Electra to install 23 fast charge stations at Belgian Quicks

Electra, a French startup in fast charging stations, will open and operate 23 fast charging stations over the next two years at the Belgian fast-food chain Quick’s existing and future restaurant locations. The charging stations will have a fast charging capacity of 400 kW and will be accessible to everyone at any time of the day.

The collaboration with Quick aligns with Electra’s ambition to become the largest provider of fast charging points by the summer and have fast chargers at 250 locations in Belgium and Luxembourg by 2025.

Ambitious plans

After this first rollout phase at existing restaurants, Electra and Quick aim to have an average of four additional charging stations annually. Electra will install an average of six or at least four charging points per station. The station that comes first has just opened at Quick Arlon.

Electra’s ambition is to have a charging station not more than a ten-minute drive away from every Belgian. “Electra, already near you, or just about to be,” is the company’s mission.

Additional service

“The average customer spends an average of forty minutes in a fast food restaurant,” says Louis-Charles Mosseray, General Manager Electra BeNeLux. “Knowing that you can charge an electric car’s battery from 20% to 80% in just twenty minutes at our Electra charging points, it is the ideal stopover to combine the useful with the pleasant.”

“Offering this charging infrastructure is Quick’s way to continuously offer new services to meet our customers’ needs while attracting new customers,” concludes Kevin Derycke, CEO of Burger Brands Belgium.

Peace of mind

The arrival of the Electra charging stations is also particularly useful for those who do not have a charging station at home or for those who are on the road and want to charge quickly in the city. Everyone can use the fast charging points 24/7, even outside opening hours. It is also possible to reserve a charging point up to half an hour in advance for maximum peace of mind.

While fast-charging giants such as Fastned and Ionity mainly install their stations on or close to highways, Electra mostly uses supermarket and shopping center car parks.

Colmar Group

Electra announced joining forces with the restaurant chain Colmar Group at the end of May. By 2025, the six Belgian sites of Colmar Group – under the name ‘Colmar Restaurant’ – and all sixteen French sites – under the name ‘Crocodile Buffet & Grill’ – will have a fast charging station.

Electra currently operates 275 fast charging stations in Belgium – the first were installed in the Maasmechelen Village shopping center parking lot. There should be a hundred by the end of this year, making it the largest player in Belgium. By 2025, Electra wants to install fast chargers in 250 locations in Belgium. The goal is to have a European network of 15,000 charging points by 2030, spread over 2,200 charging stations.

Young startup

Electra was founded by the young French serial entrepreneur Aurélien de Meaux three years ago. With the Quick contract, the French startup Electra is on the verge of surpassing Tesla as Belgium’s largest operator of fast chargers for electric cars.


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