ICCT: cars consume 42% more than advertised

November 07, 2017

Fuel consumption of new cars on the road is in average 42 % higher than what the type-approval test results promise. This says a survey by the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT). In 2001 the difference was only 9 %. The ICCT is a non-governmental organization based in Berlin and the US, that published […]

France tightens up technical vehicle inspection

November 07, 2017

From May 20th 2018, France is tightening up its technical vehicle inspection, up to European standards agreed on in April 2014. Cars will be checked for 606 features, compared to 467 today. The group SGS which does 32% of these inspections, expects the number of failed cars to rise to one out of two. In […]

Sermon with every Belgian traffic fine

November 03, 2017

Expect a moralizing sermon with every traffic infringement fine you’ll get in the near future. Belgian Minister of Mobility François Bellot (MR) wants to add ‘a personal message’ with each fine to sensitize people in what the minister calls “behaviour on the road that can’t be tolerated”. The ‘fine with sermon’ on about 9 million […]

Employer to pay traffic fine If not clear who drove company car

November 02, 2017

Minister of Mobility Francois Bellot (MR) wants to change the road code so that companies can be held liable if a traffic infringement is committed with a company car. At the moment, fines are sometimes left unpaid if it’s not clear which employee committed the offence. In the new proposal liability is not only extended […]

Brussels works on dynamic speed limits on main axes

October 31, 2017

The Commission on Infrastructure of the Brussels’ parliament has agreed in the forming of a work group that has to study the implementation of dynamic road signs and speed limits on the main entry axes and the Ring. These dynamic road signs will adapt the speed limits to the traffic and weather conditions. The implementation […]

Judge to rule next month in TA class action against VW-D’Ieteren

October 31, 2017

After hearing the final pleadings in the class action of consumer organization Test-Aankoop/Test-Achat (TA) and Volkswagen – D’Ieteren, the Brussels Court of First Instance’s judge has one month to decide whether the case is admissible or not. Compensation In June of last year, TA started a collective legal action or so-called ‘class action’ for about […]

Wallonia: mobility plan to reduce car usage from 83 to 60%

October 31, 2017

The Belgian Walloon regional government has agreed last week on an ambitious plan to reduce car usage from 83 to 60% by 2030. Its Transport, Mobility and Road Safety Minister Carlo di Antonio (cdH) wants 4 out of 5 car trips in the future to be with at least two passengers and boost public transport […]

Open Vld wants kilometre tax for lorries in Antwerp

October 30, 2017

Philippe De Backer, State Secretary for Social Fraud, but also leader of the Open VLD faction in the Antwerp city council, calls for a kilometre tax for lorries in the inner city of Antwerp for certain critical time slots. Unless they pay a substantial fee. “Circulation plans sound good, but the solution is just there […]

Classic cars: technical inspection every two years

October 27, 2017

In Wallonia starting 2018, all classic cars will have to go through a periodic technical inspection every two years. For cars aged between 25 and 30, it will be every year. In Belgium, a car is considered a classic car if it is older than 25 years old, counting from its first registration date. In […]

Brussels police to set out ‘bait-bikes’ to reduce thefts

October 27, 2017

Two Brussels police zones will be given bait-bikes equipped with GPS trackers and use them to catch bicycle thieves. The justice deems the method to be legal. “Lately, the Dutch Tilburg University published a study reveiling that the number of bicycle thefts in the municipalities using bait-bikes had decreased by 40% in one year”, explains […]

Plug-in hybrids: government reworks its tax reform bill

October 27, 2017

After numerous driver associations reached out to the government concerning its new and harsher tax plan for plug-in hybrid cars, the federal government reworked its copy. The new draft exempts cars such as the Toyota Prius PH or the Passat GTE, but its still reduced the tax advantage on what the government calls “fake hybrids” […]

‘Samen’ wants to copy Ghent’s traffic plan to Antwerp

October 27, 2017

After the indignation about the bicycle crashes in Antwerp, the political parties are now focusing on road safety. The collective ‘Samen’, joining political parties sp.a and Groen, wants to introduce a drastic new traffic plan like Ghent did. The left-wing collective asked professor Dirk Lauwers (UA, UGent), an authority in the field of road safety, […]

100.000 Belgian cars still drive around with cheating software

October 26, 2017

More than two years after the dieselgate scandal, around 100,000 cars are still circulating in Belgium with the so-called cheating software. According to D’Ieteren, importer of the Volkswagen group’s brands, some 1 million letters have already been sent out. However, 30% of customers have not yet had an update carried out. This update is completely […]

Kilometer tax on regional roads to tackle cut-through traffic

October 26, 2017

Because of the persistent nuisance of cut-through traffic, the kilometer tax for trucks is to be extended to some district roads. This was confirmed by a reliable source to De Morgen. Minister of mobility Ben Weyts (NV-A) is expected to put the proposal up for approval in parliament on Thursday. The kilometer tax for trucks […]

Belgian LEZ-fines will also apply to French and Dutch

October 26, 2017

Belgian Federal Minister for Mobility, François Bellot (MR), is going to amend the law on the crossroads bank for vehicles, so that French and Dutch citizens can also be fined if they violate the rules of the Low Emission Zone (LEZ). At present, foreign drivers who violate the LEZ-legislation cannot be booked. Due to the […]

Walloon bus transports on average 11 passengers

October 25, 2017

A Walloon TEC bus transports on average 11 passengers and thus emits as much CO2 and NOx as eleven cars. Occupation in TEC buses is too low due in part to the loss of confidence in the availability of the public transport service, according to Walloon deputy Jean-Paul Wahl (MR). “According to the region minister’s […]

‘Square green should be in traffic code right now’

October 25, 2017

Simultaneously green light for all cyclists and pedestrians at crossroads could prevent accidents. But that road code is still not valid. According to Member of Parliament Jef Van den Bergh (CD&V) it could be applied sooner. Federal Minister for Mobility François Bellot (MR) is working on an adaptation of that traffic regulations. The proposal includes […]

Singapore won’t allow a single extra car anymore

October 25, 2017

The rich city-state of Singapore won’t allow any extra cars on its already congested road network, not a single one. Only replacement cars will be allowed and the government promises to invest billions in public transport. From February 2018 on, the city state won’t allow its motorized vehicle fleet to grow anymore, including motorcycles. The […]

Belgian government blows whistle on Dutordoir on Wi-Fi in trains

October 25, 2017

Belgian federal government blows the whistle on NMBS/SNCB CEO Sophie Dutordoir on her intention of cancelling the project to provide wireless internet on the train. Dutordoir thinks it’s to costly and unnecessary as the entire train network will be covered by 3G and 4G in the near future. But government persists. Sophie Dutordoir, the new […]

Ryanair pilots ready to go on strike

October 24, 2017

In a document sent to all Ryanair pilots, the European Employee Representative Council explains that they “have to consider the possibility to go on strike to ensure being heard on the negotiation table”. Ryanair pilots want to push the company’s management to offer the same benefits as other airlines. Last week, Madrid and London-Stansted Ryanair […]

London fights air pollution with 10£ ‘Toxicity-Charge’

October 24, 2017

London mayor Sadiq Khan starts his fight against growing air pollution by making every pre-2006 car driving in the city pay a 10 pound (11,21 euro) ‘Toxicity-charge’, officially called ‘Emissions Surcharge’ in addition to the already existing congestion charge. In the near future, every new bus and taxi will have to be hybrid or electric […]

Lower road taxes to promote transport by water

October 24, 2017

The Flemish government agreed on lowering the threshold for refunding road taxes to transport companies that (partly) use waterways or railway instead of sending trucks on the road. The required minimum of 220 transshipment moves (from truck to boat) is lowered to 100. “After an adjustment of the rules, that were so severe hardly any […]

How China is killing the e-bike competition

October 24, 2017

The European Commission opened on Friday an anti-dumping investigation on Chinese electric bicycles, after complaints from EU bike producers. “These Chinese bikes are sold at ridiculously low prices and don’t respect the same quality standards as bicycles built in Europe.” Europe’s electric bicycles market is booming in terms of sales and production. In 2016, 1,1 […]

Up to nine months imprisonment for driving without insurance

October 23, 2017

Federal Justice Minister Koen Geens (CD&V) and Mobility Minister François Bellot (MR) proposed a new law aiming at reducing the number of vehicles driving without insurance. Penalties go from a three months driving ban to nine months imprisonment. In 2016, 29.233 drivers were caught circulating on the roads without any insurance for their vehicles. This […]

Brussels: first citizen panel on mobility

October 23, 2017

On Saturday, 40 drawn lots of Brussels citizen were invited in the city’s parliament to give their opinion on the capital’s mobility. The government’s objective is to include inhabitant’s recommendations in the future regional mobility plan. On the 8.000 letters sent to Brussels’ inhabitants to ask them if they would like to take part in […]