Green Systems makes motorcycles E85-compliant

January 16, 2020

A French start-up has found a solution to prepare existing motorcycles to run on E85 biofuel via an electronic unit that is being retrofitted. In this way, motorcycling becomes ‘greener’, as the CO2 emissions of the motorized two-wheelers are significantly reduced. Different mapping The unit will check the quality of the fuel, and adjust the […]

Flemish socialists doubt usefulness of LEZ

January 16, 2020

The cameras of the newly introduced low-emission zone in Ghent registered 5.072 offenders during the first week of January. They will not be fined yet; they’ll just get a warning. Fines of 150 euros will be imposed as of February. The introduction of the measure was announced last year. Transition period The high number of […]

GM is considering (re)launch of electric Hummer

January 15, 2020

Rumour has it that General Motors is considering taking this ultimate off-road vehicle back into production. With an electric motor, it’s true, but still far from energy-efficient. Energy crisis The Hummer made its debut during the first Iraq war, and also remained an armored menace when it was introduced on the road in 1992. When […]

University think tank includes nuclear in Belgian sustainable energy plan

January 15, 2020

Metaforum, the interdisciplinary think tank of the KU Louvain, has published its vision on sustainable and feasible energy and climate policy. The text ‘Sustainable Energy Provision for Belgium’ sides with the Paris climate agreement and the European Green Deal and works out how Belgium can contribute. Renewable energy The authors of the text took up […]

Danish GreenMobility to launch electric car-sharing in Antwerp

January 14, 2020

The Danish company GreenMobility, which operates electric car-sharing services in Copenhagen and Aarhus, becomes active in Antwerp in April. Brussels and Ghent would follow. The company will set up its services in Antwerp in a joint venture with local partner Deurnese Transportmaatschappij (DTM), Green Mobility reported in a press release on Monday. GreenMobility will start […]

‘Electric car taxation is inevitable’ to fill 8,6 billion euros gap

January 14, 2020

A massive switch to electric cars in Belgium will inevitably lead to electric car taxation. That’s the opinion of a number of experts. Most think road-pricing will be used to do so. Others fear the electricity used to charge cars will be taxed. In 2018, the state raised 8,6 billion euros in excise duties and […]

Iron powder: resource for battery of the future?

January 13, 2020

Researchers at the Technology University Eindhoven want to use iron as a fuel because no CO2 is released during combustion, and the powder can be endlessly recycled. Iron powder like a charged battery Professors Niels Deen and Philip de Goey (TU Eindhoven), together with Mark Verhagen, manager of Team SOLID, have built a pilot plant […]

Second-hand gasoline cars have become 22% more expensive

January 13, 2020

For most private users, a diesel car is no longer economically interesting. This is the conclusion of the mobility association, VAB, based on a new budget test. As a result of this ‘diesel anxiety’, second-hand gasoline cars have become 22% more expensive in two years. “Hardly anyone wants a diesel that is no longer allowed […]

CNG car not so good for climate?

January 13, 2020

A test from the Flemish public television has shown that CNG is not the most eco-friendly fuel to run a car on. Considering toxic exhaust gases, it’s still good, but climate-wise it seems that there is a bigger problem than expected. The test has been executed together with several academic experts and a test lab […]

‘Belgians borrow on average 17% more to buy new car’

January 09, 2020

The amount borrowed by Belgians for their new car has increased by 17% in five years. Last year, Belgians borrowed an average of 15.400 euros to buy a car. According to Belfius Bank’s figures, this amount was 19.200 euros for a new car, and 12.500 euros for a second-hand one. This is 17% more than […]

Seven federations join forces in ‘Low Emission Mobility Platform’

January 08, 2020

Seven Belgian federations are joining forces to set up a so-called ‘Low Emission Mobility Platform’ to exchange knowledge and to boost the breakthrough of sustainable technology in the mobility sector. Priority will be the roll-out of EV charging infrastructure and further development of hydrogen and green gas, the parties state in a press release. The […]

Elia: ‘Belgium produces more energy than it uses’

January 08, 2020

Last year, the total consumption of electricity in Belgium decreased by 3%. In 2019, consumption was 84,7 terawatt-hours or the lowest level since 2014. Older figures are not available. Decreasing consumption “We have seen a decline in the energy consumption for some years now,” says Elia spokeswoman, Marleen Vanhecke. “Especially the industry has improved its […]

CO2 emissions of cars up second year in row

January 07, 2020

CO2 emissions from new cars rose sharply in 2019 for the second year in a row. New cars emit an average of 121,2 grams of CO2 per kilometer in Belgium. This brings us back up to the level of 2014. There are a number of reasons for this negative evolution, such as the switch from […]

Brussels 30 kph zone ‘baleful for commercial speed of Stib/Mivb’

January 07, 2020

From 2021, the entire Brussels region will become a 30 kph zone where the maximum speed of 30 km/hour will become the norm. However, there will also be exceptions to this rule, for example, on dedicated lanes on which buses drive at 50 km/hour. The stakes are high for the Brussels transport company Stib/Mivb: maintaining […]

XR unveils action plans for ‘Brussels Motor Show of Lies’

January 07, 2020

Environmental movement Extinction Rebellion (XR) is proposing a ‘menu’ of eight or more disruptive actions to be performed on Saturday 18 January at the Brussels Motor Show they call the ‘Salon of Lies’. Among these are suggestions of pouring ‘fake blood’ or sticking oneself with superglue to the cars. On its website, XR details how […]

Booming business: driving and flying on used deep-frying fat

January 03, 2020

The East Flemish family company, Quatra, collects 65.000 tons of used deep-frying oil annually, which is used as fuel for cars and will soon also be used for airplanes. “In ten years’ time, we have become the biggest in Europe.” At the beginning of 2019, Quatra invested 10 million euros for the construction of a […]

XR calls for boycott of ‘Brussels Motor Show of lies’

January 02, 2020

The Belgian branch of the global environmental movement, Extinction Rebellion (XR), calls for a boycott of the Brussels Motor Show. They baptized it the ‘Salon of Lies’ in a press release. XR is planning actions on Saturday 18 January to ‘disturb’ the motor show’s last weekend. Details will be published later. In that press release, […]

Paris adopts 500-measures climate plan

November 21, 2017

The French capital of Paris has adopted on Monday its climate plan for 2024. The plan, counting some 500 different measures to be issued, was voted by all political parties of the city government and will be presented to the Paris Council beginning 2018. The plan is to be submitted for eventual amending to the […]

EU: ‘Belgium not fulfilling climate promises’

November 08, 2017

At the start of the climate conference in Bonn, the European Commission published its report on the implementation of the EU climate agreements. Belgium scores poorly: CO2 emissions rose last year again in Belgium. In Wallonia and Brussels in particular, European climate experts see a significant increase in CO2 emissions. In Flanders, there is no […]