Kia introduces automatic charging identification

September 29, 2023

No card, less hassle. The Kia EV9 is joining the list of models compatible with Plug&Charge. The convenience automatically recognizes the car through its VIN and facilitates the charging and billing. After the EV9, more electric Kia models will join the program. For EV9, Plug&Charge will be available from the start, and for the other […]

BMW invests €100 million in Wackersdorf battery test facility

September 29, 2023

German carmaker BMW announced it is investing an extra €100 million in its Innovation Park Wackersdorf campus near Regensburg to set up a new battery testing center that will be integrated into the existing buildings. The 55-hectare campus built in the 1980s was initially intended as a nuclear reprocessing facility. BMW has located its cockpit […]

Mercedes GenH2 truck sets 1 047 km milestone on one fill

September 29, 2023

Daimler Truck announced with some pride it had a prototype of its Mercedes-Benz fuel cell truck GenH2 accomplish a journey of 1 047 km on hydrogen with only one filling session. The truck maker says this is another milestone within its dual-track strategy with hydrogen and battery-powered vehicles. The truck completed the run fully loaded […]

Honda brings circularity and performance to Tokyo Motor Show

September 28, 2023

Honda is racking up a series of novelties and world premieres for the upcoming Japan Mobility Show. It has already unveiled pictures of two small city cars in a preview. The Sustaina-C represents the company’s vision of circularity, while the smaller CI-MEV is an urban last-mile car with enhanced automated driving. The Sustaina-C looks like […]

Rolls Royce’s hydrogen jet engine proves maximum take-off thrust

September 27, 2023

British airplane engine expert Rolls-Royce says it has proven a critical engine technology that marks a significant step in enabling hydrogen as an aviation fuel. “Tests on a full annular combustor of a Pearl 700 engine at DLR in Cologne running on 100% hydrogen have proven the fuel can be combusted at conditions that represent […]

China approves ultra-high DC charging standard

September 26, 2023

Chinese authorities have published three critical aspects of the upcoming ultra-high DC charging standard. The ChaoJi-1 connector clarifies that China will continue to use a proprietary national standard in the future. This new charging unit supports up to 1,2 MW and is compatible with CHAdeMO3.1. Not only does it support higher power, but it’s also […]

Nevomo’s magnetic levitation trains at 550 km/h on normal railway

September 22, 2023

Railing at 550 km/hour on the existing rail infrastructure? It’s the dream of the Polish company Nevomo. It has conducted its first successful trial on its test track in Nowa Sarzuna in Poland. We all know the Maglev trains, those floating carriages lifted and pulled by magnetism and which reach incredible speeds of more than […]

Giga Storage to build Europe’s largest battery farm in Belgium

September 22, 2023

Limburg-based Giga Storage Belgium will construct a large-scale battery farm in Ophoven (Kinrooi). With a 300 megawatt capacity, it will be the largest battery farm in Europe, capable of providing 165 000 families with electricity for four hours. Large storage capacity with batteries is essential to absorb fluctuations in supply and demand in the electricity […]

BMW temporarily stops sales of gasoline motorbikes in North America

September 22, 2023

BMW Motorrad has issued a (temporary) sales ban on all its motorbikes with combustion engines throughout North America. This applies not only to new bikes but also to used ones at dealers. Only the electric model CE 04 is currently released for sale in the US and Canada. BMW emphasized that the sales stop is […]

Last diesel Volvo to leave factory in early 2024

September 21, 2023

As of next year, Volvo halts production and subsequent sales of diesel engines in its entire model line-up. The news was symbolically released at Climate Week in New York. CEO of Volvo Jim Rowan called electric cars “a key part of our response to climate change”. As of 2024, cars from Volvo will only be […]

Liège start-up Risorce to recycle 2,4 million worn tires

September 20, 2023

Rixensart-based start-up Risorce has raised 12,5 million euros to build a new factory in Baelen, Liège, which will eventually be able to recycle 2,4 million used car tires a year. This will be done through pyrolysis. In the process, the tires will be processed into mainly oil. By 2025, the plant should be fully operational […]

Belgian lithium pumped up from +1.000 meters deep underground

September 18, 2023

Lithium is indispensable in today’s rechargeable batteries, from smartphones to EV batteries. With demand expected to grow exponentially over the following decades, every discovery of lithium reserves makes headline news. Even in Belgium, where lithium is found in brine pumped up from 1 000 to 3 000 meters deep for a geothermic heat-distribution grid. Experts […]

Thomas More study: ‘EVs can lose 8% of battery energy per year’

September 18, 2023

Not all battery packs in EVs age at the same level. According to research by the Future Mobility department of Thomas More High School, the variation can mount up to 8% annually on specific packs. This is much worse than the rule of thumb prescribing 70% capacity after usage of eight years and could severely […]

Aral targets 20 000 fast-charging stations in Germany by 2030

September 15, 2023

British oil company BP continues to set ambitious targets for its network of ultra-fast charging stations. By 2030, it wants to roll out 20 000 High Power Charging (HPC) points for cars and a network of low-carbon mobility hubs for medium and heavy-duty vehicles. It will do this with Germany’s largest service station network, Aral, […]

Maersk launches first green methanol-fueled container ship

September 15, 2023

Danish container shipping company Maersk has launched the world’s first container ship to run on green methanol in its fleet. The ship, the ‘Laura Maersk’ was christened in Copenhagen by European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. “This ship embodies Europe’s decision to be a pioneer in the fight against climate change,” von der Leyen […]

Toyota lays out roadmap for next-gen and solid state batteries

September 15, 2023

Toyota has revealed more details about its next-gen battery tech for electric vehicles, including three new liquid battery technologies and the start of mass production of solid-state batteries. The aim is to offer 1 200 km or more range, faster charging times, and a lower height for better aerodynamics. In June, Toyota announced it would […]

BMW, Honda, and Ford unite in common EV grid for US

September 14, 2023

BMW, Honda, and Ford are combining forces in the US and have founded ChargeScape, a joint venture that connects energy providers and EV customers from the brands. The three automakers have been researching the possibility of a standard charging service network for some time and have turned their findings into a business. ChargeScape is not […]

Taycan and E-Tron GT recalled over possible hazardous battery leak

September 13, 2023

Battery packs with pouch cells from LG Chem continue to cause problems and recalls at car manufacturers who purchase them for their EVs. Latest in row are Porsche and Audi, globally recalling 6 766 vehicles over a possible leak inside the battery pack that could lead to sparks. The affected models are from the Taycan […]

Allego is phasing out CHAdeMO chargers in Europe

September 12, 2023

Allego, founded in 2013 in the Netherlands as part of grid operator Alliander and now a pan-European EV network with 34 000 chargers, says it is finally phasing out CHAdeMO chargers as only 4,12% of EVs today are still equipped with the Japanese system. Only the Nissan Leaf and the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV are still […]

Stellantis opens its biggest battery technology center in Europe

September 11, 2023

In Turin, car group Stellantis has opened its first battery technology center – one of Europe’s most significant. More than a hundred employees will test, verify, and produce new battery products for its upcoming range of all-electric vehicles. As part of its Dare Forward 2030 plan, Stellantis is subjecting the Italian Mirafiora factory to a […]

Mozilla Foundation warns: ‘Carmakers even collect info about your sex life’

September 11, 2023

A recent Mozilla Foundation study reveals some shocking facts, and 25 car manufacturers deserve the ‘Privacy Not Included’ warning label in the United States. According to the study, cars have become data-gobbling machines that watch, listen, and collect information about what you do and where you go. While we worry that our connected doorbells or […]

Stellantis bets e-fuels can keep ICE cars on the road till 2050

September 08, 2023

A recently conducted test on 24 engine families within the Stellantis group has convinced the car giant of the longevity of combustion-engined cars. The company believes that the CO2 benefits from the fuel will keep these cars on the road until 2050. After the European Commission opened the backdoor for e-fuels after 2035, several car […]

New all-electric Golf to be first VW on SSP platform

September 08, 2023

The VW group boss Oliver Blume has shed some light on the future of its most iconic golf car. As prior reports believed, the next generation won’t be a rebadged ID.2 but a standalone model on the all-new SSP platform specifically developed for returning a profit comparable to ICE models. Clearly, Blume is realigning his […]

BYD: ‘News on European plant before end 2023’

September 07, 2023

With six electric vehicles on the stand, a world debut for the Seal U, and the European launch of its new brand Denza, China’s largest EV maker, BYD wowed the crowds at the IAA Mobility in Munich. In the backyard of the German premium carmakers, the boss of BYD Europe also announced that the final […]

Floya: entire Brussels multimodal mobility offer in one app

September 07, 2023

The Brussels public transport company MIVB/STIB and Brussels Mobility have launched the new multimodal app, Floya. Now available in the app stores, the app brings together information on the entire mobility offer in Brussels on one platform. Users can thus see all possible travel options at a glance. According to MIVB/STIB, the app Evident/Trafi developed […]

ZF’s newest electric motor: less CO2, no rare-earth metals

September 05, 2023

At the IAA Mobility in Münich, automotive supplier ZF puts the spotlights on a new type of motor for electric cars. The I2SM is a variant in the externally excited synchronous family. Still, ZF has found ways to cut its CO2 footprint in half during production and reach interesting levels of sustainability and efficiency. The […]

New Cooper and Countryman keep Mini charged

September 05, 2023

Mini plays big at the IAA 2023 in Munich with the public debut of the three-door Cooper and its SUV derivative, Countryman. Presented as battery-powered models, the new-generation Mini models come in two flavors but in an unmistakable recognizable design. However, one can’t help but notice that the Countryman is moving toward a more refreshed […]

Mercedes showcases ‘electric hypermiler’ Concept CLA

September 04, 2023

At the IAA in Münich, Mercedes has unveiled a future glimpse of how the revival of its smallest range will look like. The Concept CLA provides a new all-electric platform with an ample range of more than 750 kilometres on a single charge while boosting the use of sustainable materials on board. And, yes, there’s […]

Vision Neue Klasse: how BMW sees the electrical future

September 04, 2023

For BMW, the IAA in Münich is some home match and now is the time to show the world a glimpse of its (electric) future, with a wink to its heritage: the BMW Vision Neue Klasse. It shows how the successor of BMW’s most successful model, the 3-Series, might look when it arrives in 2025. […]

Volkswagen unveils zero-emission future of the GTI

September 04, 2023

There’s something old and something new about the ID. GTI Concept that Volkswagen has brought to the spotlights of the IAA in Münich. The name combines the letters from the brand’s all-electric range with those from its hereditary sports badge. But weren’t all-electric go-faster models from Wolfsburg called GTX? Indeed, but it seems Volkswagen wants […]

Zeekr 001 FR: pure muscles with 1.234 horsepower quad motors

September 04, 2023

At the beginning of August, Chinese Zeekr, the sister brand of Lynk & Co, announced that it would launch a hypercar version of its Zeekr 001, shooting brake at around one million Chinese yuan or 140.000 dollars. Now the curtain is lifted, it turns out to be pure muscles with 1 265 horsepower (943 kW) […]

Volkswagen’s new Passat is highly electrified but not electric

September 01, 2023

Ahead of its motor show debut, Volkswagen has lifted the veils of the new Passat. It’s exclusively available as a station wagon and is no longer assembled in Germany. With beefed-up plug-in hybrid versions, a revolutionary damping system, and return-to-button controls on the steering wheel, the old namesake must straighten its back in a fast-moving […]

Alfa Romeo’s first EV for the happy few: 33 Stradale revived

August 31, 2023

Alfa Romeo kills two birds with one stone by presenting its long-awaited ‘6C’ supercar and its first fully-electric model: the 33 Stradale, which harks back to the Tipo 33 from the Sixties. But this hyper-exclusive supercar has a trick up its sleeve, as the electric drivetrain is not the only option on offer… You could […]

Boutique e-truck builder Designwerk enters the Benelux

August 30, 2023

Designwerk, a Swiss company specializing in building custom electric trucks for specific use cases, entered the Benelux market after expanding to Germany. The company is mainly owned by Volvo Trucks and converts diesel-powered trucks into e-trucks with up to 1 000 kWh battery capacities. Designwerk (DW)’s origins trace back to 2008 when converting small vehicles […]

Belgian first: schools launch ‘charging station installer’ training

August 30, 2023

All thirteen Provincial Education Flanders secondary technical schools will launch the training ‘charging station installer’ on the first of September. A Flanders’ first. Some manufacturers will support them. “Training will be the biggest challenge in the sector.” Flanders faces a significant energy transition, and we need a faster rollout of charging infrastructure in Flanders. There’s […]

Interparking tests robots to recover burning EVs

August 30, 2023

Carpark specialist Interparking is testing two robots to move vehicles in and out of their underground facilities. These robots are better at dealing with precious cargo without damaging it and are safer for the staff operating them in case of fires. Interparking is looking into moving robots in case of uncontrollable electric car fires in […]

Falling behind Tesla, Hyundai deploys its own superchargers

August 30, 2023

Under the name Blue Plug Chargers, Hyundai will start building its own supercharger through its subsidiary, Hyundai Kefico. In its home market, the company wants to get to terms with the more successful rollout of Tesla, which also manufactures high-power chargers. In 2021, Hyundai announced the launch of its own supercharger network under the name […]

First Mercedes-branded superchargers open this fall

August 29, 2023

Mercedes is on track, building its own global fast-charging park. In Europe, where the brand aims at 200 charging points, the car brand announced that it will open its first hub in Mannheim in October 2023. The charging station must set new standards for fast, convenient, and sustainable charging. The rollout of its own charging […]

BMW to unravel its ‘New Class future’ at IAA in Münich

August 28, 2023

At the Mobility Summit in Münich, BMW will unveil the Vision Neue Klasse (Vision New Class), which is believed to sit close to the production model and marks a new chapter in the brand’s history as it embodies its new generation of electric vehicles. The platform will feature 800-volt technology for increased fast charging. It […]

Volvo to release first MPV in its history

August 25, 2023

Volvo has unveiled the first teasing pictures of what is believed to be an all-electric MPV. Dubbed EM90, the car wants to be a “Scandinavian living room on wheels”, as the brand calls it. The final version will be unveiled on the 12th of November. Though Volvo remains tight-lipped about the specifications, the moniker already unveils […]

Mercedes renews EQA and EQB for show debut IAA Münich

August 25, 2023

raMercedes has updated its most compact electric cars, with the new versions prepared for a public premiere at the IAA Mobility in Münich. The minor revisions aim primarily at improving the range. First deliveries are scheduled for the beginning of 2024. The new star-clad black panel grille, borrowed from the bigger EQ models, makes the […]

Dutch ‘dynamic’ electricity supplier Frank Energie targets Belgium

August 24, 2023

Frank Energie, a new Dutch energy supplier, wants to conquer Belgium after the Netherlands, with dynamic hourly prices to allow EV owners to charge at home when prices are at their lowest, for instance. CEO Hans van der Woude does not hide his ambitions: After further growth in Belgium, Spain, and France, the start-up wants […]

Lucid releases official specs of its lightning-fast Air Sapphire

August 24, 2023

It’s official. Boosting more than 1 200 hp, Lucid’s top-of-the-line Sapphire model is the fastest all-electric sedan from 0-60 mph. Over a quarter mile, the all-electric supersedan strangles top names like the Tesla Model S Plaid and even a Ducati bike. It’s a dash of glimmer as the company was forced to roll out no […]

This SUV version of the Seal is BYD’s sixth model for the EU

August 24, 2023

China’s number one car brand, BYD, is bringing a sixth model to Europe. It is dubbed the Seal U and represents an SUV version of its compact sibling. The car must rival Europe’s best-selling EV, the Tesla Model Y, relying on cost-saving LFP batteries and an 800-volt onboard network for faster charging. The public premiere […]

Volvo CE brings electric machine production to US

August 22, 2023

Volvo CE (Construction Equipment) has launched the DD25 Electric compactor production in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, bringing electric machine production to the US. By 2030, 35% of its product line should be electric. Like its Cars and Trucks counterparts, Volvo Construction Equipment has also started its electric transformation. The company already offers several electric machines in the […]

GM wants ‘more simplicity’ to lower costs

August 22, 2023

During GM’s second-quarter earnings call in July, CEO Mary Barra reportedly said the company is launching a new strategy called “Winning with Simplicity”. It’s meant to lower design and engineering costs and reduce complexity in vehicle orders and manufacturing. GM is aiming to cut trim levels in half to create “fewer part numbers to simplify […]

Mercedes to upgrade its EQE and EQS

August 22, 2023

German premium car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz will reportedly upgrade its EQE and EQS electric models to an 800-volt electrical system from 2025 onward, allowing charging capacities over 200 kW. According to media reports, the switch to 800-volt system voltage is part of a larger upgrade of the EVA2 platform, which will then be called EVA2M. EVA2 […]

Cruise agrees to reduce fleet of robotaxis after series of bizarre incidents

August 21, 2023

Cruise, the daughter of General Motors specializing in autonomous vehicles, started offering a paid robotaxi service in San Francisco but now agreed to reduce its fleet by 50% while the California Department of Motor Vehicles (CDMV) is investigating some bizarre and dangerous incidents. Just a few days ago, after months of debate, California’s Public Utilities […]

Lanzador is first Lamborghini without tailpipes (update)

August 21, 2023

Premiered at the prestigious Monterey Car Week in California, Lamborghini has unveiled its first zero-emission family member. The new Lamborghini Lanzador is the company’s first-ever all-electric car. This cross-over will be offered as a limited run to a selection of trusted and loyal customers. It precedes a fully electric version of the Urus, scheduled for […]

Jaguar will withdraw i-Pace next year from all-electric line-up

August 18, 2023

In contrast to prior statements, Jaguar will not extend the lifeline of the pioneering i-Pace when its new line of EVs leaves the factory halls in 2025. In the wake of its all-electric and top luxury haul-over, the company further announced that it will hire 300 new workforce in the Midlands. Asked about the future […]

CATL’s Shenxing battery to offer 400 km in 10 minutes charging

August 17, 2023

On Wednesday, the world’s biggest EV battery maker, Chinese CATL, presented its newest LFP battery named ‘Shenxing’, offering economical fast charging of 400 kilometers of extra range in only ten minutes and a total range of 700 km. CATL says it found the perfect balance of long-range and easy refueling, with EV charging taking no […]

Midnight electric air taxi ready for test take-off with Stellantis’ help

August 15, 2023

Californian electric air taxi developer Archer Aviation has secured airworthiness certification from the FAA to start the homologation testing for its Midnight eVTOL air taxi. It got another $210 million fresh capital boost from big fellows like United Airlines, Boeing, and carmaker Stellantis, with the latter actually helping to build it, in a brand-new factory […]

Volkswagen to electrify its California camper van (update)

August 14, 2023

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is gearing up to unveil the newest generation of the California camper van at the Caravan Salon trade fair in Düsseldorf later this month. As the first teaser images reveal, the lifestyle van is, as usual, based on the long Multivan. It aims to bring unique features to its class, from innovative […]

Zeekr to challenge hypercar-elite with $140.000 sports variant of 001

August 11, 2023

Christian Koenigsegg, the founder, and CEO of the Swedish hypercar manufacturer bearing his name, producing some of the world’s most expensive sportscars, recently admitted he’s constantly looking for “a reason for electric hypercars to exist” as EVs are closing in on performances. And now Zeekr gives him and the whole hypercar-elite another reason to worry. […]

Hydrogen-electric seaplanes for sigthseeing Canary Islands

August 09, 2023

A new Spanish operator, Surcar Airlines Hidroaviones, is planning to retrofit Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter seaplanes with ZeroAvia’s 600kW ZA600 fuel cell engines to enable zero-emission sightseeing flights in the Canary Islands. It signed an agreement for this with British-American start-up ZeroAvia. ZeroAvia just announced the completion of its initial prototype ZA600 flight testing […]

E.ON pioneers flexible rates for public charging in Denmark

August 09, 2023

Charging at half the price? German energy pioneer E.ON is making it possible for Danish EV drivers, as it has unlocked flexible rates at its charging stations in the capital of Copenhagen. The company has been testing dynamic pricing since the beginning of the year and offers it publicly for the first time. With dynamic […]

Ford Trucks readies heavy-duty F-Max on hydrogen

August 07, 2023

By the end of the year, Ford will deploy a fuel cell version of its F-Max, under development at its Turkish subsidiary Ford Otosan, within the framework of an EU incentive. The 44-tonne truck features fuel cell stacks from Canadian specialist firm Ballard. Together with Volvo, Scania, and Renault, Ford Trucks is a member of […]

American customers sue Hyundai over faulty charging BEV models

August 07, 2023

Hyundai and Kia face a class action lawsuit in California over charging faults with some battery-powered cars. Overheating issues at the charging port may result in a discontinued or fragmented charging process. A group of customers dissatisfied with the results from an update is now bringing the case to court. The problem that the Ioniq […]

Third Nikola CEO ex-Opel boss Lohscheller quits his job

August 07, 2023

American electric and fuel cell truckmaker Nikola keeps on sailing through stormy waters. Its third CEO in a row, Michael Lohscheller, the ex-boss of Opel in a former life, is stepping down immediately ‘for family reasons’ and returning to Europe. From there, he will stay on as an ‘advisor’ to assist CEO number four, until […]

Fisker presents three new EVs

August 07, 2023

At an event in Huntington Beach, California, Fisker presented its future electric cars that will be on the market by 2026. The models include the Pear compact SUV, the Ronin five-seater sports car, and a pickup named Alaska. Also present a special off-road version of the Ocean, the Force E. “Fisker isn’t standing still,” said […]