Mobilize goes for 20% of Renault Group turnover in 2030

On ‘Mobilize Day’, the Mobilize department has shown its ambitions in services and technology inside the Renault Group. Its target is 20% of the total turnover of the Group by 2030. At the same time, Renault’s RCI Bank and Services become Mobilize Financial Services.

At the start of the day, Renault CEO Luca de Meo pointed out that Mobilize is a major building site at Renault as a new generation automotive company. He emphasized the gap between usage and cost of a car (90% of the time it’s just standing there) and the fast value decrease (some 50% in three years), while it also has a considerable environmental impact.

“So a revolution is needed, and that’s why we launch a new brand from scratch,” de Meo added. “Mobilize will build purposeful vehicles, and they will be built by dedicated engineering and design teams. Soon, there will be a pivot toward new mobility, and Mobilize will aim for 20% of the Group’s turnover in 2030, with a double-digit margin.”


“Owning a car has no social status anymore,” says Clothilde Delbos, CEO of Mobilize, “we are evolving from ownership to usage.” As a brand, Mobilize will have three types of targets: the individual buyer and small/medium fleets, people mobility operators, and the growing last-mile delivery sector.

“Mobilize’s business model is VaaS,” adds Delbos. “Vehicle as a Service. It will be a platform for services as we move into generations with a different approach to mobility. Mobilize sells services, not vehicles. We offer an integrated software ecosystem and a panoply of services, from financing to insuring, energy, and maintenance. As a result, the car becomes a service platform enabling it to triple its turnover through its entire lifecycle.”

Fedra Ribeiro, COO of Mobilize, points out the fact that Mobilize will introduce a new kind of financial implementation in the mobility business. Where in the light of electrification, there is now a lot of talking about TCO, the total cost of ownership; the next thing will be TCU, the total cost of use.

Four models in the pipeline

At the IAA last September in Munich, Mobilize already presented its first product, the Limo. It’s an electric four-door sedan reserved for taxis and other driven services and medical transport. It was developed as a joint venture between Renault Group and the Chinese Jiangling Motors Group and is fully electric.

The Duo is the second model from the Mobilize brand, appearing in the second half of next year. One could call it the successor of the Twizy; it’s an electric two-seater, but this time the passengers sit next to each other in a closed cockpit (Citro├źn Ami-wise). It’s extremely fit for urban transport.

That’s why there will also be the Bento, the cargo version of the Duo. It has only one seat for the driver but also a 1 m3 cargo space. And for the bigger needs of last-mile delivery, there will finally be the Hippo (in 2026), a new concept of a van with interchangeable modules and a 3 m3 cargo area.

These urban vehicles will all be made out of 50% recycled materials and will also be recyclable for 95%, batteries included. Of course, they are all-electric and use a common platform and technological layout.

The Duo is the first Mobilize product to come.
The Bento is the cargo version of the Duo.
In 2026, Mobilize will offer a totally new, very flexible van for last-mile delivery, the Hippo.


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