Porsche electrifies its Cayman

At the IAA 2021, Porsche lifted the curtain on the Mission R, the electric version of the Cayman. Today, the South German sports car manufacturer indicates which direction the electrically powered coupé will take, as Porsche shows the first prototype with stunning specifications.

The Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 ePerformance is the base for this concept car that features a 100% electric drive. The chassis is based on the Cayman GT4, but over 6 000 parts have been modified, including a 14 cm increase in the width of the electric car.

More than 1000 bhp

The drivetrain is taken over from the Mission R concept car. This means four-wheel drive using two engines that can produce up to 1088 hp at peak power. In regular racing mode, the car produces 612 hp for 30 minutes (not coincidentally the length of a sprint race in the Carrera brand cup).

One of the challenges of making so much power usable is the efficient cooling of the engines and the battery. Porsche opted for oil cooling (because oil allows a faster heat exchange than water) and had to revise the classic air intakes (and the corresponding aerodynamics) because the very hot components are in other places than in a classic ICE motorized sports car.

Technology limits weight

As in the existing Taycan, Porsche has opted for a high-voltage system, in this case, 900 Volts. The choice of a high voltage offers plenty of opportunities, particularly faster-charging performance. When the charging infrastructure is performant, the battery can be recharged from 5 to 80% in just 15 minutes.

This lithium ion battery offers a capacity of 80 kWh. In addition to faster-charging modes, the high voltage also offers advantages in terms of weight because when a lot of power is combined with a higher voltage, the amperage (Amps) can drop.

Lower amperages also allow thinner cables, which is a significant weight saving in the case of an electric (sports) car. For now, Porsche is keeping its lips sealed about the mass of this prototype. Keeping the weight under control will be one of the main challenges. The clever weight distribution is the critical element to which the current 718 range owes its refined driving characteristics.


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