Brussels museum Autoworld has a new president

Wednesday, a new president for the board was elected at the Autoworld museum in Brussels. Ex-Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt, now still a member of the European Parliament, has accepted to succeed to another well-known Open-Vld politician, Herman De Croo, who has been heading the museum for 36 years.

The entire Autoworld team is very grateful toward its former president and has thanked him with a great commemoration plaquette and with the renaming of the evenemental Mezzanine into ‘Herman De Croo Plaza’.

36 years of relentless action

If the Autoworld museum exists and functions as it does now, it’s undoubtedly due to the efforts of the former┬á (now honorary) president Herman De Croo (85). As a politician, he has been in the Parliament for over 40 years, has been president of it, has been the mayor of Brakel, has been a Minister in Belgian federal governments, etc.

As the founder and president of Autoworld, De Croo was an ever-present and relentless fighter for ‘his’ museum. During his long presidency, he reckoned he had been more than 1 500 times present in the magnificent old ‘Palais’ at the Cinquentenaire in Brussels to attend meetings, open shows, and witness society events.

When there was talk of Autoworld, he found himself always repeating the same phrase: “At Autoworld, we cherish the past to embrace the future.” Without his enthusiasm and perseverance, Autoworld wouldn’t have become what it is now and what it will become in the future, one of the significant automotive museums in Europe.

Car lover at the helm

With Guy Verhofstadt (69) it’s not only another important Belgian politician that is taking over; he’s also been a passionate car lover from the beginning. He has a small collection of vintage cars, which he races from time to time. His ultimate love seems to be Italy (Tuscany, in particular) and the magnificent cars created under the Italian sun over the decades.

Autoworld is facing some crucial years. The board is working on an ‘Autoworld 3.0’, a museum where the past and the future are combined and flow in each other fluently, to appeal to visitors of all kinds, interests, and nationalities.

There will be a lot to do to achieve this. A lot of money will also be needed to realize this wildest of dreams, so Autoworld will need a president ready to go for it. With someone like Guy Verhofstadt, the chances to achieve this goal are at their best.



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