked for two months […]

Freight transport by rail decreases by 20%

April 09, 2020

Paul Hegge, the representative of the Belgian Rail Freight Forum, sounds the alarm bell as today he sees a 20% drop in demand for rail freight transport. Railway transports are the EU’s backbone for delivering essential goods. The logistics of running trains across national borders that are closed due to the corona crisis are complicated […]

Major road works on E314 near Leuven start next week

April 08, 2020

On April 15th, major road works will start on the E314 at the Wilsele viaduct near the city of Leuven. According to Lydia Peeters (Open Vld), Flemish Minister for Mobility and Public Works, this will last until the autumn of 2021. Once traffic returns to its usual density after the corona crisis, it is most […]

New figures confirm 45% less traffic on Flemish highways

April 07, 2020

Since the introduction of the restrictive measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus, there are far fewer traffic jams on the Flemish highways. The number of kilometers driven fell back with 44,7%. This is shown by figures from the Flemish Traffic Center. No more structural traffic jams “The structural traffic jams have disappeared, and […]

e-bike 2.0 gets automatic gearbox

April 02, 2020

The e-bike market has been growing steadily for years. The market represented 9 million units last year. That is why the Belgian company E2 Drives also focuses on this growth market by developing innovative technology with an automatic gearbox. Interesting technology E2, founded by Arthur Deleval and Simon Godfrind, tries to position itself in the […]

Fastned: demand for EV charging drops 70%

April 01, 2020

The corona crisis is hitting Dutch fast-charger company Fastned hard. Demand for charging electric cars along the highways in the Netherlands, Germany, and the UK where Fastned is active, has dropped with 70% since mid-March. Last year, Fastned’s turnover rose by 178% to €4,5 million. The growth was ‘fueled’ by the increased number of electric […]

Flemish inspection centers reopen for commercial vehicles

March 26, 2020

Since Wednesday, March 25, the Flemish car inspection centers will again provide a limited service for commercial vehicles (+3,5 tons) and priority vehicles. The reinspections of all vehicles will also be carried out again. However, the inspections are only possible by appointment. Four months postponement The duration of these measures depends on the evolution of […]

Belgian Low-Emission Zones ‘suspended’

March 25, 2020

The city of Antwerp is temporarily suspending the LEZ (low-emission zone) so that everyone will also be able to reach the hospitals now that public transport is gradually failing. Parking fees will also be temporarily abolished. In Antwerp, this is done retroactively from March 14 onward. In Ghent and Brussels, the LEZs will remain in […]

Buying energy is cheaper than investing in solar roofs

March 23, 2020

Because the price of electricity is currently very low, it is more interesting to buy electricity abroad than to invest in your wind turbines or solar power. Unfavorable situation “It is not attractive to invest in a new wind energy project or a solar roof. It doesn’t look good for the coming years either,” says […]

Lockdown ‘solves’ traffic congestion problems

March 19, 2020

On the Belgian highways, it was remarkably quiet on Wednesday and Thursday. Between 05.30 and 9 a.m., one of the busiest moments of the day, there were barely ten kilometers of traffic jams. Without the corona measures, there are on average 155 kilometers of traffic jams in rush hours. Less traffic It isn’t a surprise […]

Clean scooters for the city: Qooder QVe

March 17, 2020

On Tuesday, the Swiss scooter brand Qooder shows its electrically powered versions based on the existing range of two or three-wheeled scooters. The manufacturer responds to the needs of the commuter. The latter is looking for a zero-emission scooter that performs neatly and doesn’t shy away from a piece of ring road or highway. Electric […]

Tesla looking for Cybertruck factory location

March 12, 2020

Tesla is going to build the Cybertruck, and the American EV manufacturer is looking for a new location in Central USA. The latter was ‘tweeted’ by its CEO Elon Musk. Specialists are tipping Nashville, Tenessee as a possible winner. The Cybertruck will be the sixth Tesla model, and this electrically powered pickup will make a […]

GAS fine for driving ‘a little too fast’ in zone 30

March 10, 2020

Flanders will allow local authorities is to have light speeding offenses fined via the ‘GAS’ (Gemeentelijke Administratieve Sanctie) fine administrative system. These local authorities have long been criticizing speeding offenses in a zone 30 or the town center is not a priority for public prosecutors. As a result, these roads are barely controlled, and many […]

The electric company car is reaching cruising speed

March 09, 2020

More and more companies are offering their employees electric company cars, pushing them away from the combustion engine. “We are coming to a turnaround,” leasing companies say. “It is happening.” Lower TCO Although in terms of price tag, electric cars are, on average, 10 000 euros more expensive than models with a classic combustion engine. […]

The Netherlands: €4 000 subsidy for private electric car

March 05, 2020

Dutch buyers of new electric cars will receive a 4 000 euros subsidy as of this summer. Those who buy a used car are eligible for 2 000 euros. That is what Stientje van Veldhoven, Dutch Minister for Environment and Housing (D66), wrote in a letter to the House of Representatives on Wednesday. 250 million […]

Chinese Byton M-Byte has found major Dutch importer

March 04, 2020

With Toyota-Lexus importer Louwman, the Chinese electric carmaker, Byton, has found a major Dutch importer for its SUV M-Byte. After MG’s electric SUV, this is the second Chinese car brand to come to Europe with affordable electric models. 45 000 euros Byton has a design center in Munich (Germany), and production and development facilities in […]

Electric Touring Car Championship ready for take-off

February 20, 2020

In 2021 a new touring car championship will start with strictly electric cars. This year the Pure ETCR championship will be presented during promo events and in the context of existing WTCR races. This was officially presented in Paris last week. Another Formula E? After the Formula E championship for single-seater electric cars, there will […]

Driving the MG ZS, first Chinese EV on Belgian market

February 19, 2020

Today, MG launches an electric SUV model in the B-segment on the Belgian market. Apart from the British name tag, it is the first fully Chinese EV-SUV available here. We drove it, and it is something to reckon with. With a base price of just under 31 000 euros, this MG ZS EV offers a […]

Solution for fine dust particles from brakes?

February 11, 2020

Brake dust is an essential source of fine particulates from vehicles. Tallano, a French start-up, developed a sort of mini-vacuum cleaner called ‘Tamic’, mounted right nearby the brake calipers to catch the dust. These particles in the air are known to cause severe pulmonary complaints with people. A study by the Royal British Academy of […]

Going electric to solve LEZ scooter pollution problem

February 07, 2020

The Flemish government no longer wants to admit polluting mopeds and scooters to the low-emission zones (LEZ) of, for example, Ghent and Antwerp. But the problem is that it doesn’t know how to realize this, as there is no inventory of the environmental performance of these vehicles. In recent years, moped owners have been forced […]

Is there a future for the solar car?

February 05, 2020

Several young companies like German Sono Motors and Dutch Lightyear are fighting for the breakthrough of the so-called solar car, but is there a future for this type of car? A year ago, the Dutch startup showed the  Lightyear One, an electric car with a 600 km range that recharges itself with solar panels and […]

BMW takes lead on Belgian car market in January

February 04, 2020

According to figures from Febiac (Belgian car federation), BMW takes the lead of all brands in January 2020. There are also interesting shifts to be seen between the different drive modes. BMW accounted for 5.397 registrations or a market share of 10,41 %. Volkswagen ranks second with 5,071 registrations (market share of 9,78%), Peugeot third […]

Flanders: separate highway parking lots for cars and trucks

February 04, 2020

Flemish Minister of Mobility, Lydia Peeters (Open VLD), is allocating 10 million over the next five years to rebuild and better secure highway car parks. In the first phase, seven car parks will be constructed, but N-VA urges the minister to speed up this process and to focus on car parks affected by transmigrants. Different […]

E-scooter provider Dott plans to launch e-bikes in Brussels

January 29, 2020

Dott is one of the key players of shared electric scooters in Brussels. The organization also wants to expand its activities to Antwerp and will offer shared e-bikes by the summer. With the recently launched Dott, the Belgian capital already has six shared scooter platforms. 2 million kilometers Dott has been active in Brussels for […]

German insurers want EU to impose alcolock in every car

January 27, 2020

German insurers want new cars in the EU to be fitted with an alcolock as standard. In Germany, there were 13.500 accidents involving alcohol in 2018. Such a European directive is easier than legislation per country, according to the insurers. New traffic law In the case of an alcolock, the driver must blow into a […]

Audi Brussels cancels interim jobs due to battery delivery problems

January 27, 2020

The supply of LG Chem batteries to the Audi car plant in Vorst (near Brussels) has once again stalled. The sale of the entry-level model of the e-tron would also be disappointing, causing 145 interim workers to lose their contracts. Up to 250 jobs at risk The measure is the result of a reduction in […]

40% of Belgian drivers see no benefit in autonomous car

January 24, 2020

Four out of ten Belgians see no benefit at all in fully autonomous cars, according to a survey conducted by Vias among 1.000 people. This is a slight increase compared to 2017, which, according to the traffic institute, is due to the over-mediatization of accidents in the United States involving autonomous cars. Believers and non-believers […]

New record in 2019 for Brussels public transport

January 16, 2020

The Brussels public transport company, STIB/MIVB, is doing well, as in 2019 it recorded again a record number of 434 million journeys or an increase of good 16 million compared to 2018. Climate awareness is on the rise, as commuters are increasingly opting for the Brussels bus, tram, and metro. Continuing growth MIVB is doing […]

Green Systems makes motorcycles E85-compliant

January 16, 2020

A French start-up has found a solution to prepare existing motorcycles to run on E85 biofuel via an electronic unit that is being retrofitted. In this way, motorcycling becomes ‘greener’, as the CO2 emissions of the motorized two-wheelers are significantly reduced. Different mapping The unit will check the quality of the fuel, and adjust the […]

Toyota to build second model at French Onnaing site

January 16, 2020

On Tuesday, the 14th of January, the world’s second-largest carmaker announced the production of a second vehicle at its Onnaing (France) plant, where the Yaris is already manufactured. The car will be a small SUV. Neither the name of the model nor the production schedule is known for the moment, although the new model might […]

GM is considering (re)launch of electric Hummer

January 15, 2020

Rumour has it that General Motors is considering taking this ultimate off-road vehicle back into production. With an electric motor, it’s true, but still far from energy-efficient. Energy crisis The Hummer made its debut during the first Iraq war, and also remained an armored menace when it was introduced on the road in 1992. When […]

Iron powder: resource for battery of the future?

January 13, 2020

Researchers at the Technology University Eindhoven want to use iron as a fuel because no CO2 is released during combustion, and the powder can be endlessly recycled. Iron powder like a charged battery Professors Niels Deen and Philip de Goey (TU Eindhoven), together with Mark Verhagen, manager of Team SOLID, have built a pilot plant […]

‘Only 0,6% of Belgian company cars are electric’

January 10, 2020

According to HR organization Acerta, 0,6% of the Belgian company car fleet currently has electric propulsion. There is still a lack of infrastructure, although in the near future car taxation will discourage internal combustion engines and promote electric propulsion. Switch from diesel to gasoline Acerta publishes these figures based on an analysis of more than […]

Uber criticized for operating in two more Belgian cities

January 09, 2020

The Uber taxi app indicates that from now on it will be active in Belgium not only in Brussels, but also in Louvain, and Namur. In a reaction, the Bond Beter Leefmilieu (BBL) asks Uber to opt for 100% electric vehicles and to cooperate with public transport instead of competing with it. Low-cost taxi service […]

Engie jumps with Arval onto lease market for EVs

January 07, 2020

Together with the leasing company Arval, the energy company Engie will lease electric cars. Under the name Numobi, they want to manage a fleet of 30.000 electric cars in Belgium by 2030. All-in The energy company Engie and the leasing company Arval expect the demand for electric company cars to skyrocket in the coming years. […]

300 fines a day for using smartphone while driving

November 15, 2017

According to figures given by Jan Jambon (N-VA), Minister of the Interior, in 2016, a total of 108.500 fines were issued for using smartphones at the steering wheel, which means 300 infringements a day. MP Jef Van Den Bergh (CD&V) asked for these figures. Also cyclists are involved Of the total number of fines issued, more […]

Water bus connections to expand to Waaslandhaven

November 13, 2017

Havenbedrijf Antwerpen (Antwerp Port Company) wants to expand the offer of the water bus to the Waaslandhaven next year, in cooperation with water bus company Aqualine. This was confirmed on Saturday by Marc Van Peel, alderman for port matters (CD&V), during the inauguration of the second water bus between Antwerp and Hemiksem. “We hope to […]

Lampiris switches entire fleet to electric

November 10, 2017

At Lampiris, all workers will have to drive electric by 2021. The Liège based energy supplier wants to become an electric pioneer in the world of company fleets. “We are the first in Belgium to completely switch to electric cars, but at the same time it is becoming a testcase’, says Gaëtan Mondet, general manager […]

Waymo sends out autonomous taxis without driver

November 08, 2017

Waymo, a subsidiary company of Alphabet (the mother company of Google), is going to drive his autonomous cars on Phoenix roads without a human driver to intervene. This was announced by the company’s CEO on Tuesday. It is the next step in autonomous driving vehicles. Waymo is planning to start a taxi service in Phoenix […]

Smart car suffers from ignorant driver

November 02, 2017

Modern cars are loaded with safety systems, but most drivers hardly ever use them. They simply don’t know what smart gadgets their car is equipped with. This was one of the remarkable results of the study carried out by the Connecting Mobility, a project office of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management together […]

‘Samen’ wants to copy Ghent’s traffic plan to Antwerp

October 27, 2017

After the indignation about the bicycle crashes in Antwerp, the political parties are now focusing on road safety. The collective ‘Samen’, joining political parties sp.a and Groen, wants to introduce a drastic new traffic plan like Ghent did. The left-wing collective asked professor Dirk Lauwers (UA, UGent), an authority in the field of road safety, […]