Peugeot’s first FCEV is ready: the e-Expert Hydrogen van

December 21, 2021

Last week the first hydrogen-powered Peugeot has rolled off the production lines: the e-Expert Hydrogen van. The latter is the peer of the Opel Vivaro-e and the Citroën Jumpy on hydrogen light vans that get fuel cells from Symbio, the joint venture between Faurecia and Michelin. The vehicles combine a fuel cell and a battery […]

Hype to expand Paris hydrogen taxi fleet to 10 000

December 16, 2021

Paris zero-emission taxi provider Hype, currently running a fleet of more than a hundred H2-powered cabs, has raised another €20 million with French hydrogen pioneers HRS and McPhy to expand that fleet to 10 000 by 2024. Ready for the Olympics in the French capital, the latter includes 20 hydrogen filling stations in the Ile-de […]

EU plan: faster trains, EV chargers, and H2-stations along TEN-T network

December 15, 2021

The EU Commission has presented a four-pillar Action Plan for a cleaner, greener, and smarter mobility on the cross-border transport network through Europe and its nine major corridors. That means shifting more passengers and freight to rail and inland waterways, the roll-out of charging points every 60 km along highways, hydrogen filling stations at 150 […]

Has Toyota yielded in favor of EVs?

December 15, 2021

On a podium floor flooded with EVs, Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda addressed the media on Tuesday to outline the new EV plans of his company. The Japanese car manufacturer is accelerating its efforts. A boosted total investment of 8 trillion yen (€31 billion) is foreseen to get 30 EV models in the overall line-up by […]

Container barge FPS Maas to start sailing on hydrogen

December 08, 2021

The inland container barge FPS Maas is the first of the fleet to start sailing between Rotterdam and Antwerp on hydrogen-powered fuel cells. Dutch shipping company Future Proof Sailing just signed a long-term agreement with AirLiquide to supply green hydrogen in specially designed multi-modal hydrogen storage containers on deck. As a zero-emission vessel owner, FPS […]

Toyota’s product show is not an all battery-electric future

December 03, 2021

Toyota’s idea of our electric future is not just about battery-electric cars. That was the bottom line of the Kenshiki (translated as ‘Insight’) forum held in Brussels on Thursday. The brand showcased the new production model Corolla Cross Hybrid, some European premieres, and further outlined its path toward carbon-neutrality in Europe by 2035. Alongside the […]

Toyota and DRIVR launch 100 H2 cabs in Copenhagen

November 19, 2021

On Friday, 5 November, Toyota and app-based taxi service DRIVR have launched more than 100 hydrogen cabs on the road in Copenhagen. The Danish government no longer admits Co2-emitting taxis from 2025, and by 2030, all new cabs must be zero-emission vehicles. The taxi industry in Denmark is seen as a key driver of the […]

France: President Macron raises hydrogen budget to €9 billion

November 17, 2021

While visiting the industrial start-up Genvia on Tuesday, French President Emmanuel Macron announced that the government’s investment in hydrogen will benefit from an additional €1,9 billion, as part of the investment plan ‘France 2030‘. The President wants to fight for the country’s industrial reconquest and the climate battle at the same time. “There’s no fatality. […]

Antwerp Kairos@C project gets EU funding for CO2 capturing

November 17, 2021

Kairos@C, the Antwerp project to set up an infrastructure to capture CO2 and push it in liquid form through pipelines into storage, is one of the seven large-scale selected projects to be subsidized by the European Innovation Fund (EIF). The project gets part of the €1,1 billion subsidies the European Commission has available. Kairos@C is […]

Hyvia shows its 15-passenger city bus on hydrogen

November 16, 2021

At the Salon des Maires et des Collectivités Locales, the ‘Mayor’s salon’ in Paris, Hyvia, the joint venture between Renault and Plug Power is showing these days its new 15-passenger city bus on hydrogen. The mini-bus based on the Renault Master has a 30 kW fuel cell, a 33 kW battery, and a 4,5 kg […]

Toyota defends and embraces hybrid strategy

November 16, 2021

Toyota Vice-President Shigeru Hayakawa takes up the cudgels for hybrid cars. According to Toyota, hybrid cars – HEV and PHEV – will still play a crucial role in reducing emissions in worldwide transport. Hayakawa is, therefore, pointing at South-East Asia and Africa, where he sees a vital role for hybrids. He states that countries with […]

Daimler Truck and TotalEnergies to kick start hydrogen rollout

November 10, 2021

Daimler Truck and French oil giant TotalEnergies have signed an agreement to jointly kick start the rollout of hydrogen infrastructure and heavy-duty trucks in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, and France. Daimler wants its hydrogen trucks deployed fully on the road at customers by 2025, and TotalEnergies has the ambition by 2030 to operate directly […]

Training facility for hydrogen garages opens in Belgium

November 10, 2021

EDUCAM, a sectorial organization for the training of the workforce in the automotive branch, had yesterday opened its first training facility for future garages repairing hydrogen cars. The center, located in Lokeren, wants to prepare professionals for this new challenge that it believes will arrive alongside the massive switch to battery-electric cars. Highly explosive The […]

Belgium gets green hydrogen from Chile, Namibia, and Oman (update)

November 08, 2021

Antwerp Port and Zeebrugge Port will set up a hydrogen import logistic chain with Chile. Belgium’s major ports who decided earlier this year to merge into Port Antwerp-Bruges signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for this in Glasgow. Belgium will also import green hydrogen from Oman and Namibia. At the COP26 in Glasgow, Belgian Federal […]

ZeroAvia to fly London-Rotterdam on hydrogen by 2024

October 28, 2021

British-American start-up in hydrogen-powered aviation, ZeroAvia, has signed an agreement with Dutch aviation partners to realize a zero-emission one-hour flight route with a 19-seat airplane on hydrogen between London and The Hague Airport (RTHA) in Rotterdam. ZeroAvia and Royal Schiphol Group say they’re in advanced talks with airlines to exploit the new route. Targeted for […]

Ineos Grenadier gets hydrogen fuel cell variant

October 27, 2021

British global chemical company, Ineos, a specialist in producing ‘low-carbon’ hydrogen, is working on a hydrogen demonstration version of its Landrover Defender-clone, the Grenadier, for road testing by the end of 2022. The latter will most likely get a Hyundai Nexo fuel cell and will be co-engineered by automotive specialist AVL. First, the basic ICE-powered […]

Macron’s France 2030 plan: €1,5 billion for nuclear and hydrogen

October 13, 2021

Months away from the French elections, President Emmanuel Macron has unveiled his ‘France 2030’ plan. Grounds are laid to invest 30 billion euros in hydrogen, nuclear, electric cars, green airplanes, renewable energies, and even aerospace. The president wants France to “become a great innovation nation again.” To the energy sector, Macron has allocated a total […]

Shell to build large production unit for biofuels in Rotterdam

September 17, 2021

The British-Dutch oil and gas company, Shell, plans to construct a large production unit for biofuels at the Shell Energy and Park Rotterdam (the Netherlands), formerly known as the Pernis refinery. The Rotterdam plant will produce 820 000 tons of biofuels a year. “A facility of this size could produce enough renewable diesel to avoid […]

Hyundai presents its ‘Hydrogen Vision 2040’

September 08, 2021

The Hyundai Motor Group has presented its ‘Hydrogen Vision 2040’. The strategic plan of the Korean company envisages offering a fuel cell version for all commercial vehicle models of the group by 2028. However, it will still take a few years before the costs drop to BEV level. Hyundai plans to introduce a next-generation fuel […]

First test of Alstom’s hydrogen train in France

September 07, 2021

After successful trials in Germany and Italy, French train company Alstom hopes to bring its hydrogen-powered Coradia iLint on its home rails. On Monday and for the first time in France, one of Alstom’s train cars has driven on a test site in Valenciennes. With its 800 to 1 000 km range, the hydrogen train […]

Hydrolog project shows feasibility of H2-powered harbor logistics

September 01, 2021

After a pilot of six weeks in the Antwerp harbor at two container terminals, the Hydrolog project shows the feasibility to operate forklifts and terminal tractors on hydrogen, WaterstofNet, and the Flanders Innovation cluster for Logistics (VIL) conclude. Getting the official licenses proved to be time-consuming and costly as legislation still has to follow. The […]

CMB Tech converts 37-ton excavator to hydrogen-diesel duofuel

August 30, 2021

CMB Tech, the clean technology division of Belgian shipping company Company Maritime Belge (CMB), has converted a 37-ton Hitachi excavator to run on a mixture of hydrogen and diesel, avoiding up to 8 tons of CO2 emissions or 50% less in daily operations. For the client, the advantage is that the limited additional cost lets […]

Deutz’s first hydrogen engine ready for the market

August 25, 2021

German ‘historic’ combustion engine manufacturer Deutz AG has its first hydrogen combustion engine ready for the market, the company announced. The zero-emission six-cylinder TCG 7.8 H2 engine produces 200 kW (268 hp), runs very quietly, and “is likely to be used first in stationary equipment, generators, and rail transport,” the company says. The heritage of […]

Brussels MIVB/STIB commissions its first hydrogen bus

August 24, 2021

The Brussels public transport company MIVB/STIB has its first hydrogen bus. The bus, presented on Monday, will be tested for two years to familiarise with the new technology and evaluate its performance. The vehicle will be leased from the manufacturer Van Hool, which will then, at the same time, benefit from the data that MIVB/STIB […]

Volvo gets delivery of world’s first carbon-free steel

August 19, 2021

On Wednesday, the Volvo Group was handed over its first carbon-free steel. The supplier is Swedish steel company SSAB Öxelund who uses Hydrogen Breakthrough Ironmaking Technology (HYBRIT) to replace coal and coke during production. SSAB’s goal is to decarbonize the steel industry and to commercialize green steel. They plan to have all their traditional furnaces […]

BMW to demo iX5 Hydrogen at the IAA Mobility in Munich

August 17, 2021

BMW announced it will be demoing the iX5 Hydrogen two years after introducing the BMW i Hydrogen NEXT concept car, ‘live’ at the IAA Mobility motor show in Munich, from September 7th to 12. Visitors will have the opportunity to “be driven along the Blue Lane connecting the main exhibition grounds with other exhibition venues […]

Japan’s first hydrogen-fueled ferry uses Belgian tech

August 11, 2021

In Japan, the first passenger ferry for commercial use with two hydrogen diesel combustion engines has been officially launched on Tuesday. The ‘HydroBingo’ was developed by Belgian shipping company CMB’s tech daughter, CMB Tech, together with Japanese shipbuilding and shipping firm Tsuneishi in a 50/50 joint venture. It is a 19-tons ferry accommodating 80 passengers […]

‘California to envision 70 000 heavy-duty fuel cell trucks by 2035’

August 06, 2021

The California Fuel Cell Partnership (CaFCP) envisions in a new report the possibility to roll out in the state a fleet of “70 000 heavy-duty class 8 fuel cell electric trucks (FCETs) supported by 200 heavy-duty truck stations by 2035”. The ultimate goal for California is 100% zero-emission trucks by 2045. With this zero-emission fleet […]

MSC to study oceangoing cruise ship on hydrogen

July 27, 2021

Italian-Swiss shipping giant Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) will study the next twelve months the feasibility of an oceangoing cruise ship on hydrogen as a zero-emission alternative. The study will be carried out together with Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri and Italian gas group Snam. The three companies formulated their intention to build the world’s first hydrogen-powered cruise […]

Hyundai plans more fuel cell vehicles

July 26, 2021

Hyundai will further expand its range of alternative propulsion systems in time. In addition to electric, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid models, the Korean manufacturer also believes in fuel cell propulsion, and that range is also going to grow with three extra models. Hyundai today offers the Nexo (SUV model) on Belgian soil, but with a […]

ICCT study: BEVs already emit 70% less CO2

July 22, 2021

A new study by the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) experts finds battery-electric cars already have a better greenhouse gas emissions record than conventionally powered vehicles. This is not only true in Europe but also in China, India, or the USA. Moreover, by 2030, this emissions advantage will further increase. The study was a […]

Hyzon to deliver 20 hydrogen refuse trucks for Australia

July 20, 2021

American fuel cell specialist Hyzon has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Australian Superior Pak for the delivery in 2022 of twenty refuse collection trucks. Superior Pack is designing and engineering mobile waste collection and compaction equipment and has already delivered over 3 000 compaction units for more than 50 municipalities in Australia and New […]

WaterstofNet gets Hyundai Nexo keys

July 20, 2021

WaterstofNet (HydrogenNet), the driving force behind the Hydrogen Industry Cluster (Waterstof Industrie Cluster, WIC), of which the Korean car manufacturer Hyundai is a member, wants to be a forerunner using hydrogen for zero-emission mobility. Therefore, Hyundai Belux puts one of its hydrogen cars at WaterstofNet’s disposal for one year in the context of their cooperation. […]

Hyzon 50-ton milk truck on hydrogen on Dutch roads

July 14, 2021

Dutch dairy company FrieslandCampina has commissioned its first hydrogen-driven 50-ton milk truck on the roads in the Groningen region. Today, only there is enough hydrogen filling infrastructure to roll out H2-trucks, says FrieslandCampina. But it is looking to expand to the rest of the Netherlands too. FrieslandCampina is running a durability program called ‘Nourishing a […]

Shell switches on Europe’s largest green H2 electrolyzer

July 07, 2021

Anglo-Dutch oil giant, Shell, has put its new 10 MW renewable hydrogen production plant into service. The biggest of its kind in Europe. The electrolyzer is located at Shell’s Rheinland refinery, near Cologne in Germany. Benefiting from European Commission funding, it will produce up to 1 300 tons of green hydrogen per year, but plans […]

Renault releases three vans on hydrogen by end of the year

July 07, 2021

Renault has released more details about its hydrogen collaboration with Plug Power, baptized HYVIA. Already by the end of this year, the joint venture, which serves as an appendix to Renault’s electric branch, will be offering three vans in different sizes, equipped with a zero-emission fuel cell. The biggest van Renault offers is the Master […]

Eberspächer enters fuel cell business with ViCTORi takeover

July 06, 2021

German automotive supplier Eberspächer is taking over for 100% Boulder-based (Colorado) ViCTORi LLC and its VAIREX branded air systems. Being a US supplier of fuel cell compressor systems to the global fuel cell industry, the latter buys the German family-owned specialist in exhaust technology, automotive controls, and thermal management a foothold in the fuel cell […]

ZeroAvia sets bar higher with hydrogen-powered 19-seater aircraft

July 02, 2021

British-American start-up in hydrogen-powered aviation, ZeroAvia, is setting the bar higher again with the development of a 19-seater twin-engined airplane for short-haul flights, capable of covering a range of 800 km. ZeroAvia was the first to feature a six-seater H2-powered electric airplane passenger flight in September 2020. ZeroAvia acquired two twin-engine 19-seat Dornier 228 aircraft […]

Preordering opened for French H2-powered Hopium Machina

June 22, 2021

Last week, French racing driver Oliver Lombard presented at the Viva Technology event in Paris the official ‘Alpha 0’ prototype of his dream car he’s going to build, the hydrogen-powered Hopium Māchina. At the same time, preordering is opened for the first 1 000 numbered cars, at the symbolic price of 410 euros. The reservation […]

BMW starts hydrogen X5 testing

June 16, 2021

The BMW Group is beginning to test near-standard vehicles with a hydrogen fuel cell drive train on everyday European roads. Prototypes of the BMW i Hydrogen NEXT will examine how effectively the CO2-free drive train, model-specific chassis technology, and vehicle electronics systems work together under real-life conditions. The BMW i Hydrogen NEXT is a purely […]

Jaguar Land Rover develops FCEV Defender

June 16, 2021

The British/Indian manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is developing a fuel cell-powered prototype of the recent Land Rover Defender, which starts testing in the UK later this year. The H2 off-road vehicle is created as part of Jaguar Land Rover’s research and development into future technologies. The development project represents one aspect of the company’s […]

HYVIA: Renault targets 30% of market with fuel cell LCV joint venture

June 07, 2021

French Renault Group has finalized its intended 50/50 joint venture with American fuel cell developer Plug Power to capture a 30% share of the EU market of hydrogen-driven light commercial vehicles (LCVs). The first three fuel cell vehicles brought to market by HYVIA, as the joint venture is baptized, will be based on the Renault […]

First multimodal hydrogen filling station opens in Antwerp

June 04, 2021

Near the Port House on the Antwerp Eilandje, the company CMB has opened a multimodal hydrogen filling station on the border of the city and the port. According to CMB, an Antwerp shipping company that focuses on hydrogen solutions for maritime and industrial applications, it’s the first filling station in the world that produces green […]

ING survey: 8 in 10 transport companies want to be emission free

June 04, 2021

The transportation and logistics sector is moving towards a zero-emission scenario just as rapidly as the car sector. But since fuel cost has a severe impact on their business models, the switch is much more significant. The willingness from the sector is already in place. According to a survey conducted by the bank ING (jointly […]

Hyve: six Belgian hydrogen pioneers join forces

June 01, 2021

Six Belgian pioneers in hydrogen production as a clean alternative energy source are joining forces in a consortium baptized ‘Hyve’. The goal is to integrate new electrolyzing techniques into green hydrogen production of gigawatt-scale in two years and actually use it in different applications, like transport. In the consortium, Flemish research centers Imec and VITO, […]

Total invest in Hype’s hydrogen taxis

May 27, 2021

On Wednesday, French petroleum group Total announced the purchase of a 20% share of Hysetco, the company managing the Hype hydrogen taxis running in Paris. The joint venture between Air Liquide, Toyota, Kouros, and the Société du taxi électrique parisien (STEP) currently operates one hundred hydrogen taxis and two filling stations. The aim is to […]

Mercedes-Benz goes for green steel

May 26, 2021

In 2025, Mercedes-Benz will try to use ‘green steel’ to produce all its vehicles, thus reducing its carbon footprint further. The Stuttgarters are the first car manufacturer to take an equity stake in the Swedish start-up H2 Green Steel (H2GS) to introduce CO2-free steel into series production. The partnership with HSGS is another step towards […]

HDF Energy to assemble fuel cells in (ex-Ford) Blanquefort plant

May 26, 2021

Hydrogène de France (HDF Energy) is settling on the grounds of the abandoned Ford Blanquefort plant in Bordeaux, France, to build high-power fuel cells for high-capacity hydrogen power plants. The new company should start production in 2023, four years after Ford stopped its gearbox production and closed the plant. The huge, 80 hectares assembly site […]

Mercedes-Benz GenH2 truck prepping for road tests (update)

May 21, 2021

Since April, Daimler Truck’s heavy-duty hydrogen truck, the Mercedes-Benz GenH2 presented as a prototype in September last year, is doing ‘rigorous’ test laps on the circuit, prepping for road tests by the end of this year. Meantime, Daimler Truck joins forces with Dutch Shell for a ‘hydrogen-powered freight corridor’ with 150 fueling stations between Rotterdam, […]

IEA: ‘We have to stop selling cars on fossil fuels by 2035’

May 19, 2021

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), we all will have to make radical decisions to meet the Paris climate goals. We have to stop exploring new oil and gas fields and we have to aim at zero emissions by 2050, the agency says in a new report. It all depends on how energy is […]

Opel unveils Vivaro-e fuel cell van

May 18, 2021

After Stellantis Group announcing the beginning of April it will have three hydrogen-powered vans in its dealerships by the end of the year, Opel had unveiled its part of the trio, the Vivaro-e HYDROGEN. It offers an extended range of more than 400 km and an increased payload to 1 100 kg compared to the […]

HyTrucks: 300 fuel cell trucks and six H2-stations for Antwerp Port

May 06, 2021

French Air Liquide, Colruyt’s DATS 24, and Port of Antwerp announced their intention to deploy up to 300 hydrogen-driven fuel cell trucks by 2025 and establish six high-capacity hydrogen fueling stations. The initiative is part of the HyTrucks project, a consortium of more than 40 companies aiming at putting a fleet of 1 000 hydrogen […]

Japanese marine engine manufacturers join forces in hydrogen

May 06, 2021

Three major Japanese marine engine manufacturers, Yanmar, Kawasaki, and J-ENG, have joined forces to develop hydrogen technology for ocean-going and coastal vessels and bring hydrogen-fueled engines and ship generators to the market by 2025. But it will be Belgian technology, by CMB.Tech that will take the lead in Japan’s first hydrogen-fueled ferry for 80 passengers, […]

BMW preps for small-series i Hydrogen NEXT production

May 05, 2021

Announced for ‘late’ 2022, BMW is currently preparing for small-series production of its i Hydrogen NEXT FCEV at its Landshut factory in Germany. At the Lightweight Construction and Technology Centre (LuTZ) in Landshut, complex components like the so-called stack housing are made for the Toyota-made core fuel cell system. “However, conditions needed to be able […]

Flanders demos use of hydrogen for terminal tractors of the future

May 04, 2021

The Flanders Innovation cluster for Logistics (VIL) demoed in the Antwerp harbor the use of hydrogen for empowering a terminal tractor to move containers. It’s part of the so-called Hydrolog project, studying the use of hydrogen for internal logistics within companies, rather than the classic focus on transport. In the project, a mobile hydrogen filling […]

Daimler Truck and Volvo Group aim for fuel cell ‘gigafactory’

April 30, 2021

Daimler Truck AG and Volvo Group have outlined their plans for their Cellcentric joint venture, envisioning to start mass production of fuel cells for trucks as soon as 2025. In the online presentation, Martin Lundstedt, CEO of the Volvo Group, described it as a ‘giga-factory’ for fuel cells. Where they’re going to plump down this […]

Chevron and Toyota to work together on hydrogen

April 22, 2021

America’s second-largest gasoline company, Chevron, and Toyota Motor North America have jointly announced that they will pursue an alliance on hydrogen. Together, they aim at collaborating on hydrogen-related public policy, as well as study market demand for fuel cell vehicles, and research hydrogen-powered transportation and storage. “This is another important step toward building a hydrogen […]

TME to supply fuel cells for bi-modal hydrogen train

April 09, 2021

A consortium with partners from Belgium, Germany, Spain, and Portugal is testing a bi-modal train prototype, which uses its pantograph on regular electrified lines and a fuel cell and hydrogen to make its own electricity when not available. Brussels-based Toyota Motor Europe will supply the fuel cells. The project, called FCH2RAIL (Fuel Cell Hybrid Power […]

BNEV: ‘green hydrogen cheaper than natural gas by 2050’

April 08, 2021

Clean, ‘green hydrogen’ made with renewable energy will become cheaper sooner than expected, with costs dropping by 85% to become even cheaper than natural gas by 2050. That is, below $1/kg ($7,4/MMBtu) by 2050, says BloombergNEV (BNEV), the Bloomberg media concern’s energy research branch, after readjusting its energy outlook. The key driver will be the […]

Hyzon launches leasing of heavy fuel cell trucks in EU

April 02, 2021

American heavy fuel cell truck developer Hyzon is launching its leasing service in the European Union. It’s intended to be a ‘holistic fleet leasing offering’ for the European market that includes the Hyzon FCEV trucks, the hydrogen fuel, insurance, service, and maintenance. Hyzon, which is to build the trucks in the Netherlands, aims to be […]