How to change your password?

When a generic password was given to you or you want to change your password at any time, you can do this at My Account. Log in with your old password to be able to choose a new one. In case you forgot your old password, use the link ‘Forgot password?’


How to use your coupon?

If you have a coupon, offered to you by your company or organization, you can have a major discount on the subscription fee or even have it for free, depending on the value of the coupon. The number of coupons can be limited by the subscription. Find out here how to use your coupon.


How to link your to your subscription?

You can download the free apps for iOS and Android and link your subscription to the app, so you have full access to all content. Find out here how to link it.



How to use your corporate subscription?

If your company or organization has a corporate subscription, all members can register using their official company or organization email address. Find out here how to register.



For admins only: Admin Help