2025 Tesla Roadster featuring sub-1 sec zero to 60 mph time?

February 29, 2024

Elon Musk has stated on X, formerly known as Twitter, that the new Tesla Roadster is coming in 2025 with a sub-1 second 0-60 mph (97 km/h) time thanks to rocket propulsion technology developed by SpaceX. Is the American electric supercar finally coming after seven years of waiting? With Cybertruck finally launched and Model Y […]

Zeekr refreshes beefed up 001 flagship and cuts prices

February 28, 2024

Swedish-Chinese Zeekr, the sister company to Volvo and Lynk & Co, and positioned as one of Geely’s premium brands, has refreshed and beefed up its 001 shooting brake flagship and cut prices in China drastically in the hope of doubling slacking sales to 230,000 cars in 2024. China is seeing a new price war in […]

Bombshell at Apple: killing off the autonomous EV project

February 28, 2024

For the approximately 2,000 employees working for nearly a decade on the ‘Apple Car,’ the news came as a bombshell on Tuesday: the billion-dollar project will be shuttered, and people will be relocated to other projects like AI, if possible. The message was delivered to the team internally by Apple’s Chief Operating Officer, Jeff Williams, […]

Fake ‘V8-vibrations’ to entice petrolheads into Dodge’s Charger EV

February 27, 2024

What else must modern carmakers do to get a hardcore V8-sound-and-feel-loving petrolhead in a too-smooth-driving silent electric car? Dodge is working on packing its upcoming ‘electric muscle car,’ the Charger EV, with sensors and ‘force generators’ to mimic V8 vibrations, on top of a screaming Hellcat sound. This tactile feedback is something BMW is experimenting […]

New MG3 defies hybrid Toyota Yaris and Renault Clio

February 27, 2024

MG has set its sights on Toyota and Renault with a new generation of the MG3. The car replaces its gasoline-only range with a hybrid driveline that is more powerful and has a more extended electric range than its contenders. Simultaneously, ambitions are expanding, as MG will introduce the previously UK-only city car in other […]

Renault reveals production-ready R5 E-Tech in Geneva

February 26, 2024

Pictures of the production-ready Renault R5 had already leaked on Instagram, but Renault subsequently launched the model officially on the press day of the Geneva Motor Show. The final design stays remarkably close to the concept version, which debuted three years ago. The 5 replaces the Zoe and will accompany the 4 later this year. […]

Microlino Lite premiere: 45 km per hour and from age 16

February 26, 2024

At the Geneva Motor Show, Swiss-Italian electric micro-carmaker Microlino unveiled the ‘Lite’ or L6e version of the Microlina L7e, which is the fully electric lightweight quadricycle. This one has a limited maximum speed of 45 km/hour, half of its older brother, with a basic range of approximately 100 km that can be extended up to […]

Fastned Walshoutem first with 400 kW chargers in Belgium

February 22, 2024

Dutch Fastned has opened a new fast-charging station in Belgium along the E40 highway in Walshoutem (Landen), and this one is the first to feature 400 kW charging on eight charging points. Fastned now has 26 stations in Belgium, all in Flanders except for one (in Vielsalm), since opening the first in 2020 in Ostend. […]

Koreans claim 1,000 km range using silicon in Li-ion batteries

February 21, 2024

Brainiacs from South Korea’s Pohang University of Science and Technology (Postech) have discovered a way to maximize the potential for using silicon in lithium-ion batteries for electric cars. As a result, their next-generation battery packs increase the maximum range by 30%, up to 1,000 km, and keep costs down. Has the home country of Hyundai […]

Porsche adds plug-in hybrids to Panamera range

February 20, 2024

Ultimately, the Porsche Panamera will become available with four plug-in hybrid (PHEV) drivelines, of which the automaker unveils the first two: the 4 E-Hybrid and 4S E-Hybrid. Both models can cope with approximately 100 kilometers of zero-emission driving, a reach that has grown into the new standard. Both E-Hybrids combine a cutting-edge hybrid system with […]

Volkswagen woos family men with ID.7 Tourer

February 20, 2024

In a move that further cements its position in the electric vehicle (EV) market, Volkswagen has unveiled the ID.7 Tourer, the latest in its ID series. The car offers a blend of increased cargo space and an impressive electric range. Joining the BMW i5 Touring, the ID.7 Tourer stands out as one of the few […]

Ford and GM to consider partnerships to cut EV technology costs

February 19, 2024

The CEOs of U.S. automakers Ford and General Motors said last week they would consider partnerships to cut electric vehicle technology costs as Chinese rivals move into the U.S. and European markets. “If there are ways that we can partner with others, especially on technologies that are not consumer-facing, and be more efficient with R&D […]

Watch NIO’s ET9 shake the snow off its body like a Husky

February 19, 2024

In a remarkable video posted on Weibo, Chinese premium EV maker NIO has demonstrated a feature of its flagship sedan ET9’s SkyRide chassis system that will please customers in the High North. Like a Husky awakening in the snow in the morning, the car is shaking all the snow off its body during winter testing, […]

Stellantis posts record profits but stays prudent

February 19, 2024

For the fiscal year 2023, car manufacturer Stellantis Group recorded a net profit of € 18.63 billion (+11%) compared to last year’s € 16.78 billion. Net revenues were € 189.54 billion, up from last year’s € 179.59 billion, with consolidated shipment volumes increasing 7%. The adjusted operating income increased 1% to € 24.34 billion from […]

Stellantis and Mercedes secure €4.4 billion for three giga-battery plants

February 16, 2024

Automotive Cells Company (ACC), the joint venture by Stellantis, TotalEnergies’ Saft, and Mercedes-Benz, has announced that its shareholders secured a €4.4 billion debt raising, increasing the funding for the construction of four new production facilities at three gigafactories for lithium-ion battery cell production in France, Germany, and Italy. Future production sites include one factory in […]

BMW chief designer posts pictures of canceled i8 successor

February 16, 2024

More than ten years ago, BMW shook the car world with its first i-cars, the i3 and the i8. In 2019, it showed a concept for a successor of the PHEV i8 sports car called Vision M Next. The canceled production version of this car, called I16, has now been revealed by BMW’s chief designer, […]

Renault CEO: ‘Deals with the Chinese would be beneficial for both sides’

February 15, 2024

Renault is doing well again these days. Its turnover has grown by 17,9% to €52.5 billion, with a net benefit of €2.3 billion. Its free cash flow has turned around €3 billion now and has grown by €905 million last year. More interestingly, the operational margin has increased to 7,9%, a record figure for the […]

France generalizes digital driving license on smartphone

February 15, 2024

After successful testing in three departments – Rhône, les Hauts-de-Seine, and l’Eure-et-Loir – France is generalizing the numeric or digital driving license to replace the paper version nationwide. Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin has announced that motorists must apply for this digital driving license. Pierre Chasseray, general delegate and spokesperson for the motorist’s association ’40 millions […]

Continental Automotive to slash 7,150 jobs in R&D and administration

February 15, 2024

German automotive supplier has finally announced it will slash 7,150 jobs in its car division, of which around 5,400 jobs are in the administrative areas and a further 1,750 in research and development. That reduces roughly 3.6 percent of the German supplier’s global workforce. In November, Continental said there would be job cuts in 2024, […]

Chrysler Halcyon EV Concept: radical future with ‘unlimited range’

February 14, 2024

American carmaker Chrysler has presented a new concept that shows a glimpse into the brand’s electric future, however far it may be. Unlike the Airflow concept of 2022, the Chrysler Halcyon EV Concept demonstrates technologies that don’t exist. The Chrysler Halcyon EV Concept features a lithium-sulfur battery, inductive charging that could give it unlimited range […]

Stellantis to build EV drives in Hungary and switch to NACS

February 14, 2024

Stellantis will manufacture electric drives at its Hungarian plant in Szentgotthárd. The car manufacturing group will also use Tesla’s fast-charging system NACS in North America. The Stellantis Group will invest some 100 million euros in equipping its Hungarian factory accordingly. The first Electric Drive Modules made in Hungary will roll off the production line at […]

BMW Motorrad Motorsport starts using ‘sustainable’ fuel

February 13, 2024

BMW Motorrad will use a more sustainable fuel from German expert Nordoel in the World Superbike championship. With a claimed 40% reduction of CO2 emissions during the production phase, the methanol-based fuel aims to reduce the carbon impact without compromising performance. BMW is not voluntarily starting to use a more sustainable type of fuel: the […]

Norway uses Designwerk e-truck as a snow plow

February 12, 2024

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration has used an electric heavy truck from Swiss boutique manufacturer Designwerk to clear snow for the first time. Thanks to the 1,000 kWh battery capacity, the truck was able to complete a full day’s plowing work with ease. Designwerk is a small, Swiss-based manufacturer of custom electric trucks. It’s partially […]

Volvo to build new ‘mobility innovation center’ in Torslanda

February 09, 2024

Volvo Cars is building a new center for mobility innovations in Torslanda near Gothenburg. With this facility, Volvo wants to take new technologies out of the laboratory environment and test them in a realistic way. Volvo describes the new center, ‘ Mobility Innovation Destination Torslanda’, as a tailor-made test field for automotive development near the […]

Heineken to deliver Germany daily by electric Mercedes trucks

February 09, 2024

Dutch beer giant Heineken has engaged Swedish Einride, a specialized transport company in electric and remote-controlled trucks, to start delivering daily to its German distribution center in Duisburg from its brewery in Den Bosch, the Netherlands, by electric Mercedes eActros 300 trucks. These trucks will cover some 540 km each daily, driven by a human […]

Nikola and Daimler Truck inaugurate new hydrogen stations

February 08, 2024

Nikola and Daimler Truck have inaugurated new hydrogen refueling stations in the US and Europe. While Nikola can start to move past its mobile fueling units, Daimler Truck is aiming to change the game with cheaper and more efficient subcooled liquid hydrogen stations. Nikola, the American zero-emission truck manufacturer, has opened its first HYLA hydrogen […]

Solar energy to propel high-speed trains between Leuven and Liège

February 08, 2024

In Hannuit, in the Belgian province of Liège, on the border with Flanders, there will be a park with more than 3,800 solar panels. That solar panel park managed by Infrabel will provide solar energy to the Leuven-Liège high-speed railroad line. The project has a price tag of about 2 million euros, 90% of which […]

Porsche zips up next Taycan with energy boost

February 07, 2024

Porsche has given its electric flagship, the Taycan,  an ‘extensive update’ with more power, more range, faster acceleration, and faster charging with greater stability. It will arrive at dealerships in Spring 2024. Although the next generation looks pretty much like the first one, Porsche says it sharpened the design and more strongly differentiated the Turbo […]

Nissan’s next gen Interstar van goes fully electric

February 07, 2024

On Wednesday, Nissan introduced its next generation of the Interstar, its largest van for the first time available with a 100% electric powertrain, “without compromising performance”, as the manufacturer claims. An 87 kWh battery should provide a range of 460 kilometers, and it can charge 252 km in just 30 minutes on a DC charger. […]

Chinese Hiphi beats Tesla in world’s toughest range test

February 02, 2024

It’s a half-yearly tradition for the Norwegian Automobile Federation (NAF) to organize the El Prix event, the world’s most extensive range test for electric vehicles. The winter test was won four times in a row by Tesla, but the American EV maker fell back to the middle field in the latest edition with the gold […]

Renault’s Master E-Tech gets impressive 460 km of range

February 02, 2024

French car and van maker Renault unveiled the fourth-generation Master in November with impressive performance and range figures. Today, those figures are official and homologated. The new electric Master E-Tech has a range of up to 460 km (WLTP). The new Renault Master E-Tech manages this feat, all things considered, with an 87-kWh battery. Despite […]

BMW starts prepping new Austrian e-drive production site

February 02, 2024

German carmaker BMW has completed construction of the new production halls at its Steyr site in central Austria and is now adding half a billion worth of equipment for the future manufacturing and development of its Neue Klasse e-drives. Pre-series production will launch in the summer of 2024, and serial production will start in the […]

Tricera: Yamaha’s idea of a three-wheel open-top electric ‘autocycle’

February 01, 2024

It’s not a car, and it isn’t a motorbike, nor a trike; it is what Yamaha calls an electric three-wheel ‘autocycle,’ a development concept to offer “Exciting Urban Mobility when one’s body and mind and the machine become an organic whole”. In a promo video, Yamaha has a young urban mother and her son drive […]

Volvo EX30 deliveries delayed due to software glitches

January 31, 2024

The delivery of Europe’s cheapest China-built Volvo, the EX30, is getting behind schedule due to a necessary update of the car’s software based on Google’s Android Automotive operating system. A few glitches must be solved before software version 1.2 can be installed, as it “does not yet meet all the requirements necessary to be released”. […]

Honda and GM kickstart joint fuel cell production

January 29, 2024

Technical partners Honda and General Motors (GM) have initiated mass production of hydrogen fuel cell systems at their shared facility in Brownstown, Michigan. It has been a long time coming, as the two auto giants announced their collaboration in fuel cell technology ten years ago. The $85 million facility, part of the Fuel Cell System […]

De Lijn coming back with self-driving buses by 2026

January 29, 2024

Flemish public transport operator De Lijn is pulling plans for self-driving buses in cities off the ice again. A pilot project will be developed in Leuven to have an operational connection by 2026. There is talk of 15 to 20 vehicles in an initial phase, possibly expanding to 80. So, this is not the first […]

World’s biggest container ship on green methanol baptized ‘Ane Mærsk’

January 29, 2024

At the shipyard of HD Hyundai Heavy Industries (HD HHI) in Ulsan, South Korea, the world’s first vessel on ‘green methanol’ carrying up to 16 592 twenty-feet shipping containers (TEU) has been baptized ‘Ane Mærsk’. At the beginning of February, it will enter service connecting Asia and Europe The 350-meter-long vessel is Mærsk’s second container […]

Upgraded BYD Tang gets bigger battery and more range

January 29, 2024

Over a year after its European launch, BYD’s Tang EV is set for an upgrade, including a larger battery and improved features. The Chinese carmaker wants to increase its appeal to compete with the Tesla Model Y, the best-selling car worldwide, last year. An essential upgrade component is the Tang’s battery capacity, which will increase […]

Cadillac starts building exclusive Celestiq by driblets

January 25, 2024

Cadillac has started to build the exclusive Celestiq EV at the General Motors Global Technical Center in Warren, Michigan. But they’re doing it ‘by driblets’, as they are hand-built, and only 100 to 150 of them will be made to keep them exclusive. As will be the price tag: $340 000 (€311 950) before customization. […]

‘Simplified’ Apple Car projected into 2028

January 25, 2024

It has been over two years since we heard anything about Apple’s decade-long ‘Titan Project’ to launch its own fully autonomous electric car that wouldn’t even feature a steering wheel anymore. But that won’t happen, insiders told the Bloomberg news agency, as the new shift is to a somewhat ‘common’ EV with the driver still […]

Dutch MAN-boss: ‘hydrogen is no match for battery-electric truck’

January 24, 2024

Alexander Vlaskamp, CEO of German heavy truck maker MAN Truck & Bus, is no believer when it comes to hydrogen to decarbonize heavy transport. Although MAN develops both to a certain extent, he’s convinced that the limited supply and high cost of green hydrogen make a fuel cell truck unable to compete with battery electric […]

Akio Toyoda: ‘EV market share won’t surpass 30%’

January 24, 2024

Toyota Chairman and former CEO Akio Toyoda believes battery-electric vehicles will have a maximum market share of 30%, with the rest taken up by hybrids, hydrogen fuel cells, and ICE cars. “With a billion people in the world living without electricity, limiting their choices and ability to travel by making expensive cars isn’t the answer,” […]

Stellantis CEO: ‘I want to avoid a bloodbath and the new platform will help me’

January 23, 2024

Stellantis has fully unveiled its STLA Large platform. Designed for large electric vehicles, it forms the basis for future cars in the D and E segments for the global markets. However, it is not a purely electric platform, which has a reason. This will be a pivotal year for the strictness of emissions regulations with […]

Yamaha acquires electric marine motor specialist Torqeedo

January 23, 2024

Japanese Yamaha Motors, a big name in marine engines – outboard and inboard – has fully acquired German electric outboard motor pioneer and world leader Torqeedo from Deutz. German ‘historic’ combustion engine manufacturer Deutz AG is more into burning hydrogen now, focusing on construction equipment and agricultural machinery, among others. It says in a press […]

CATL CEO: ‘Ultimately we’ll need tiny amounts of mined battery material’

January 23, 2024

“The growing demand for key materials can increasingly be met by technological advances, battery recycling, and global cooperation,” said Chinese battery giant CATL’s CEO Robin Zeng, attending the World Economic Forum annual meeting in Davos. “At the end of the day, when we achieve 100% electric cars, there will be a very tiny amount of […]

Green power with a roar: NamX HUV with hydrogen V8

January 19, 2024

The Afro-European start-up NamX has released more details about its first car, the HUV. It appears that the automaker is joining the league of combustion-engined hydrogen cars, as the driveline of HUV features a roaring V8. We didn’t see that one coming. All passenger cars on hydrogen today use a fuel cell to make the […]

Dieselgate: VW once again condemned by German justice

January 18, 2024

The administrative court of Schleswig-Holstein in Germany has once again declared that the update for diesel engines Volkswagen proposed in the aftermath of dieselgate is also illegal. The homologation by the official German car agency Kraftfahrt Bundesamt (KBA) is invalid. The German NGO Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH) has presented the update to the court and welcomes […]

Kia’s Platform Beyond Vehicle: Uber first to snap (update)

January 15, 2024

Kia has shown its vision of the future of mobility at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, with a modular ‘Platform Beyond Vehicle’ (PBV) that takes another stab at creating a continuously customizable vehicle. But this is no simple fantasy: the first model, the Kia PV5, will enter mass production in 2025. Kia’s Platform Beyond Vehicle […]

Dutch Qbuzz chooses Van Hool for another 112 e-city buses

January 15, 2024

After signing last year a contract with Qbuzz, a public transport operator in the Netherlands, to deliver 54 battery-electric buses of its latest type A battery-electric city bus, Belgian bus builder Van Hool may deliver another 112 before the end of this year. That’s a gift from the gods, as up to 65% of the […]

Honda starts from scratch with 0-Series electric concepts

January 11, 2024

Honda has decided to start again from a blank sheet of paper for its next-generation electric vehicles. The 0-Series concept cars, the Saloon and Space-Hub, represent this new approach with a light and nimble design to bring back the joy of driving in the EV era. We should be able to discover the results in […]

BYD’s YangWang U7 sedan another German premium challenger

January 11, 2024

Chinese BYD (Build Your Dreams) just unveiled on Weibo ‘out of the blue’ the new super sedan under its premium YangWang brand name, the U7, which is yet another challenger for German premium brands like Porsche, Mercedes, and BMW. Previously, only some European patent images of the sedan appeared, identified as ‘U6’. But apart from […]

Hyundai’s eVTOL concept ‘takes off’ at CES in Vegas

January 10, 2024

South Korean carmaker Hyundai unveiled in Vegas, at the start of the Consumer Electronics Show 2024, the second S-A2 concept of its four-passenger ‘flying taxi,’ an electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) vehicle. The real ‘take-off’ in the market will not be before 2028, as this one is on static display at the parking lot […]

Chinese Yanfeng shows EV’s Smart Seat of the future

January 09, 2024

Yanfeng, a Shanghai-based multinational automotive supplier specializing in interior components, has presented its vision of the EV interior of the future at CES 2024 in Las Vegas. The Smart Cabin Seat integrates most controls, entertainment, safety systems, and even climate control directly into the seat. Yanfeng claims this Smart Cabin Seat results from multiple studies […]

BMW shows digital car future at CES in Las Vegas

January 09, 2024

The in-car digital experience of both the present day and the future is the dominant theme of the BMW Group’s presence at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 in Las Vegas, U.S. New infotainment products for the current BMW model portfolio will be shown at the event. At the same time, the BMW Group is […]

BYD lays first stone of 30 GWh sodium-ion battery plant

January 08, 2024

China’s top-selling automaker has started constructing a factory for sodium-ion batteries in the Xuzhou region. The plant will be scaled up to produce 30 GWh annually, with packs primarily intended for use in scooters, motorcycles, and smaller vehicles. The factory collaborates with the Chinese tricycle brand HuaiHai through BYD’s subsidiary Findreams Battery. Both partners are […]

NanoFlowcell: flow batteries for 2.000 km electric range?

January 05, 2024

NanoFlowcell, a Swiss flow cell battery research company founded by Nunzio La Vecchia, promises 2 000 km of all-electric range for passenger vehicles thanks to flow batteries with an exceptionally high energy density. But a finished product still hasn’t come out, even after nearly ten years… NanoFlowcell was founded in 1996 and claims to have […]

Yamaha to set up e-bike battery swapping for Europe

January 04, 2024

Japanese two-wheeler specialist Yamaha Motor has created a new European daughter, Enyring GmbH, headquartered in Berlin (Germany), to offer swappable batteries for ‘compact urban electric vehicles’ via subscription-based services. With these vehicles ‘in the low-speed range,’ it means mainly e-bikes from ‘strategic partner companies’ using a compatible swappable battery. Enyring aims to start operations in […]

Hyundai files patent for pressurized solid-state battery

January 04, 2024

In the US, Hyundai has secured a patent for an all-solid-state EV battery system equipped with a ‘pressurizing device’ and significantly improved operating temperatures. The automaker describes the technology as enhancing stability and energy density while reducing production costs. Like most automakers, Hyundai considers solid-state packs as the next-generation battery technology. In October last year, […]

VW-backed up solid-state battery bears 500.000 km endurance test

January 04, 2024

Volkswagen is betting on American solid-state pioneer QuantumScape in the race for the ‘Holy Grail’ of EV batteries, and its European PowerCo daughter just proved their claim that batteries can last for over 500 000 kilometers without substantial degradation. QuantumScape delivered the first samples of its latest solid-state cells to several partners for in-depth testing […]

GCK and Motul convert 1976 Jeep Cherokee V8 to hydrogen

January 02, 2024

How do you make hydrogen more appealing to petrolheads? Perhaps outfitting a 1976 Jeep Cherokee Chief with a 6.2-liter V8 hydrogen combustion engine and some tasty modifications will allow you to have all the fun without any pollution. This is the French energy technology group GCK’s approach, together with motor oil specialist Motul. Consolidated in […]