Ghent has 1.450 shared (e)-bikes available

In April, the city of Ghent announced the introduction of more shared bicycles in the city. The Danish Donkey Republic, already active in the city for three years, will get new permission for its 500 bright orange city bikes.

On top of that, Mobit will launch 200 green city bikes and Dott will offer Ghent’s citizens and visitors 600 blue e-bikes and even 150 e-cargo bikes. Good for a total of 1 450 vehicles in and around the Ghent area.

Sustainable transport

This means that Ghent will soon have about three times as many shared bicycles as before. “Especially the e-bikes and cargo bikes offer added value,” says Filip Watteeuw, Ghent Alderman for Mobility. “They’re the ideal solution for longer rides, lots of groceries, or transporting kids.”

Ghent is determined to offer its inhabitants and visitors a diverse offer of sustainable means of transport. The city, therefore, granted three providers a one-year permit to exploit a shared bicycle platform. Ghent initially received seven applications but local authorities preferred to limit the number of bicycle service providers.

Not free-floating

The shared bicycles will be available in several locations. However, they will not be free-floating. All vehicles will need to be brought back to some particular bike stands, like public bicycle shelters or hubs, in and around the city center. Users have to download an app to unlock and rent a vehicle.



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