Flanders beefs up subsidies for electric and hydrogen trucks

Flanders is beefing up the subsidies for investments in sustainable trucks for heavy transport and buses. For hydrogen trucks, the subsidies even double. “The government wants to support the sustainable transition,” explained the Flemish Minister of Economy and Innovation, Jo Brouns (CD&V). That is also why the financial support for fossil alternatives like LNG or CNG will be abolished.”

Today, electric vehicles are the most sustainable and are most appropriate for the ecology bonus. The average support is 125 000 euros for an electric truck or 148 500 for a bus. A truck equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell can expect a 90 000 euros subsidy. The transformation of a diesel engine into a dual-fuel system can yield the support of an average 36 000 euros.

Maximum two trucks and two buses

However, the ecology premium per applicant is limited to a maximum of two trucks and two buses on electricity and two hydrogen trucks. This is to make sure that as many companies as possible can experiment with these technologies. On top of that, the ecology bonus can be combined with other federal measures.

Flanders supports companies that are willing to invest in sustainable transport. Thanks to the ecology bonus+, companies will be encouraged to (re)organize their production processes in a more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient way, the Minister says.

The premium is intended for trucks and buses running on electricity or hydrogen, and dual-fuel systems (on hydrogen and diesel) for trucks and container elevators. Subsidies will cover 15 to 55% of the additional costs of the investment.

No more subsidies for LNG or CNG

Support for fossil alternatives, therefore, will be abandoned. Until recently, they were supported because they still are more sustainable than traditional diesel engines, but now these gas-based technologies will be removed from the restrictive technology list.

According to estimations, the new ecology technologies could achieve a 92-ton CO2 emission reduction per year. For comparison: this is the equivalent of the afforestation of almost eight hectares per truck.

Andreas Cremer, CEO of car federation FEBIAC: “Our sector wants to decarbonize motorized transport […] but, at the same time, we have to watch our economy’s competitiveness.”


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