T&E: ‘Enough raw materials to build 14 million BEVs by 2023’

After contradicting that there won’t be enough charging infrastructure for all new electric cars to be built, the Brussels-based environmental NGO, Transport & Environment (T&E), wants to shatter another myth: the shortage of raw materials for batteries.

A T&E study into the short-term availability of raw materials claims there is enough lithium and nickel for batteries for 14 million BEVs worldwide by 2023. By 2026, this could be 19 million. T&E contradicts what many call a problem exacerbated by sanctions on Russian nickel.

Shifting to EVs to punish Putin

“The best way for Europe to punish the Putin regime for his illegal war on Ukraine is to shift to electric vehicles, says T&E. In stark contrast to oil, nickel, and lithium – crucial metals for the manufacture of EV batteries – are overwhelmingly mined in democratic countries,” T&E says in its press release.

According to the NGO, Europe must speed up alliances with resources-rich Australia, Indonesia, Canada, and Chile and begin discussions with mining companies. It proposes to set up “a dedicated authority to ensure the security of the supply of sustainably sourced critical metals.”

There are concerns about soaring prices, inducted by the Covid-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine. T&E is convinced that this is not to last. “Mining and recycling companies are already reacting to high prices by announcing expansions, which should lead to prices stabilizing in the next few years.”



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