Flanders scrabbles up €2,1 million for sustainable commuting

Commuting has to become more sustainable. That is why Flemish Minister of Mobility, Lydia Peeters (Open Vld), reserves 2,1 million euros to support companies and organizations that are making commuting more sustainable.

The money is intended to support projects and initiatives that are ‘greening’ transport between people’s workplaces and public transport because all too often, the last mile pushes people back to their car.

‘Commuting Fund’

Projects reducing the number of car trips for commuting can qualify for the subsidy. “Our goal is to encourage companies to submit projects,” Minister Peeters explains. “And we also want to encourage innovating, bicycle-promoting initiatives, like an app for the use of shared bikes or a locker system for bikes.”

Peeters’ call for action fits in the so-called ‘Commuting Fund’ (Pendelfonds) to support companies, organizations, and local authorities that are launching sustainable alternatives to the car.


The subsidy amounts to half the costs of the investment and is limited to a maximum of 200 000 euros. However, the budget increases depending on the number of organizations/companies submitting the project.

The Pendelfonds is an initiative of the Mobility Department of the Flemish government, and it subsidizes sustainable commuting. It was launched to push people to alternative transport for commuting.


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