Poppy announces European first with tele-driving rollout

June 06, 2024

In full transition to a mobility provider, D’Ieteren is taking a pioneering step by introducing tele-driving on Belgian roads. Partnering with Ush, the driverless vehicle arm of the company, and Poppy, Benelux’s largest car-share provider, operations are scheduled for later this year. The service must boost the efficiency and customer experience of car sharing. Ush […]

A first with self-driving shuttles at Terhills in Maasmechelen

May 30, 2024

At the Terhills tourist site in Dilsen-Stokkem and Maasmechelen in Limburg, five instead of two self-driving shuttles will now drive around to take tourists and guests there to the various hotspots. It is the first and, so far, only fully autonomous transport system in Europe, i.e., without a safety steward on board. The shuttles can […]

Colruyt experiments with self-driving tractor

May 17, 2024

Retail group Colruyt has launched an experiment with a self-driving tractor in Deinze (East Flanders). The vehicle will mow, spray, and transport fruit in an orchard. Self-driving tractors are already common in the US, but there is not yet a good legal framework in Europe. That’s why the experiment is organized on private property. The […]

Renault concentrates on public transportation for autonomous driving

May 15, 2024

Renault is adjusting its strategy toward autonomous vehicles. Regarding individual vehicles, Renault Group concentrates on the L2 or L2+ level for the moment. However, when it comes to public transportation, Renault Group sees the relevance of offering real autonomous vehicles. CTO Gilles Le Borgne said Renault Group would not aim for so-called SAE Level 3 […]

Georges Massing: ‘Autonomous driving will come, slowly but inevitably’

May 03, 2024

One of the speakers at the Automotive eMotion Summit organized by sector federation Febiac a few months ago was Georges Massing, who is working for Mercedes-Benz on autonomous driving and the integration of this in the car. Massing is Vice-President MB.OS Autonomous Driving and E/E Integration. In his contribution, Massing put great emphasis on safety. […]

Cruise reboots its autonomous driving program with… drivers

April 10, 2024

After an accident in San Francisco caused Cruise to suspend its operations with its robotaxi fleet nationwide, it announced that it would restart driving on public roads. However, GM’s subsidiary is straightening its back carefully, as this first batch of vehicles is equipped with a driver on board. Cruise has chosen Phoenix as the gateway […]

Elon Musk about axing affordable Tesla: ‘Reuters is lying’

April 08, 2024

Tesla was caught in a whirlwind last week when Reuters reported that the carmaker had axed the development of its affordable compact car. But after the news broke, CEO Elon Musk lashed back on his social media platform X: “Reuters is lying (again).” He countered by claiming his company would reveal its Robotaxi, based on […]

Q6 e-tron unveiled is Porsche Macan EV ‘made by Audi’

March 19, 2024

Audi has taken the wraps from the much-anticipated Q6 e-tron, poised to challenge the best-sellers with the cutting-edge architecture it shares with the Porsche Macan EV. The zero-emission model must mirror the success of its combustion-engined sibling, the globally acclaimed Q5. After a prototype reveal last year, Audi has released the full specs and final […]

Nissan wants to deploy autonomous Level 4 driving by 2027

March 11, 2024

Within three years from now, Japanese customers will enjoy the benefits of autonomously driving Nissan taxis in Japan. The automaker has been investigating self-driving cars in traffic since 2017 and has released a road map to make it happen. Nissan is taking a cautious approach to Robotaxi rides and wants to gather experience and customer […]

‘Simplified’ Apple Car projected into 2028

January 25, 2024

It has been over two years since we heard anything about Apple’s decade-long ‘Titan Project’ to launch its own fully autonomous electric car that wouldn’t even feature a steering wheel anymore. But that won’t happen, insiders told the Bloomberg news agency, as the new shift is to a somewhat ‘common’ EV with the driver still […]

Robotaxi company Cruise fires one fourth of its employees

December 18, 2023

GM daughter Cruise, a robotaxi company, is said to have fired one out of four employees. That’s approximately 900 people and 24% of all full-time equivalents (FTE). Most of these employees work in the non-technical part of the company. Last Thursday, an email explaining the decision was sent to all personnel members. Strange accident The […]

Tesla to update two million cars in massive recall over Autopilot

December 14, 2023

Tesla faces a setback in North America. The electric car manufacturer must initiate a recall of approximately two million vehicles in the US and Canada due to an increased risk of collision associated with its controversial ‘Autopilot’ driver assistance system. Following a two-year investigation, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) revealed that, under […]

Hyundai’s Ioniq 5 robotaxi will hit US roads from 2024

November 21, 2023

Hyundai and the American autonomous mobility company Motional have announced that the self-driving Ioniq 5 robotaxi will enter the US market next year. A fleet of vehicles has completed its test programs, and the production vehicles are undergoing final validation before entering the market in 2024. The Ioniq 5 robotaxi is a collaboration between Hyundai […]

No green light for self-driving car in Belgium

November 08, 2023

Cars that are highly ‘self-driving’ will not be allowed to drive on Belgian roads for now. Mobility Minister Georges Gilkinet (Ecolo) remains interested in self-driving cars, but there is still too much uncertainty regarding safety. Among others, his Flemish colleague Lydia Peeters, the French-speaking liberals MR, and the mobility organization Touring are unsatisfied with the […]

California revokes Cruise’s permit for driverless cars on public roads (update)

October 30, 2023

Cruise, the robotaxi subsidiary of General Motors, has lost its permit to deploy its self-driving cars in California with immediate effect. The decision from the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) follows after investigating a pedestrian accident. Waymo, the competitor to Cruises, can still operate paid driverless rides. To re-install public faith in self-driving technology, […]

Honda and GM to offer driverless taxi rides in Tokyo

October 19, 2023

General Motors and Honda are deepening their collaboration. Through its subsidiary for robotaxis, Cruise, both partners will start offering commercial driverless taxi rides in Tokyo as of early 2026, the first of its kind on the island. The news comes at a moment when the American Association for Highway Safety (NHTSA) started investigating pedestrian accidents […]

Task force ‘autonomous transport’ launched in Flanders

October 09, 2023

Flemish Mobility Minister Lydia Peeters (Open VLD) launched a ‘Flemish Task Force Autonomous Transport’, in view to coordinate and accelerate the development of autonomous transport in Flanders. “The aim of the task force is to lead the upswing of autonomous transport in Flanders and to support new pilot projects maximally,” says Peeters. “Autonomous mobility is […]

Cruise agrees to reduce fleet of robotaxis after series of bizarre incidents

August 21, 2023

Cruise, the daughter of General Motors specializing in autonomous vehicles, started offering a paid robotaxi service in San Francisco but now agreed to reduce its fleet by 50% while the California Department of Motor Vehicles (CDMV) is investigating some bizarre and dangerous incidents. Just a few days ago, after months of debate, California’s Public Utilities […]

MD ALD/LeasePlan Belgium: ‘Our world will be completely different in ten years’

August 02, 2023

In May of this year, vehicle lease company ALD Automotive announced that it had successfully acquired 100% of LeasePlan, one of the world’s leading fleet management and mobility companies. More than enough reasons for us to talk with Johan Portier, the new Country Managing Director of ALD Automotive/LeasePlan in Belgium. This transformative acquisition represented a […]

Driver convicted for deadly accident in Uber’s self-driving car

July 31, 2023

Five years after 49-year-old Elaine Herzberg was killed, hit by a Uber self-driving car in Tempe, Arizona, the human driver, Rafaela Vasquez, was convicted by a court and sentenced to three years of supervised probation without imprisonment. Eventually, Vasques pleaded guilty to endangerment, avoiding the prison she feared most. Initially, Vasquez was charged with ‘negligent […]

BMW inaugurates new automated driving test site in Czechia

July 27, 2023

BMW has launched a new test site for highly automated driving up to level 4 and self-parking in Sokolov, in the former mining region of Karlovarský in Czechia. The ‘Future Mobility Development Center’ (FMDC) was built on 600 hectares of a former surface mine site with 2.2 million cubic meters of recycled soil previously excavated. The […]

Ford’s BlueCruise first to allow full speed hands-free driving in UK

July 24, 2023

Ford has managed to become the first car manufacturer to launch hands-free semi-autonomous highway driving at full speed in Europe, with the introduction of BlueCruise on the UK Mustang Mach-E. 95% of British highways are covered in the so-called ‘Blue Zones’, but the functionality doesn’t come for free. UK owners of a MY23 Ford Mustang […]

VW to test autonomous ID. Buzz

July 10, 2023

VW plans to put self-driving cars on the streets of Austin, the capital of Texas, later this month. It is the first time that the company is tackling such a project in the USA. A total of ten units of the VW ID. Buzz with autonomous driving technology will be deployed. Tests in Germany are […]

Brussels gets driverless metro trains in 2026

June 07, 2023

According to several French-language newspapers, the Brussels Region will automate its metro network. These ‘driverless’ trains have been discussed for about a decade, but now the goals are becoming more concrete: the first route to run without a human driver will be line 5 Ceria-Erasmus in the summer of 2026. Eventually, all metros should run […]

Uber to deploy robotaxis together with Waymo

May 25, 2023

Ridesharing company Uber is going to offer robotaxis in the US. Uber’s partner is Waymo, a subdivision of the Alphabet group, Google’s parent company. An initial collaboration is scheduled for later this year in Phoenix City. The exact number of self-driving taxis remains undisclosed. The association surprises as the two companies were entangled in a […]

Mercedes VAN.EA to increase e-van sales to 50%

May 19, 2023

Mercedes has unveiled its new VAN.EA architecture. The modular underpinnings can house a variety of van models, from medium to large, and must significantly boost electrifying its utility department. The first models on the new platform are expected in 2026. The VAN.EA platform, which will be produced in sites all over the world from Mercedes, […]

Edinburgh gets UK’s first autonomous bus service

May 12, 2023

A route with self-driving buses from Stagecoach, UK’s largest bus and coach operator, will start operating in Edinburgh next week, a first in the UK. However, a driver will always be on board to monitor things and take back control of the bus in an emergency. This is also required by UK law. The project, […]

Belgian first: shuttles at Terhills Resort now fully autonomous

April 21, 2023

The self-driving shuttles riding around on the domain of the Terhills Resort in Maasmechelen are now completely autonomous. The presence of a safety steward is no longer needed. The shuttle project is unique in Belgium and exceptional in Europe. The vehicles were officially introduced in May last year in the presence of the Flemish Ministers […]

Automotic charging gets more real with Chinese Naas charging bot

March 31, 2023

Carmakers and suppliers are looking into several innovations to meet the growing demand for convenient and more accessible charging infrastructure. For example, Chinese charging service provider NaaS is joining the likes of Volkswagen and announcing the development – and launch – of a self-developed automatic mobile charging robot. The compact robot on wheels, looking for […]

Tesla pulls back on full self-driving, gears up for Investor Day

February 28, 2023

Some buzz ahead of Investor Day, a keynote held by Tesla CEO Elon Musk on the 1st of March 2023, has American media reporting on a cheap electric model and maybe even a hydrogen version. That’s quite a U-turn for Musk, who depicted fuel cells in the past as ‘fool cells’ because of their lack […]

Schiphol Airport tests self-riding wheelchair service

February 23, 2023

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and Axxicom Airport Caddy are launching an experiment with self-riding wheelchairs this week. The wheelchairs, equipped with smart technology from WHILL Autonomous Mobility, are already being used successfully at major airports such as Tokyo International Airport in Japan. The wheelchair service should improve customer satisfaction and contribute to Schiphol’s objective to make […]

Tesla forced to recall 360.000 cars over faulty self-driving software

February 17, 2023

After identifying malfunctions in its driver assistance software, Tesla was forced to recall 362 758 cars in the United States. Models equipped with the Level 2 software of Full Self-Driving (FSD) can act in a potentially dangerous manner at intersections. In Europe, Tesla only tests FSD in the company cars of its staff. According to […]

Audi ActiveSphere Concept takes autonomous driving offroad

January 27, 2023

Is this future of its Sportback models? Audi has unveiled the fourth iteration of its concept series Sphere. The ActiveSphere is the most adventurous of all, taking the previously featured functions of lounging whilst driving… offroad. “This is a new type of crossover”, says Chief Designer Gael Buzyn. After the roadster Skysphere, the sedan Grandsphere […]

Colruyt tests Estonian delivery robot on Belgian roads (update)

January 25, 2023

On Tuesday, the Colruyt Clevon delivery robot, on test since November last year, has delivered for the first time groceries to a client, 26-year-old Ellen Cools, who lives on the trajectory between the distribution center and the Collect & Go pickup point in Londerzeel. Colruyt has found thirty clients living along the route the robot […]

Carrefour starts robot delivery pilot in Belgium

January 17, 2023

After Colruyt started experimenting with an Estonian delivery robot in November, French supermarket chain Carrefour is setting up a pilot in the business park Corporate Village in Zaventem near Brussels with a Turkish-branded autonomous robot. After the first test panel of twenty people, everybody in the Corporate Village will be able, starting next week, to […]

Mercedes gets approval for Level 3 autonomous driving in US

January 10, 2023

German carmaker Mercedes-Benz is the first to get official approval for SAE Level 3 autonomous driving in the US, with Nevada taking the lead and California following, most likely soon. The latter was confirmed by the carmaker at CES in Las Vegas last week. It’s the first manufacturer to accomplish this government approval, beating Tesla […]

Italdesign envisions with Schindler autonomous shuttle-elevator

January 09, 2023

VW’s design and engineering studio Italdesign has explored the boundaries of autonomous shuttles roaming around future cities. It envisioned, together with Swiss Schindler integrating them into buildings as an elevator capsule. The Climb-E can pick you up on the 30th floor of your apartment building and, once on the street level, drive you to any […]

Inception Concept: this is your electric Peugeot in 2025

January 06, 2023

The Peugeot Inception Concept looks like a wild idea on wheels, born to grab attention, but underneath its razor-edged surface sits a guideline for the future EVs of the French brand. Peugeot’s planned entry into the US was ditched a few years ago. With no current models on offer over the Atlantic Ocean, it came […]

Turning the car’s entire bumper into 4D imaging radars

January 04, 2023

At the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas, French automotive supplier Plastic Omnium and French deep-tech startup Greenwave are showing a revolutionary way of integrating radar sensors into the entire surface of the car’s bumpers to catch a high-resolution image of its surroundings. The companies claim that far more information can be gathered by […]

700 km range and faster charging for VW’s MEB+ platform

December 09, 2022

Volkswagen has released more details on the next generation of the MEB architecture, adding a plus to its name. The company confirms earlier claims that a range of up to 700 kilometers will be possible while DC charging rises to a peak of 200 kW, further shortening the waiting times. The Volkswagen Group builds twelve […]

VW sends Trinity flagship back to the drawing board

December 06, 2022

A new boss comes with a new set of laws. With Oliver Blume now in charge of the Volkswagen Group, his management team has sent the prestigious Trinity model back to the drawing board. But unfortunately, they weren’t happy with the original design proposal. As a flagship model, the Trinity was supposed to hit the […]

Swedish Einride launches in Benelux with e-trucks for AB InBev

December 01, 2022

With a picture of its driverless sci-fi-like electric truck or T-Pod, ‘shot or conveniently Photoshoped (?)’, in front of the iconic Antwerp Port Authority building, the Swedish Einride has announced its official launch in the Benelux. Einride will deliver six fully electric trucks to Belgian beer brewer Ab InBev, which pledges to replace all its […]

Alstom preps Lineas shunting locomotive to drive fully autonomous

November 30, 2022

A locomotive of Belgian rail freight company Lineas carried out a demo run in the Netherlands fully autonomously on Tuesday. In the process, the locomotive also encountered obstacles on the rails, reports Alstom, which is developing the technology. The demonstration, which took place near Breda, concludes a series of tests that are part of a […]

Seoul starts pilot with driverless bus

November 28, 2022

As of last Friday, Seoul’s citizens can ride in an autonomous driving bus. The first self-driving shuttle was inaugurated and must help people take the threshold and build faith in the technology. The bus runs a 3,4-kilometer-long loop through South Korea’s capital, which lasts around 20 minutes. Travelers can embark on one of the two […]

Zeekr and Waymo showcase their robotaxi

November 22, 2022

Geely’s luxury brand Zeekr has launched a platform for autonomous driving vehicles. Dubbed SEA-M, the carmaker presented it on a robotaxi, the M-Vision. Google’s subsidiary Waymo is the first customer. The unveiling of the car, and the architecture, follows a previous announcement from Google and Geely unveiling their collaboration on developing an all-electric ride-hailing vehicle […]

Davinci DC 100: electric self-leveling street bike that’s also a robot

November 14, 2022

The DC 100 looks the part and certainly isn’t an electric motorbike like the ones we’ve seen so far. This ultra-fast and ultra-luxury street bike has more than speed and looks but also robotic abilities that make it self-leveling and self-riding. Davinci unveiled the DC 100 at EICMA, the global motorbike show in Milan. It […]

Swedish Einride’s 2nd generation driver-less truck goes cross-border

November 07, 2022

Einride, the Swedish autonomous electric truck or ‘pod’ with the looks of a Star Wars Storm Trooper, has a second-generation, larger sibling: the ‘Gen 2’. It’s missing a driver’s cabin because it can handle most things on the road on its own, and a safety driver is sitting elsewhere behind computer screens overlooking the fleet, […]

Hasselt’s self-riding shuttle experiment discontinued after crash

November 04, 2022

Hardly three weeks after its launch, the self-riding shuttle in Hasselt has been removed from public grounds. The autonomous shuttle did not always react as it should and was considered too dangerous for public use. Three weeks ago, the city of Hasselt (Limburg, Belgium) proudly announced the introduction of a self-driving shuttle, seating seven passengers […]

European first: Hasselt tech campus rolls out self-driving e-scooters

October 25, 2022

Corda Campus, the Belgian tech campus in Hasselt (Limburg), comes with a ‘European scoop’: a Chinese self-driving e-scooter will pick up passengers on the campus, let them drive to their destination, and then returns fully autonomous to one of the five charging stations within the site. The vehicle is the Chinese Segway Ninebot Kickscooter T60, […]

Twice as good: new lidar sensor from Ouster

October 24, 2022

The American tech firm Ouster has released its latest generation lidar sensor, which is anticipated to boost the research and development of autonomous driving vehicles. Due to the new ‘breakthrough’ L3 chip, the REV7 lidar reaches 400 meters — double the distance of its predecessor, the L2. As one of the leading players in the […]

VW invests €2,4 billion with Chinese Horizon in autonomous driving

October 14, 2022

Through its software branch, Cariad, Volkswagen will invest €2,4 billion in a joint venture with Horizon Robotics to develop autonomous driving technology. Because of intensive urbanization, China is regarded as one of the main instigators of autonomous driving vehicles. Beijing-based firm for self-driving technology Horizon announced during the summer that it was looking for fresh […]

Hasselt to launch autonomous shuttle experiment

October 13, 2022

The city of Hasselt (Limburg) is planning an experiment with a self-driving shuttle. The project is intended to try out an autonomous connection between the parking of the Trixxo Arena and the PXL academy campus. It’s the second similar project (after Mechelen) on public territory in Flanders. The shuttle will be available for one month […]

Gen.Travel: VW’s view on the ultimate self-driving car

September 23, 2022

On Friday, Volkswagen is showing for the first time its Gen.Travel design study at the Chantilly Arts & Elegance in France. Imagine a fully level-5 self-driving prototype with a modular interior as an alternative for short-haul flights where you can sleep, hold your business meetings or watch movies while the car drives, alone or platooning […]

XPeng seeks new breath with record-charging G9

September 23, 2022

With the launch of the G9, Chinese EV maker XPeng is trying to make up for a difficult year. The detailed specifications unveil a high-end SUV with a charging capability that dethrones the Porsche Taycan as the fastest in the world. In August, XPeng Motors showcased a new 480 kW ultra-fast supercharger so that, in […]

Tesla raises the price of Full Self Driving by 25%

August 23, 2022

In North America, Tesla is again raising the price of its Full Self Driving service (FSD), a feature making it possible for its cars to perform semi-autonomous driving. It is the second price hike this year and the add-on, which customers can buy retrograde, now costs five times more than at launch. Until September 5th, […]

Avatr 11 launched: first car with a lot of Huawei technology

August 11, 2022

The first product from the cooperation between three major Chinese industrial groups (CATL, Huawei, and Changan) is a reality. The Avatr brand has drawn the curtain on its first production model, the Avatr 11, primarily intended to attract a premium audience. This all-electric SUV model not only looks futuristic but also has a lot of […]

Bosch invests €3 billion in semiconductors

July 14, 2022

The world’s largest car industry supplier, the German Bosch Group, has announced it will invest €3 billion in semiconductors between now and 2026. It is encouraged by the recently emitted European ambitions to secure Europe’s autonomy in the field. “We are preparing ourselves for an ever-increasing demand for chips,” said Bosch CEO Stefan Hartung on […]

A Chinese EV powered solely by solar panels?

July 14, 2022

Can an electric vehicle (EV) be powered solely by solar energy in the form of carried-on solar panels? The results of a Chinese team of 42 companies and three universities joining forces may show that it’s possible. A team from Tianjin has developed an EV – called the ‘Tianjin’– that is powered entirely by solar […]

Turkish Karsan e-ATAK first autonomous midibus on European roads

July 11, 2022

For a few weeks now, an e-ATAK eight-meter-long midibus of Turkish light commercial vehicle builder and bus manufacturer Karsan has been running autonomously on a daily service from Stavanger’s bus operator Kolumbus in Norway. It’s equipped with autonomous Level 4 driving hardware and software supplied by Californian company Adastec and is claimed to be the […]

Cruise robotaxi crashes day after official ride-hailing permit

July 08, 2022

Just one day after Cruise was granted an official license for commercial autonomous taxi rides, one of its robocars got involved in an accident injuring multiple passengers. The crash is under investigation. According to reports, a robotaxi from Cruise took a left turn on the 3rd of June at a junction in San Francisco but […]