‘42% of Flemings annoyed by their partner’s driving behavior’

Four out of ten Flemish citizens – 42%, to be specific – get annoyed about the driving behavior of their partner. One-third of them (32%) even say they sometimes quarrel about it. Women are more easily irritated (46%) about the driving behavior of their partner than men; men don’t mind that much (37%).

The figures come from a survey ordered by Deals.be and conducted by Panelinzicht, in which 1 011 Flemish citizens with a ‘steady relationship’ participated.

Tempering effect

At least 40% of interviewees get annoyed about the well-intended advice of their partner. To avoid it, they usually drive more carefully in the presence of their beloved ones.

The presence of their partner has a more tempering effect on men (42%) than on women (28%). However, men admit to behaving more courteously in traffic when their wife or girlfriend is on board.


Even though many respondents admit driving more carefully when their partner rides along, 10% of the latter prefer not to get in when their sweetheart sits at the wheel.

According to the survey, one-third of respondents try to avoid complicated maneuvers in the presence of their partner. Especially youngsters don’t like someone breathing down on their neck. After some years of driving experience, they care less about the company of their partner when maneuvering.



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