New ‘Brussels Auto Show’ opens, expecting 130.000 visitors

From January 17 to 21, Brussels will host the Brussels Auto Show (BAS) at the Heysel. This new formula from Dutch organizer 402 Automotive fills the gap left by the canceled Brussels Motor Show and focuses on car enthusiasts rather than the general public.

On the halls’ 60 000 square meters, visitors will have chances to see street cars, race cars, hypercars, movie cars, and even a “Car Catwalk”, to mention a few attractions. 402 Automotive expects from 90 000 to 130 000 visitors during the three days.

All for the show

“People won’t pay 20 euros to see electric cars anymore,” declares Ronald van den Broek, Director of 402 Automotive and BAS organizer, to the newspaper La Dernière Heure. Contrary to what we’ve been used to seeing in January, the Brussels Auto Show will aim to entertain car enthusiasts rather than present models to the general public interested in purchasing a new car.

402 Automotive knows a thing or two, having organized such a car show in Holland for the past 25 years. For the Belgian first, the Dutch company aims to attract 90 000 to 130 000 visitors. They even ensured that 71 000 presales have already been registered, mainly for Saturday.

The BAS will showcase hypercars, classic cars, and even cars from famous influencers, such as Shmee150 /Brussels Auto Show Facebook

Six halls, 60 000 m2

Whether it’s the number of presales or cars exposed, the Brussels Auto Show won’t be a small car gathering in a car park. The BAS will occupy six halls of the Heysel Expo Center, covering 60 000 m2.

They will be filled with street cars, racing cars, hypercars, classic cars, and even movie cars. There will even be vehicles from the Belgian Army and, more astonishingly, an F16 fighter jet.

The centerpiece, the Car Catwalk, will be in Hall 5. This 90-meter-long podium has only one goal: to showcase the most flashy and eye-catching cars in the manner of a trendy fashion show so that people can be mesmerized and take pictures. There will be famous influencers, such as Shmee150, POG, and the Dutch YouTuber Enzo Knol.

Little to no brands

According to the organizers, 60% of visitors will have never been to a Motor Show, while 35-45% are returning visitors. Therefore, The aim is to entertain, which can explain the almost total lack of official car brands or importers. Stellantis showed interest but backed out since, leaving only Fisker and MG as official brands.


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