‘De Lijn’s 50-ride card better meets commuter’s expectations’

Corona has turned the world upside down. Many people work from home and will probably keep doing so in the future. Others are still commuting but not necessarily daily. Our moving behavior has become more flexible.

Public transport company De Lijn wants to meet the changing expectations of its customers. That is why it temporarily launches a 50-ride card. This new kind of ticket better meets the wishes of the present-day commuter.

More flexibility

“There’s an increasing demand for flexibility in our daily mobility,” Flemish Minister for Mobility explains. “People want a more flexible subscription formula. The 50-ride card, therefore, better meets the actual commuter’s expectations.” De Lijn says the new 50-ride ticket is easy, affordable, and flexible.

“It is the best option for people commuting twice a week,” De Lijn explains. “The ticket is valid for three months and costs 75 euros, which is more affordable than 50 separate rides (€85). And on top of that, the formula is flexible because the user can choose whenever he wants to travel.”

The new ticket is available in De Lijn shops, vending machines, on the website, or via De Lijn’s app. In addition, users can choose between a digital 50-ride card or an electronic card.



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