Brussels Motor Show comeback in 2025

Febiac, the federation for the Automobile and Two-wheeler sector in the Belux, has announced that the Brussels Motor Show (BMS) will again take place next year. The show will not occur in January, as usual, but from Friday 14 till Sunday 23 February.

After a year of absence, the board of Febiac, regrouping most automakers active on the Belux market, has decided to reorganize a motor show event in 2025.

“After the success of our Automotive eMotion Summit for professional clients in February of this year, we are glad to announce to all automobile fans and professionals that the real motor show will make its comeback in 2025,” says Freddy De Mulder, Febiac’s President of the Board.

New era?

As was the custom, the 101st edition will not occur in January but in February. “Our BMS will again take place in the halls of Brussels Expo, but this time it will be in February, ” says current Febiac CEO Andreas Cremer. Het will be replaced by Frank Van Gool as of the 1st of July.

“Cars, motorbikes, and commercial vehicles will all have the opportunity to show their new models and innovative technologies to the general public and the professionals in February 2025,” adds Christophe Dubon, Head of Communications at Febiac.

Product is the center of interest again

“The most important aim of our members is that their products will again occupy the center stage of this 101st edition. Visitors can expect an extensive overview of what’s on offer in the Belgian vehicle market, with participants showing their traditional ICE engines as well as hybrid and pure electric drive solutions,” Dubon continues.

The reason for moving to the second month of the year is not explained clearly. Dubon says that he is grateful to the Brussels Expo teams for finding a hole in the very busy agenda of the upcoming events in 2025.

Apparently, there was no space left in January for a motor show that has always been the most frequented public event in Belgium, with 500,000 or more visitors in a lapse of less than 2 weeks.




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