‘Belgian cars emit less CO2 than ever’

July 15, 2020

After several years of increase, the average CO2 emissions of new cars in Belgium have decreased 8,6 grams per kilometer. CO2 emissions have never been so low. This is apparent from an analysis by Febiac, the Belgian federation for cars and two-wheeled vehicles. ‘Historically low result’ In 2019, the figure was 121,2 grams per kilometer, […]

Rail freight ‘to take twice as much freight out of traffic jams’

July 15, 2020

The Belgian rail freight sector wants to take twice as much freight out of traffic jams and transfer it onto the railways by 2030. Its federation, the Belgian Rail Freight Forum, drew up an ambitious long-term master plan for this purpose. The plan was presented to the federal parliament on Tuesday. The sector also made […]

Benelux wants EU to promote cycling

July 15, 2020

The Ministers of Mobility in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg are calling the European Commission to promote the use of the bicycle in the European climate-friendly and sustainable mobility policy. Momentum According to a common declaration they transferred to the vice-chairman Frans Timmermans, they ask co-financing for the construction of bicycle infrastructure, and more money […]

Hyundai’s fuel cell truck to take Europe from Switzerland

July 14, 2020

While other major truck manufacturers are still experimenting with hydrogen for heavy transport, Hyundai’s first ten fuel cell trucks of a fleet of 50 are on their way to Switzerland. The 34-ton Hyundai XCIENT Fuel Cell with a range of 400 km will be leased by a joint venture with Swiss company H2 Energy to […]

Corona: temporarily 13% drop of CO2 emissions in Belgium

July 13, 2020

With the coronavirus health crisis and the economy being brought to a halt, 2020 is set to record a 13% drop in greenhouse gases. But that positive effect is only short-lived, as experts say emissions will rise up again in 2023, and many more changes will be necessary to meet the 2030 objectives. The 2050 […]

Brussels bets on cargo bikes

July 13, 2020

The Cairgo Bike project, a project of Brussels Mobility, has just been selected by the European program of Innovative Urban Actions to benefit from significant financial support. Within the framework of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), this program offers urban areas the opportunity to test innovative solutions to urban challenges linked to, for example, […]

Clean hydrogen directly from the air: what are we waiting for?

July 10, 2020

A research team of the Belgian KU-Leuven university has developed a prototype ‘solar panel’ that can produce ‘green hydrogen’ directly out of the air, using the energy of the sun. After ten years of research, it’s ready for upscaling. If Europe is serious about a clean hydrogen strategy for industry and transport to become carbon-neutral […]

EU goes all out for hydrogen in industry and transport

July 09, 2020

The European Union sets the bar high in greening its industry and transport sector and goes all out for hydrogen to achieve its goal of reaching climate neutrality in CO2 emissions by 2050. From steel and cement industry to trucks, trains, airplanes, and ships, hydrogen will become one of the key factors. And in this, […]

Dutch want 213 additional charging points per day

July 08, 2020

The Dutch cabinet puts 15 million euros on the table for the further development of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. Provinces and municipalities provide the same amount so that the total budget is 30 million euros. Part of the climate agreement The Netherlands wants to have 1,9 million e-vehicles in traffic by 2030, which will […]

‘1 000 hydrogen trucks on Dutch-Belgian roads by 2025’

July 07, 2020

French industrial gas giant, Air Liquide, and the Port of Rotterdam are carrying the load of an alliance for an ambitious project to put some thousand hydrogen-powered trucks on Dutch, Belgian, and Western German roads by 2025. That includes a network of 25 high capacity hydrogen filling stations and the capacity to produce ‘green’ hydrogen […]

VUB experts: ‘Belgium able to meet climate goals in 2050’

July 06, 2020

Belgium will be able to meet the climate goals in 2050. That is what Willy Baeyens and Hubert Rahier, both professors at the Brussels University VUB say. In the blog ‘Belgium climate-neutral’, they plead for a sustainable energy plan. Climate-neutrality “We have a strong need for an ambitious transition plan of the government, but also […]

Macron fears 110 kph speed limit being red rag to motorists

June 30, 2020

French President Emmanuel Macron has ‘welcomed’ the 149 French Citizens’ Climate Convention’s proposals to be put on the government’s agenda, except three. Among them limiting the speed on highways to 110 km/hour instead of 130. He fears this would become a red rag to the yellow vests movement and others, that would bugger up the […]

36 million euros to green the Belgian police fleet

June 30, 2020

The federal police in Belgium need quite a budget to pollute less and meet the standards of low-emission zones (LEZ). This is shown by figures from Interior Minister Pieter De Crem (CD&V). A total of 36,8 million euros will be needed between now and 2023 to make the necessary replacements for the most polluting vehicles. […]

French rush on ‘eco-friendly’ cars because of incentives

June 26, 2020

The sale of eco-friendly cars in France is a big success. The desire for newer, less polluting cars, including second-hand ones, has been stimulated by government measures. On the one hand, it reinforced the ecological bonus: €7 000 for the purchase of an electric vehicle, and €2 000 for a plug-in hybrid. On the other […]

Tax incentives for EVs remain an expensive approach

June 25, 2020

The tax incentives to get people into electric cars are an expensive tool. That’s what the Court of Audit in The Hague says. Per ton of emissions saved, the Dutch State paid some 1 200 to 1 700 euros this year, according to the study of the effectiveness of car taxes published this week. In […]

French citizens’ climate convention proposes 110 speed limit

June 23, 2020

The French Citizens’ Climate Convention has presented 150 proposals to the Minister for Ecological and Solidarity Transition, Elisabeth Borne. Among them, a speed limit of 110 km/hour on highways, which is a sensitive matter in France. Their aim is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030. The convention is made up of 150 […]

Aertssen Logistics: 1 000 fewer trucks on Antwerp Ring

June 22, 2020

With a direct train connection to Grenoble (France) the Antwerp transport company Aertssen Logistics has recently reduced the number of trucks it was sending over the Antwerp Ring by thousand, it claims. The company specializes in the storage, modification, and dispatch of heavy construction and agricultural machinery, among others. Every year, the family business handles […]

Belgian cities join coalition to force Uber to zero-emission rides

June 19, 2020

Antwerp, Ghent, and Leuven agree in an open letter to the conditions of the coalition #TrueCostofUber. The coalition states that Uber must commit itself to only carry out 100% emission-free journeys by 2025, and at least 50% shared trips by 2030. In doing so, they support the terms of #TrueCostofUber, an international campaign launched by […]

Seven countries call upon EU for clean hydrogen strategy

June 16, 2020

In a joint statement, seven European states call upon the EU Commission for a common strategy and funding for ‘green’ hydrogen and setting production targets for 2030. It is signed by the energy ministers of Germany, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, and Switzerland. The latter not actually a member state, but following EU rules. […]

Minister Demir opens site for most powerful Flemish wind farm

June 16, 2020

Flemish Minister for Environment and Energy, Zuhal Demir (N-VA), officially opened the construction site of the Stormwind farm near the Nyrstar site in Pelt on Monday, International Wind Day. The wind farm is intended to become the most efficient wind farm in Flanders and will produce enough green electricity to meet the annual electricity consumption […]

BP will leave $17,5 billion oil reserves untouched

June 16, 2020

BP estimates to book a value reduction of $17,5 billion for its gas and oil fields in the second quarter. The British company expects a much lower demand and price for oil in the coming years, partly as a result of the corona pandemic. $55 for a barrel of Brent oil for the period 2021-2050, […]

MIVB/STIB installs another 2 000 solar panels on two sites

June 12, 2020

The Brussels public transport company, MIVB/STIB, is currently having more than 2 000 solar panels installed on the roofs of two of their sites in Brussels, Jacques Brel, and Schaerbeek. From July, they will be put into operation as a new source of energy. With this installation, the company is continuing to transform its energy […]

‘Air pollution in EU not up yet after relaxing corona measures’

June 12, 2020

Air pollution has not increased yet since the relaxing of the corona measures. That is what the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS)noticed and announced on Thursday. Different in China Copernicus visualizes actual data about the air quality and monitored the effects of the Covid-19 measures via a special micro-site. Until now, the organization has not […]

Germany bets €9 billion on green hydrogen

June 11, 2020

The German government is going to invest €9 billion in the production of ‘green’ hydrogen to decarbonize the industry for one part, but mainly to be used for transport. The goal is to have a capacity of 5 gigawatts by 2030 and double this by 2040 to become ‘the world’s number one’ on the field. […]

Dutch automotive sector wants scrapping premiums

June 10, 2020

The Dutch associations of car importers (RAI) and distributors (Bovag) advocate a ‘smart’ car scrapping scheme. Owners of old, polluting diesel cars should be encouraged to exchange their car for a much cleaner, younger one. While Belgium doesn’t plan any sales aid, the Netherlands recently launched a €4 000 premium for the purchase of new […]

Brussels Ring limited to 100 km/h from 1 September

June 08, 2020

From 1 September, the speed limit on the Brussels Ring Road will be reduced from 120 to 100 km/hour. Flanders has agreed on this with Brussels for the strip on its territory. Wallonia is focusing on dynamic traffic management, which is adjusted according to the amount of traffic, on the 15 km strip on the […]

Trains to compensate for Rhine drought

June 05, 2020

The Belgian rail operator Lineas will be deploying extra freight trains from Antwerp to Germany this summer. The railway company expects that due to the drought, ship transport on the Rhine – the most important lifeline of the German industry – may come to a standstill. Record low On Saturday, the Meuse sank to its […]

Air France-KLM: short-haul flights replaced by TGV

May 29, 2020

With the 9 to 11 billion euros in aids that Air France-KLM will receive from the French and Dutch authorities, comes the obligation to reduce its CO2 emissions. The airline group will reduce its capacity in France by 40% in 2021, and shut down all short-haul flights when there is a train alternative within 2,5 […]

Recycled plastic roads ready for the market

May 28, 2020

PlasticRoad, a road-building system made out of recycled plastic, is ready for commercialization. One and a half year-long testing on cycling paths in the Dutch towns of Zwolle and Giethoorn has shown the material and construction can take heavy loads and are durable. From 2021, the company will produce on an industrial scale. The system […]

Macron invests €8 billion in greener French car industry

May 27, 2020

On Tuesday, French President Emmanuel Macron revealed the government’s plans to support the French car industry in the wake of the corona crisis. Apart from the aid for Renault, the plan contains two parts: conversion premiums to incite to buy greener cars, and an investment plan to make France “the leading nation in the production […]

Climate activists score ‘victory defeat’ at Shell’s GA

May 20, 2020

A climate resolution of the activist shareholder ‘Follow This’ has been rejected by a large majority of Shell shareholders at the General Shareholders Meeting. Nevertheless, this can be considered as a victory defeat, while 14,4% of the shareholders voted positive, compared to 5,5% last time. At the recent (virtual) General Assembly of oil concern Shell, […]

UK scientists: ‘Corona will not save the climate’

May 20, 2020

The emissions of greenhouse gases have decreased in the first four months of the year. But what are the effects on global warming? Greenhouse gases indeed went down spectacularly due to the corona measures. Plants were shut down, car traffic diminished, and most airplanes were grounded. Impact on climate The impact on the climate was […]

Brussels ‘Good Move’ plan receives prestigious European prize

May 19, 2020

The Good Move project, the new Brussels regional mobility plan approved in March, has won the 2020 edition of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan award. Livable, traffic-safe city This award is given by the European Commission through Polis, the network of European Cities and Regions working together on innovative transport solutions. The new mobility plan […]

Engie chairman: ‘health crisis is wake-up call for energy transition’

May 18, 2020

In a video interview with business newspapers L’Echo and De Tijd, Frenchman Jean-Pierre Clamadieu, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Engie and former CEO of Solvay, believes the measures deployed during the corona health crisis and low fuel and gas prices could accelerate the energy transition. The French energy provider can live with both […]

Brussels offers commuters free P+R car parks and bike sharing

May 18, 2020

Several peripheral car parks in Brussels will become free of charge as of Monday, 18 May. Commuters will also receive a free six-month subscription to pedal with a shared bike to their destination. With this Park + Bike initiative, the Brussels government wants to avoid the overwhelming use of public transport during the reopening of […]

Belgian Oil Federation: ‘diesel still 75% of market’

May 14, 2020

According to data from the Belgian Oil Federation, diesel continues its slow drop in the fuel market. However, it remains the number one fuel with 75% market share, mostly due to the country’s important fleet of trucks. The Federation points out that recent diesel engines are cleaner than ever before, and that they produce 15 […]

Governments don’t want to be milch cows anymore

May 12, 2020

The corona crisis has led to significant economic fall-out. Many companies are looking to governments and public authorities to save them. In principle, those authorities want to comply, but not at any price. They don’t want to be simple milch cows anymore. On Monday, for example, the French Minister for Economy, Bruno le Maire, has […]

Rome is getting ready for bikes, Romans surely not

May 11, 2020

Romans think cycling is heavy, dangerous, slow, and unhandy. But they’ll have to put up with it. The city government uses the corona crisis to make way for the bicycle. Even before the schools reopen in September, there should be 150 km of new cycle paths in the Italian capital. Life-threatening Cycling is an absolute […]

Car fleet gets ‘greener’ but emissions remain too high

May 08, 2020

In 2019, the average ecological score of the car fleet in Flanders went up, but CO2 emissions didn’t go down that much as in previous years. That is what the Flemish Department for the Environment communicated on Thursday. ‘Eco score’ The global ‘eco score’ of the 3,5 million passenger cars in Flanders registered in Flanders […]

‘Green economic restart for Covid-19 aftermath’

May 05, 2020

A study published on Tuesday in the Oxford Review of Economic Policy estimates that a ‘green’ economic restart for the after-coronavirus period would be the most effective. 231 finance officials, bankers, and experts, plus 92 big French companies’ CEO wish to invest in renewable energy, more energy-efficient buildings, sustainable agriculture, and ‘clean’ R&D. As authorities […]

BBL: ‘Flanders will meet climate goals thanks to corona’

May 04, 2020

Flanders will probably meet its climate targets. Not because of its effective policy but rather due to the corona crisis. That is what a prognosis of environmental organization Bond Better Leefmilieu (BBL) says. The organization warns that it is just a once-only effect of the lockdown, and that structural measures will still be necessary to […]

’11 000 fewer premature deaths by improved air quality’

April 30, 2020

The air quality in Europe has improved spectacularly as a consequence of the corona measures and has prevented 11 300 premature deaths. That is the conclusion of the Center for Research on Energy and Clean Air in Helsinki (Finland). In Belgium alone, 250 premature deaths are avoided. Air quality In the past few weeks, millions […]

Eneco clashes with Engie on electricity production

April 29, 2020

On Tuesday, energy producer Eneco has published an open letter in several Belgian newspapers deploring it has to shut down its windmills. At the same time, nuclear power plants continue to work at maximum capacity. The corona crisis has an important side-effect: the collapsed demand for energy. That triggered the oil prices to go down. […]

‘Space spy’ uncovers massive methane emissions in US

April 28, 2020

The vast oil and gas fields in the southern United States emit twice as much methane as the American authorities believe. This immense contribution to the climate problem was detected out of space by the Dutch space tool Tropomi. Tropomi is a Dutch-built measuring instrument that circulates the globe and detects pollution. 2 700 tons […]

T&E: ‘Even in worst-case EV emits 28% less CO2’

April 21, 2020

A new, comprehensive study published by the European Federation Transport & Environment makes it very clear that an electric vehicle (EV) is always cleaner than a classic one with an internal combustion engine (ICE). In the EU, it emits three times less CO2 on average. The study is confirming the results of a Dutch study […]

Zone 30 in entire Brussels Region approved

April 17, 2020

The Brussels Government has approved the decision to impose a maximum speed limit of 30 km/hour throughout the territory of the Brussels Region from 1 January 2021. At the end of May, a definitive map will be published with the roads that are still an exception to the speed limit of the ‘City 30′ and […]

Mixed feelings about Shell’s new climate goals

April 17, 2020

The Dutch-British oil and gas group, Shell, wants to achieve zero emissions from its own production chain by 2050 at the latest. However, there is criticism. Shell would not be ambitious enough, and zero emissions only apply to the production chain. Shell wants to reduce the net emissions of the products it sells to its […]

Flemish government to relax measures for climate investments

April 15, 2020

The Flemish government is going to relax the regulation to give investors of energy projects more time to finish their projects favorably. It is Flemish Minister of Energy, Zuhal Demir (N-VA), who took the initiative. She wants to avoid that Flanders will miss out on investments in the energy transition due to the corona crisis. […]

Call for green relaunch plans after corona

April 10, 2020

Many call upon governments to couple post-corona relaunch plans to ecological transition. A proposal from Denmark to attribute economic support in the spirit of the European Green Deal has gained the support of eight EU Member States. Belgium is not one of them since there is no consensus between the different regions. The cause lies […]

Freight transport by rail decreases by 20%

April 09, 2020

Paul Hegge, the representative of the Belgian Rail Freight Forum, sounds the alarm bell as today he sees a 20% drop in demand for rail freight transport. Railway transports are the EU’s backbone for delivering essential goods. The logistics of running trains across national borders that are closed due to the corona crisis are complicated […]

EEA: ‘Pandemic is putting a damper on green progress’

April 08, 2020

Now that everybody has to stay home, air pollution and CO2 emissions have decreased, and plant and animal life prospers. Still, let’s not misjudge the situation, warns Hans Bruyninckx, executive director of the European Environment Agency (EEA). “This pandemic is rather putting a damper on the green progress,” he says. Crystal clear water Despite the […]

Biomass and waste incineration not as green as pretended?

April 07, 2020

While the CO2 taxes Europe is imposing are getting higher every year, there seems to be a problem in the sector of green energy production. International agreements make clear that CO2 emissions have to be reduced and that sustainable energy sources have to be prioritized. But what about biomass energy plants and waste incineration? Researchers […]

Belgian industry pays record for CO2 emissions

April 07, 2020

The Belgian industry paid €344 million last year to be allowed to emit carbon dioxide. While CO₂ emissions from industry in Europe fell by 8 to 11% last year, in Belgium they rose by 1,6%. On a worldwide scale, CO2 emissions were also up. With 46,3 million tons of CO₂, large industrial companies in the […]

Corona: climate actions on hold

April 06, 2020

Two of the most important meetings of the United Nations will be postponed until next year. Both the climate summit and a summit about biodiversity are delayed as a consequence of the corona pandemic. COP26 delayed The United Nations are deferring their climate summit for 2020, COP26, to next year. This yearly meeting was to […]

UA: 83% of streets in Antwerp are ‘street canyons’

April 01, 2020

“Almost all the streets in the city center of Antwerp are highly polluted.” That is one of the first conclusions of a study organized by the Antwerp University. Antwerp has a lot of densely populated streets with high buildings – the so-called ‘street canyons’ – where pollution is ‘trapped’. Pollution The study started in 2018 […]

‘First heatwave registered in Antarctica’

March 31, 2020

The Antarctic continent has gone through its first heatwave. That is the conclusion of some scientists. They have expressed their concern about the possible damage of similar phenomena in the long term to vegetation, animals, and ecosystems. Casey In the summer of 2019-2020, scientists of the Australian Antarctic Program registered the first heatwave registered by […]

Seamade: race at sea against corona

March 27, 2020

In the harbor of Ostend, there is raging a race against the coronavirus. The builders are accelerating the construction works of Seamade, the largest wind energy farm in the Belgian North Sea. “A lack of supply would be a disaster.” Largest construction site Today, Seamade is the largest construction site in our country that is […]

EU emission rules divide European car industry

March 27, 2020

The European car manufacturer association, ACEA, is preparing an official demand to postpone the stringent EU rules on CO2 emissions entering into force by the end of this year. But inside the organization, not all ducks are in a row yet, and there will also be fierce opposition from the EU Parliament. The car manufacturers […]

Dutch study proves ‘EVs always better for climate’

March 25, 2020

A study of Radboud University (Nijmegen, the Netherlands), together with the universities of Exeter and Cambridge in the UK, is formal: electric vehicles are always more environmentally friendly. Even when the electricity used to drive the EVs is partly made with fossil fuels like gas or even coal, the balance is still positive for the […]

Biofuels: kelp farms operated by underwater drones?

March 24, 2020

Giant ocean seaweed farms operated by underwater drones to produce biofuels that can be used in aviation or road transport. It sounds like science fiction, but it is a scientific experiment funded by the US government. Giant farms of kelp (Macrocystis pyrifera) of several hectares in the middle of the ocean would be brought to […]