New mobility start-up MyMove seduces several investors

D’Ieteren, Ginion Group, Valckenier, and finance& have joined forces and resources to promote new mobility trends via the D’Ieteren Lab Box scale-up MyMove. They want to make car-sharing (inside or outside organizations or companies) more accessible and popular internationally.

The car business is moving fast forward, as is mobility in general. New trends like ride-hailing, car-sharing, or subscription formulas change the way consumers see cars and shift from car possession to simple car use. A McKinsey study shows that the mobility habits of consumers are changing: in 2030, one out of ten sold cars will probably be a shared one (representing some 5 million cars per year worldwide).


A start-up like MyMove, part of D’Ieteren’s Lab Box incubator since 2019, has raised €3,2 million from different interested parties to further develop its range of products. MyMove is a SaaS (Sharing as a Service) solution that wants to tackle the operational challenges linked to vehicle sharing.

MyMove capacitates car renting companies, car dealers, car fleets, and mobility organizations in offering an end-to-end digital car share to their customers. The investing parties are D’ieteren itself, the Ginion Group, and Valckenier. Additional support comes from finance&

“That we were able to attract three of the most important car companies in Belgium for this project is a clear signal that the market is evolving in our direction,” says Guy-Louis de le Vingne, CEO of MyMove. “We are happy to have their expertise to have cars driving more and further instead of having them immobilized on a parking lot. We aim to provide an additional income to the car owners while at the same time offering new mobility means to people living in the same neighborhood.”

Same vision

Via Lab Box, the D’ieteren Group is interested in what MyMove wants to realize. The group seeks to become the first choice for mobility on all levels, and supporting MyMove is an integral part of this. “We are proud to support MyMove’s active role for a sustainable switch from car possession to car sharing,” says Michael Grandfils, CEO of Lab Box. “The venue of new shareholders and their expertise is an additional trump card.”

Ginion Group has recently separated itself from most of its dealer activities to concentrate on mobility and energy solutions in general. “We are happy to gear up our mobility activities,” says Stéphane Sertang, CEO at Ginion Group. “We have to act now to secure our way of life and mobility. With clever management of our car park, we can pursue our current mobility habits and at the same time take care of our environment.”

Valckenier is a car dealer group (Renault) with almost 55 years of experience in the automotive sector and tries to integrate a broad offer of innovative mobility solutions in its daily activities. “The car sector is changing rapidly, and Valckenier wants to play an important role in this change,” says CEO Guy Valckenier. “Years ago, we were already investing in renting and sharing to support this shift from car ownership to easy use. We are persuaded that this transition will persevere, and investing in MyMove is how we want to contribute to it, together with other investors who share the same vision.”

The joint action has also been supported by finance& “because it wants to facilitate investments leading to an economic transition for the Brussels region and participating in the socio-economical dynamics of the capital, says Pierre Hermant, President of the managing board at finance& “All sustainable ideas and concepts for the mobility of the future have to be potentially supported. MyMove fits perfectly in this scheme.”




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