VinFast gets more detailed about its European offer

The Vietnamese car manufacturer VinFast has published more technical specifications and price details of the VF 8 and VF 9 SUV models to be sold soon. There are also prices and details on battery rental in the firstly targeted European markets: Germany, France, and the Netherlands.

The VF 8 is available for €43 900 plus a monthly battery lease of €120. The seriously bigger VF 9 starts at €58 600 plus a monthly battery lease of €150. The basic prices mentioned apply to ‘Battery Version 1’ for both models. There’s also a ‘Battery Version 2’ that is €300 more expensive in the VF 8 and €450 more costly in the VF 9.

Two battery versions

In the VF 8, the ‘battery version 1’  has a usable energy content of 82 kWh. Depending on the equipment, this results in 400 to 420 kilometers. The ‘battery version 2’ is specified with 87,8 kWh for 447-471 kilometers. The different range also results from the power: the basic ‘Eco’ model is specified with 260 kW, and the VF 8 ‘Plus’ has 300 kW. In addition, the Eco model is on 19-inch rims, and the Plus is on 20-inch.

In the larger VF 9, the two battery options are substantially bigger. The ‘battery version 1’ has an energy content of 92 kWh, resulting in 423-438 kilometers of range, according to WLTP. On the other hand, the VF 9 with ‘battery version 2’ has the highest range of all VinFasts, with a WLTP value between 580 and 594 kilometers.

This is made possible by a vast 123 kWh battery pack. Both versions of the VF 9 produce 300 kW of power. The difference in range is due to the weight of the different equipment and aerodynamics, such as the type and size of the rims.

Fixed  or flexible battery tariff

Another new feature is that the monthly rate mentioned for the battery corresponds to the ‘fixed’ rate, which includes unlimited mileage. In addition, there will be the so-called ‘Flexible’ tariff for customers who drive less than 500 kilometers per month, but detailed price information is not yet available.

However, battery rental will not remain compulsory. As VinFast announces, there will be an option to buy the battery from 2024 onward. It is unknown how much the vehicles will cost, including the battery. What VinFast already provides is an estimate of sales. According to the manufacturer, battery purchase and battery rental will account for around 50% of sales.

In addition, VinFast is introducing the Smart Driving package, which is supposed to offer customers a safe and relaxed driving experience on every journey. In Europe, this Smart Driving package costs €7 250 at the purchase of the vehicle or €150 monthly (VAT included).


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