Kia shows next electric SUV EV9 Concept

The EV9 on display today previews the next EV from Kia and shows the design language of future Kia models. The EV9 is expected in dealerships as early as 2023 and will be positioned above the existing EV6.

What stands out is a very angular design with a massive, straight front, a fairly upright windshield combined with a horizontal roof line, and a straight rear. In addition, because electric vehicles don’t need a classic radiator grille, a flat element at the front is painted in body color.

‘Tiger face’

On the sides are futuristic-looking LED headlights – the design boys call them ‘tiger face’. The whole concept looks tough, but not particularly aerodynamic, which is a bit at odds with the “sustainable mobility solution” that Karim Habib, senior vice president and head of the Kia Global Design Center, recommends for this model.

The EV9 will be built on the E-GMP platform we already know from the Kia EV6 and the Hyundai Ioniq 5. The EV9 is 4 929 mm long, 2 055 mm wide, and 1 790 mm high, making it 24 cm longer than the EV6.

However, Kia paid a lot of attention to aerodynamics. In the hood is a ventilation opening used as a solar panel, so the EV9 can also charge (a little) when there is no charging station nearby. In addition, there are clever roof rails that slide into the bodywork when not in use and tiny camera mirrors to reduce drag.

Mobile lounge

The interior is innovative because the front and rear side doors open opposite each other. Whether this will remain in the production car is not certain. However, there is a modern interior with six separate seats and a gigantic 27-inch display in the front.

The cabin looks light, neat, and the seats can also rotate around their axis, allowing the interior to be converted into a conference room, as the seats in the second row can be folded up to create a small table.

Larger battery

We know very little about the drivetrain and the technical side of things at this point. It will, of course, be a 100% electrically powered car, but nothing is known about the engines or the battery technology.

Today, Kia (and Hyundai) mount a 77,4 kWh battery in the (long range) EV6. However, since the EV9 is larger and would have a theoretical driving range of more than 500 km, it is obvious that the Korean manufacturer will mount a larger battery at the bottom of the SUV. Unfortunately, exact specifications have not yet been released. However, we know that there will be additional features in terms of driving aids and extra autonomous driving functions.



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