Electric sports car from Alpine and Lotus is dead end

May 25, 2023

Alpine and Lotus will not be co-developing an all-electric sportscar. The sports car brands have axed their collaboration under “mutual agreement” and will go through the development process alone. The project was scheduled to spawn a successor to the Alpine A110 and the new Lotus Type 135. Developing electric cars is costly, particularly when the […]

Uber to deploy robotaxis together with Waymo

May 25, 2023

Ridesharing company Uber is going to offer robotaxis in the US. Uber’s partner is Waymo, a subdivision of the Alphabet group, Google’s parent company. An initial collaboration is scheduled for later this year in Phoenix City. The exact number of self-driving taxis remains undisclosed. The association surprises as the two companies were entangled in a […]

ACEA: Euro 7 ruling to cost up to 2 600 euros per car

May 24, 2023

The lobby organisation for car manufacturers ACEA is flashing the lights again on the proposed Euro 7 rules, which are considered unnecessary and a waste of money by many car brands. A new survey has calculated that the price increase could be four to seven times higher than initially accounted for. “The effects on the […]

Geely doubles its stake to electrify Aston Martin

May 23, 2023

Chinese car giant Geely is increasing its interest in iconic British sports car brands. The owner of Lotus has raised its share in Aston Martin to 17 percent, a little more than a half year after it stepped in, buying 7,6 percent in September last year. Geely is now the third-biggest shareholder of Aston Martin. […]

Gotion adds manganese to LFP and achieves 1 000 km range

May 23, 2023

Chinese battery maker Gotion High-Tech, a company heavily backed by Volkswagen, has unveiled its L600 battery. Its cells use lithium manganese ferro phosphate chemistry capable of providing a range of 1 000 kilometers. Under the optimistic Chinese driving cycle, that is. Battery packs promising 1 000 kilometers of range aren’t new, but until today, these […]

Belgium’s legal framework to retrofit ICE cars to electric is ready

May 22, 2023

After France created a legal framework for retrofitting vehicles with an internal combustion engine (ICE) into an electrical (or hydrogen) EV, Belgium is also ready from June 1st, 2023. Federal Mobility Minister Georges Gilkinet (Ecolo) drafted a new Royal decree by mutual agreement with the Regions, which now have their homologation services to publish updated […]

Zeekr starts delivery of 001 with +1.000-km range Qilin battery (update)

May 22, 2023

In January, Zeekr, part of the Geely Group, has given its shooting brake 001 an update for 2023. Now it starts delivering the single-motor WE version with a 140-kWh battery pack as an option for around €13 000 extra. This new Qilin battery from CATL, promises a range of over 1 000 km, according to […]

App for faster green light planned in Belgium

May 19, 2023

Belgium’s Agency for Roads and Traffic (AWV) is working on an app that would soon allow you to get green faster at a traffic light. Public Dutch-language broadcaster VRT reports that. The new system should already work at some intersections in a few months. Linking the app to intelligent traffic lights will make traffic safer […]

Mercedes VAN.EA to increase e-van sales to 50%

May 19, 2023

Mercedes has unveiled its new VAN.EA architecture. The modular underpinnings can house a variety of van models, from medium to large, and must significantly boost electrifying its utility department. The first models on the new platform are expected in 2026. The VAN.EA platform, which will be produced in sites all over the world from Mercedes, […]

Ostend airport gets 66 000 solar panels

May 16, 2023

There will be 66 200 solar panels on the grounds around Ostend airport. Energy company EnergyVision will start installing them there in autumn. Ostend-Bruges airport will so become one of the largest solar parks in Belgium. The project involves an investment of 35 million euros. The electricity generated should power the airport, while part also […]

EU backs Spanish subsidy program for EV batteries

May 16, 2023

The EU Commission has approved an 837 million euros program by the Spanish government to support the production of batteries for EVs. This reports the news site elective.com. The program is open to battery manufacturers and suppliers of essential components or related materials. The Spanish government plans to launch two new electric vehicle and battery […]

Mercedes introduces carbon-friendly aluminium on EQE and EQS

May 15, 2023

Mercedes starts to manufacture the EQE and EQS models with aluminium of a significantly reduced carbon footprint as of this summer. As aluminium production emits up to four times more CO2 than steel, this is an important step in further reducing greenhouse gas emissions from its EVs. Compared to the average, the reduction in the […]

Edinburgh gets UK’s first autonomous bus service

May 12, 2023

A route with self-driving buses from Stagecoach, UK’s largest bus and coach operator, will start operating in Edinburgh next week, a first in the UK. However, a driver will always be on board to monitor things and take back control of the bus in an emergency. This is also required by UK law. The project, […]

German study: ‘e-fuel could cost €1 per liter in the long run’

May 12, 2023

According to German Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, electric fuels have the potential to reach cost parity with actual oil-based fuels. Today’s price of 50 euros per liter could fall to 1 euro as industrialization and cheaper CO2 capture reap benefits. But uncertainties remain to be resolved. As the EU approved electric or synthetic […]

Ford pilots hydrogen-fueled E-Transit in the UK

May 11, 2023

Ford is trialing the viability of a hydrogen-powered E-Transit thanks to funding from the UK’s Advanced Propulsion Center (APC). The pilot program will investigate the total cost of ownership, real-world range, and uptime, but we will have to wait until after 2025 for the results. Ford has dabbled in hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicles several times, […]

ABB tests Megawatt Charging System (MCS) with some help from Scania

May 11, 2023

The Swiss charging infrastructure specialist ABB is testing its upcoming Megawatt Charging System (MCS) for fast-charging heavy electric vehicles. A pilot charger has successfully been used on a next-gen electric truck from Scania, bringing MCS chargers closer to reality. Where CCS (Combined Charging System) has been the standard for AC and DC charging of electric […]

Will Nio market solid state battery cars already this summer?

May 11, 2023

BMW has promised a prototype by 2025. Toyota says it has developers working like ants to make it work. And specialist Dotstore says we shouldn’t expect them before the beginning of the next decade. And then there’s Chinese EV start-up Nio, who filed for three BEV models with assumed solid-state technology expected to hit the […]

Belgium greenlights high-voltage operator Elia’s investment plan

May 10, 2023

Energy Minister Tinne Van der Straeten (Groen) has given the green light to the federal development plan of high-voltage grid operator Elia. With that plan, Elia sets out its Belgian course for the next ten years to simultaneously strengthen its energy supply and keep it affordable. The federal development plan includes the realization of the […]

Dutch working on bio-asphalt to reduce CO2 emissions by 60%

May 10, 2023

The Dutch asphalt sector can reduce emissions by 30% to 60% by using biobased asphalt, in which the fossil bitumen has been replaced by lignin and other components from residual vegetable flows. That is what figures from Wageningen University indicate. The potential savings are enormous because, in the Netherlands alone, 10 million tons of asphalt […]

Sweden and Florida go for electrified roads to charge EVs

May 10, 2023

Sweden is set to convert a motorway into a permanent electrified road, allowing electric cars and e-trucks to charge while driving. According to reports from Euronews, the Swedish transport authority Trafikverket has selected the E20 motorway to undergo the conversion. In the U.S. state of Florida, ENRX is working on a similar project. The Europan […]

LEVC launches new BEV platform

May 09, 2023

Geely’s subsidiary LEVC (London Electric Vehicle Company) has presented its modular electric platform SOA (Space Oriented Architecture), which was developed together with the parent company. With this, the manufacturer wants to become “a leading global provider of purely electric mobility solutions”. The first LEVC model based on the SOA will be “a completely new offering, […]

Volkswagen is trying to tie up loose ends with Bosch and Cariad (Update)

May 09, 2023

The Volkswagen Group and car supplier giant Bosch will not realize their planned joint venture to equip battery cell factories. Volkswagen and its battery subsidiary PowerCo are now pursuing the plan without Bosch as a partner, but Bosch will remain on board as a supplier. At the same time, CEO Oliver Blume is getting fed […]

Spanish to produce green H2 under one euro only by using sun

May 08, 2023

HySun, a joint venture between Spanish companies Nanogap et Tewer Engineering, claims to be able to produce ‘white’ or ‘green’ hydrogen for one euro per kilogram or less by 2030 just by using solar energy. That would enable it to go under the price of ‘grey’ hydrogen produced from natural gas and used for 95% […]

In-house developed e-motor gives Volvo XC40 and C40 a 34% range boost

May 05, 2023

In the second year of the C40 Recharge’s existence, Volvo created a brand-new, compact e-motor for it… and we saw that it was good. Developed in-house in Sweden, it makes its entry in the new rear-wheel drive 2024 versions of the XC40 and C40 Recharge, both manufactured in Ghent, Belgium. Newmobility.news got the opportunity to […]

Punch Powertrain starts production of e-transmission for Stellantis

May 04, 2023

In Sint-Truiden, gearbox manufacturer Punch Powertrain has kickstarted the production of components for the eDCT transmission for Stellantis. The gearbox will be assembled in the car giant’s 1,2 million vehicles, providing substantial CO2 savings. “Our patented technology enables us to bring sustainable technologies to global markets at affordable cost,” said Jorge Solis, CEO of Punch […]

Volvo proves with Gothenburg induction charging for taxis

May 02, 2023

An electric taxi parking on a particular ‘hotspot’ and fast charging at 40 kW while waiting for the next customer. It’s already a concept proving in its first year the practical feasibility. No wires to plug in. Just park and charge for 30 minutes for an extra 100 km of range. Swedish carmaker Volvo has […]

Daimler showcases Unimog U 430 offroad truck on hydrogen

April 26, 2023

At the European Demopark open-air exhibition for the green industry, Daimler Truck showcased a demonstrator prototype of its offroad truck, the Unimog, with a hydrogen combustion engine. This hydrogen Unimog based on the U 430 is part of the WaVe project funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action. This project […]

North Sea to become Europe’s green power plant

April 25, 2023

Nine European countries signed a joint declaration on Monday in Ostend at the second North Sea Summit to make the North Sea the “green power plant of Europe”. The nine aspire to produce some 300 gigawatts (GW) of energy by 2050 through the massive construction of offshore wind farms. According to Belgian Prime Minister Alexander […]

HEFT: EU research project for cheaper, sustainable electric motors

April 21, 2023

Eight European partners, of which five research facilities and three industrial partners, have joined forces to create a next-gen electric drive unit for mass-produced EVs. The goal is to create a synchronous motor that is more efficient, cheaper to produce, and, importantly, less dependent on rare earth materials from China. The Mondragon University in Spain […]

Belgian rail’s Innovation Lab involves travelers in testing app

April 21, 2023

Starting in June, anyone who wants can participate via an app in the ongoing initiatives that Belgian railroad company NMBS/SNCB is trying out through its Innovation Lab to make rail travel more attractive to travelers. So write several newspapers, including La Capital and Het Laatste Nieuws. Receiving real-time information via your cell phone about replacement […]

Scania’s long haul Northvolt battery to last 1,5 million km

April 20, 2023

Scania is starting production of its regional long-haul electric heavy-duty trucks later this year, with a range of about 350 km. Powering these trucks is a new battery from Northvolt, with prismatic cells, a 1,5 million km lifespan, and a much smaller carbon footprint compared to the industry average. Scania and Northvolt started the development […]

Chips Act to double EU’s share in global semiconductor production

April 19, 2023

The European Parliament and EU member states have agreed on a plan to produce more chips in Europe and become less dependent on Asia. “Europe is taking control of its destiny”, is how Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton hailed the breakthrough. With the so-called Chips Act, the EU aims to increase its share of global […]

VW Group invests €1 billion in Chinese R&D Center for EVs

April 19, 2023

Volkswagen will invest around one billion euros to establish a new R&D center for fully connected electric cars in Hefei, China, named ‘100%TechCo’. The Group announced the project at the Shanghai Auto Show on Tuesday and set ambitious targets for the unit charged with accelerating innovation locally. The project is to combine vehicle and component […]

Meet BMW’s all-electric spearhead: the i7 M70 xDrive

April 18, 2023

Clinging onto its dynamic reputation, BMW has unveiled its fastest zero-emission car of the range. Out of a completely overhauled dual-motor powertrain, the model is called i7 M70 xDrive. This topliner can hit 100 km/hour from a standstill in 3,7 seconds with launch control, propelled by a combined output of 660 hp. The i7 lifts […]

Germany and the Netherlands start cross-border battery development

April 17, 2023

Germany and the Netherlands are starting a cooperation on battery development for the European industry, by collaboration between two of their development nerve centers. The Dutch TNO Holst Center and the German Zentrum für Sonnenenergie un Wasserstoff-Forschung (ZSW) will join forces to remedy some of the pain points of the lithium-ion battery. TNO and ZSW […]

Lancia Pu+Ra HPE brings Italian design into electric era

April 17, 2023

After more than ten years, Lancia has come out with a newly-designed car. The Pu+Ra HPE is not meant for production, but it shows the way for the next decade as Lancia embarks on its renaissance in the electric era. And it’s very much a designer’s car, with countless new materials, classic inspirations, and a […]

Sweden’s new car brand Luvly is about tiny but safe

April 17, 2023

The Luvly brand is near to producing its microcar O, which can ship as a flatpack and puts a strong accent on safety. With a length of 2,7 meters and a weight of five times less than a regular battery-powered car, the Luvly O joins the growing ‘cuddly’ category of tiny cars like the Citroën […]

Toyota teams up with Exxon Mobile to test ‘low-carbon fuels’

April 14, 2023

Japanese carmaker Toyota takes a further step in its global multi-tech strategy for decarbonizing conventional drivelines. With oil giant Exxon Mobile, it has partnered to test so-called low-carbon fuels in some ICE models. According to the official statement, the potential is to reduce the greenhouse gas footprint by 75%. Even though Toyota is gradually adopting […]

VW gives details of new APP550 EV drive for MEB platform

April 13, 2023

Volkswagen has unveiled a new generation of drive units for its Modular Electric Building platform (MEB). The rear-axle drive APP550 comprises a newly developed power unit that is supposed to offer more power and improved efficiency simultaneously. We already talked recently about the APP550: this drive unit has been manufactured by VW Group Components in […]

Hyundai Group guns for top three place in global EV market

April 12, 2023

By the decade’s end, the Hyundai Group wants to be one of the top three global EV makers. So the Korean carmaker is piling up sales from its three house brands (Hyundai, Kia, and Genesis) to bolster that ambition. It targets an annual production of 3,64 million all-electric cars spread over 31 models. The road […]

Mini’s new in-car digital companion has four paws and is called Spike

April 11, 2023

Man’s best friend is getting a promotion to a digital assistant. Mini debuts the English Bulldog Spike in its Concept Aceman for the Auto Shanghai show, starting next week on April 18th. It’s still a design concept for now, but Spike will make its way into Mini’s digital ecosystem in the future. Spike has been […]

‘AI will make BEV batteries better and cleaner,’ says German researcher

April 11, 2023

Ralf Herbrich is a German computer scientist at the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam just outside Berlin. He previously investigated the role of artificial intelligence in the daily operations of big companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, and Zalando. Herbrich now wants to use his experience to increase battery pack life in electric cars – and […]

FreeWire to target Belgium and EU with Boost Chargers

April 07, 2023

American FreeWire Technologies is bringing its unique take on fast charging to Belgium and other European countries under its own name. Its chargers with integrated battery storage have the advantage that they can be rolled out quickly. Later this month, the company is opening its European Headquarters in Banbury, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom. As installing high-speed […]

Hopium, France’s dream hydrogen car refocuses on fuel cells

April 07, 2023

The hydrogen dream car of the 32-year-old French racing driver Olivier Lombard, the Hopium Māchina, is one step further away from becoming a reality by 2025, as the start-up is forced to find new money first by focussing on selling its state-of-the-art fuel cell technology to third parties. Hopium is splitting up into two entities, […]

Ford Pro CEO : ‘Software-based vehicle is much harder to design than EV’

April 06, 2023

Just before the presentation of the new Ford E-Transit Courier, we got a chance to sit down with the CEO of Ford’s commercial vehicle operation Ted Cannis. He offered some insight on what’s next for Ford Pro, and how he would like to see some support from the Belgian government for electric commercial vehicles. “At […]

Ford launches new E-Transit Courier compact electric van

April 06, 2023

Ford has revealed a new generation of its most compact commercial vehicle, the Transit Courier. This new model improves its practicality with a larger cargo area and will also get an electric version. In contrast to its bigger brothers, Transit Connect and Transit Custom, this model was not built in collaboration with Volkswagen. The new […]

GM scraps Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to sell more subscriptions

April 03, 2023

General Motors has revealed its plan to scrap Android Auto and Apple CarPlay smartphone connectivity from its electric vehicles. However, Google will be providing its Android Automotive infotainment system to GM. The General wants to gather more data from its users and also aims to sell them subscription services to use some apps or connectivity […]

Automotic charging gets more real with Chinese Naas charging bot

March 31, 2023

Carmakers and suppliers are looking into several innovations to meet the growing demand for convenient and more accessible charging infrastructure. For example, Chinese charging service provider NaaS is joining the likes of Volkswagen and announcing the development – and launch – of a self-developed automatic mobile charging robot. The compact robot on wheels, looking for […]

Lamborghini’s Revuelto first 12-cylinder with a plug

March 31, 2023

Italian sports car icon Lamborghini is making its first steps into the world of electric cars by adding a plug to the successor of the Aventador, the Revuelto. The small 3,8 kWh battery is hardly sufficient for 10 km of full-electric autonomy. Still, it feeds three extra motors to boost the power of the 6.5 […]

Volkswagen bets on kites to power mobile charging stations

March 30, 2023

Volkswagen is partnering with EnerKite to develop flexible, grid-independent e-charging stations. These will be powered by electricity generated from wide-winged kites – also called ‘airborne wind turbines’. The technology must help facilitate the switch to a suited infrastructure for e-mobility by avoiding costly and complex power grid upgrades and subsequent investment in conventional wind turbine […]

Toyota partners with Electreon to wirelessly charge its EVs

March 28, 2023

Toyota and component supplier Denso have signed an agreement with Israeli wireless EV charging specialist Electreon to develop a wireless charging solution for the electric vehicles of the Japanese car manufacturer. This includes integrating wireless charging in new vehicles, an aftermarket solution for existing cars, and a plan to standardize the technology. Electreon specializes in […]

Schaeffler’s hub motors electrify street sweepers and snowplows

March 27, 2023

German drivetrain parts specialist Schaeffler has developed a compact electric hub motor suited for municipal utility vehicles, with manufacturers of street sweepers, snowplows, and garbage collectors already showing interest. This innovation represents a new step in eliminating air and noise pollution from cities and other densely-populated areas. Schaeffler has been innovating in the electric drivetrain […]

Tests confirm performance of Amprius’ revolutionary airplane battery

March 24, 2023

It’s light. It packs a lot of energy. And it could make electric planes a reality. So when Amprius first announced its revolutionary lithium-ion battery pack, there were reasons to be enthusiastic. And cautious. The sector of battery developers is famous for making promises that it finds difficult to keep afterward. But in the case […]

Colruyt sells offshore wind turbines for €1,5 billion to Japanese

March 23, 2023

Colruyt Group is selling Parkwind, a company that builds offshore wind turbines, to Japanese energy company JERA. The Japanese will pay around 1,55 billion euros for the company. Parkwind currently participates in, among others, four of the nine wind farms off the Belgian coast in the North Sea. Those four – Belwind, Northwind, Nobelwind, and […]

Ford wants ‘smoking EVs’ without the fires

March 23, 2023

The new Ford is all about electric vehicles and American roots. And with the latter come thrilling gimmicks like a burnout mode. A patent filing reveals that the brand wants a performance mode for its electric models that enables intentional wheel spin to heat or smoke the tires. The patent includes images of the Mustang Mach-E, suggesting […]

CATL starts mass production of disruptive Qilin battery

March 23, 2023

According to local media outlet The Paper, Chinese power battery giant CATL has achieved mass production of its Qilin Battery. The battery is a stepping stone for the manufacturer, outperforming the latest 4680 generation packs from Tesla and promising ranges up to 1 000 kilometers. The pack will debut at Volvo’s sister brand Zeekr. As […]

Air Liquide to convert ammonia into hydrogen in new Antwerp cracker

March 23, 2023

French Air Liquide announces it will construct an industrial-scale pilot cracker in the Port of Antwerp to convert ammonia (NH3) into hydrogen (H2). The new plant, scheduled to be operational by 2024, will be a crucial stepstone transporting green energy from sunny regions worldwide over the oceans to Europe, a key enabler of the energy […]

BMW backs up dual-rotor electric motor startup DeepDrive

March 22, 2023

BMW’s venture capital unit i Ventures has co-led a series A investment round for DeepDrive, a German start-up producing dual-rotor electric motors, which promise more range, less material use, and a lower production cost than current state-of-the-art motors. With the investment, DeepDrive wants to start a recruitment drive leading to mass production in 2026. Other […]

Turkish-Cypriotic EV brand Günsel ready to start producing B9

March 22, 2023

They have been working silently since 2016 in the Turkish part of Cyprus on their own electric car, named after the professor whose dream was to become a car manufacturer: the Günsel brand. On February 20, 2020, the first prototypes of the fully electric Günsel B9, a two-door hatchback, were launched. Now the company says […]

New Explorer is Ford’s take on the Volkswagen ID.4

March 21, 2023

Forget the Explorer as you know it, Ford is replacing it with a new zero-emission version. Its first volume all-electric passenger vehicle to be built in Cologne, Germany, spawns from an agreement with Volkswagen. Bottom line? The medium crossover is the technical twin to the Volkswagen ID.4. So, the new Explorer is fully electric and […]