Revived Brussels Motor Show returns to original timing in January

The Brussels Motor Show will return to its traditional location and date. Car enthusiasts will be welcome again in January 2025 at the Brussels Heysel, Motor Show organizer Febiac announced on Wednesday evening.

In May this year, Febiac announced that – after a year of absence – the board had decided to reorganize a motor show event in 2025, not in January but in February. The reason for moving to the second month of the year was not explained clearly, but apparently, there was no available time slot left in January.

101st edition

The 101st edition of the Brussels Motor Show, initially scheduled for mid-February – at the same time as the Batibouw construction show, will start on January 10th and close on January 19th, 2025.

Returning to the original period was possible due to the disappearance of another event at Heysel and also had several advantages.

500,000 visitors

In February, we could ‘only’ occupy four palaces, and we were concerned that we would not be able to accommodate all brands,” explains Andreas Cremer, outgoing CEO of Febiac. “Most car manufacturers also preferred the original period. With this decision, we can now satisfy all participants.”

Febiac appointed Frank Van Gool, former CEO of leasing company federation Renta, as its new CEO, replacing Cremer on July 1st. The Brussels Motor Show has always been the most frequented public event in Belgium, with 500,000 or more visitors in less than two weeks.

In January 2024, Brussels hosted another car event organized by the Dutch 402 Automotive. The Brussels Auto Show (BAS), as the event was called, hardly resembled the Brussels Motor Show, which always emphasized the sale of new cars. At the BAS, proud owners and influencers showed off their sports cars on a ‘Car Catwalk’ – the show’s centerpiece.


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