Who we are

Our mission

Newmobility.news wants to be your trusted source in the rapidly evolving world of new mobility. With daily coverage of emerging new technologies, services, and legislation that may affect you and your business as it is today. As a possible threat but certainly as many great new opportunities too.

Our expertise

We focus on what’s relevant for people like you, who want to keep pace with the extremely fast-evolving world of mobility.

Checking the news, using several sources if available to complement the story, and making a comprehensive synthesis by adding useful links and our own specialist’s insights.

We have built up for our subscribers a valuable, fully searchable archive of 4 000+ stories. With links pointing to other related stories or to original sources. A one in a kind archive for you to be used as an always accessible knowledge base.

For businesses, special discount formulas apply and company-wide solutions are available. We can provide a bespoke white-branded newsletter with a selected number of topics to their interest, in English, Dutch, and/or French. For our business clients to distribute via their internal communication channels.

If interested in the possibilities of a company account or your own branded newsletter ‘powered by Newmobility.news’ and with topics of your choice, please contact [email protected] (phone +32 475 37 45 45).

Our origin

Newmobility.news started as Belga News Agency’s Gopressmobility in April 2017 to become Newmobility.news in 2018. It is now a fully independent split-off, owned by B2BNews Agency, founded by the team that created the initial news service.

B2BNews Agency BV is based at Anderveldstraat 22, 3190 Boortmeerbeek, BELGIUM.  Contact: +32 475 37 45 45 or [email protected]. (VAT BE0692.726.191)

Our team

Newmobility.news is made every day by a team of journalists, led by founders Joris Van Roy as Managing Editor ([email protected]) and Tony Verhelle as Editor in Chief ([email protected]). Both are professional journalists with more than 30 years of experience in the automotive and mobility sector and both convinced we’re only at the start of a new exciting mobility ‘revolution’.


Our service

  • An average of 5 – 10 news stories a day, 160 per month or 1920 per year
  • Daily selection of must-read stories by expert journalists, complemented with additional information and active hyperlinks to relevant stories and sites.
  • A free daily newsletter at noon in your mailbox
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  • Fully searchable archive (*) with +4 000 articles in English and growing

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