Ferrari will replace hybrid batteries at 8 & 16 years… for a price

Ferrari has introduced a new warranty scheme for owners of its plug-in hybrid models to preserve battery performance. Customers can opt-in for a yearly fee, which not only extends the warranty of the entire vehicle but also gives them a ‘free’ battery replacement at 8 and 16 years, with future upgrades also on the cards.

To preserve the resale value of its plug-in hybrid models, currently the SF90 and 296 supercars, Ferrari is currently introducing the ‘Warranty Extension Hybrid’ and ‘Power Hybrid’ programs. These aim to extend the lifespan of the hybrid drivetrains by not only expanding the warranty from 5 to 8 years initially but also by replacing the battery at 8 and 16 years.

€7000 per year

Of course, this is not a free service. Customers can opt-in for a two- or four-year period for a rumored €7000 per year. The Warranty Extension Hybrid covers the first eight years of vehicle life, while the Power Hybrid program extends the warranty for all powertrain components, including the engine and gearbox, up to 16 years.

The 3-liter V6 in the 296 gets help from a battery of 7.5 kWh, offering a zero-emission range of 25 kilometers /Ferrari

Future upgrades possible

And there’s a possibility for a bonus, too, as Ferrari mentions the possibility of future battery tech being applied to the battery replacements at years 8 and 16. This could mean customers could get a lighter battery or one with an increased electric range for the same weight while still offering the same performance as when the vehicle was new.

McLaren offered a similar upgrade to the owners of the P1 hypercar back in 2022, who could change their battery for a lighter pack at a ‘low price’ of $156,700 (€144,700). A €7000 yearly fee does not sound too bad in that case.

Also, for the electric Ferrari?

According to rumors, the same warranty extension and battery replacement scheme will become available for Ferrari’s upcoming debut fully-electric sportscar, which should be presented by the end of this year for a market launch in 2025. This electric sportscar is rumored to cost at least €500,000, making it one of the more expensive models from the Italian luxury brand.


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