Fastned’s biggest Belgian charging station operational in Brecht

Dutch fast charging provider Fastned opened its biggest charging station in Belgium last week, on the E19 highway in Brecht, somewhat halfway between Antwerp and Breda. It allows eight cars to charge simultaneously at 300 kW chargers.

The station is implanted at the existing parking, just before the exit Brecht, in the direction of Breda. It’s complementary to the Fastned station Hazeldonk, some 25 km further across the border of the Netherlands. Later in autumn, at the Brecht station, Fastned will open its first coffee and snack shop in Belgium.

13 operational in Flanders

With the latest opening, the Dutch charging provider has 13 stations operational in Flanders and 22 others under construction. The Flemish road and traffic agency, Agentschap Wegen en Verkeer (AWV), owning several parking spaces along the highways, has made several locations available to construct charging stations with support of the European BENEFIC project.

In the framework of this project, Flanders and Brussels are to install 110 charging installations with 1,7 million euros of support. It concerns 101 charging stations and nine shore power installations that must be ready by September 2022.

Doubling revenue, yet not profitable

According to its financial report published in March 2022, Fastned managed to double its revenue related to EV charging in 2021 to €12,4 million, +98% compared to the year before. But that doesn’t mean profitability yet. The net loss was still €24,6 million. The yearly report shows that the focus is still on expanding rapidly throughout Europe.

Last year, Fastned opened 57 additional charging stations (+44%) in 44 new locations, bringing the total of operational stations to 188 in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, the UK, and Switzerland. Beginning of this month, Fastned opened its first station in the British capital, in the London Borough of Greenwich, the 11th station nationwide.

Despite corona, the market for BEVs continued to grow to record highs in Europe, with them being 20% of new sales in the Netherlands and 14% in Germany, for instance. In Belgium, according to figures from Febiac quoted by Fastned, a record number of 23 000 electric cars were added to the existing Belgian fleet.


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