Lancia starts renaissance with three new models

Lancia is resurrecting. It starts its ‘ten-year plan’, which will begin in 2024 with the new Lancia Ypsilon. In 2026, the new flagship is supposed to arrive, 4,6 meters long, which will allow the brand to enter the largest segment in Europe. 2028 will be the year of the new 4,4 meters long ‘Delta’, a sculpted and muscular car, with geometric lines, aimed at car enthusiasts throughout Europe.

“Today is an important day,” declared Luca Napolitano, CEO of Lancia brand, “Lancia is now ready for Europe, taking the first step to become a credible and respected brand in the premium segment. Our ten-year plan, approved last September, is now taking shape, step by step.”

“We are the Italian Elegance brand, and this is our Renaissance. Innovation and timeless Design have always been our core values. To these, we want to add sustainability, customer centricity, and responsibility because we look to the future with great ambition.”

These three new models will cover 50% of the market. They will have the duty to contribute to the improvement of Stellantis’s performance in its premium and luxury cluster, as laid out in the “Dare Forward 2030” Stellantis strategic plan, the press release further comments.

Electric and sustainable

The ten-year plan has a clear electrification strategy; from 2026, the brand will only launch 100% electric models, and from 2028 will solely sell 100% electric models. Great attention to the electrification process, but not only.

In addition, wide use of innovative materials will make Lancia the Stellantis brand with the highest percentage of recycled material, with 50% of touchable surfaces made from eco-sustainable materials to contribute to building a better world for future generations.

Lancia customers will be welcomed inside the new vehicles in a typical Italian elegance style. Inspired by the exclusive materials of its past iconic cars, like the Gamma, Thema, and Flavia, the next-generation Lancia vehicles will provide a comfortable environment with simple and intuitive onboard technology, in line with its DNA.

The S.A.L.A., Sound Air Light Augmented (sala in Italian means living room), will be a minimalist and intelligent virtual interface which will give the customer total control of the vehicle’s cabin from the sound system to the air conditioning and lighting, with the use of a single button.

Ready to go abroad again

From today, Lancia is now ready for Europe again, with the appointment of five brand managers in Europe. They are Paola Pichierri for France; Niccolò Biagioli for Germany; Francesco Colonnese for Spain; Patrice Duclos for Belgium and Luxembourg; Patrick Zegwaard for The Netherlands.

All are colleagues of Raffaele Russo, reconfirmed for Italy. Roberta Zerbi will cover the role of commercial coordinator of the countries in her role as Head of Lancia Brand for the Enlarged Europe region.

Three criteria led to the selection of the countries. The first is love and passion for “Made in Italy”, with Spain, Belgium, and France leading the way. The second is the relevance of online sales, with the Netherlands and Germany in pole position.

The third is the dimension of the B premium segment, with all these countries ranking in the top five.
These five countries represent the first step in the brand’s internationalization process, which will be present in Europe in 60 major cities with a network of 100 dealerships and 50% of sales online.


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