Touring pleads for skipping road tax indexation

Now that road tax in Flanders is rising due to the annual indexation on July 1st, mobility organization Touring pleads for a temporary stop of indexation. “Bad timing to increase tariffs by almost 10%,” they say.

Touring points out the already sky-high fuel prices and other price-rises consumers are confronted with these days. “The indexation of road tax is making people even poorer,” the organization states.


Apart from the indexation stop, Touring also pleads for a complete reorganization of the road tax system and the introduction of a road-pricing. According to the mobility club, ‘pay-as-you-drive’ seems to be a fair principle.

In expectation of possible initiatives to come, the situation on July 1st is as follows. For cars registered as of 2016, the minimum road tax will go up from 48,44 to 52,79 euros. Depending on the type of fuel, CO2 emissions, and Euro standard, the final sum will even be higher. Cars registered before 2016 are also charged a fixed amount of tax depending on their cylinder capacity.

General rule: the more polluting the vehicle, the higher the amount. Drivers of vintage cars only pay a fixed sum of 42,10 euros (€38,63 before July 1st). Fully electric vehicles or cars running on hydrogen, on the contrary, are exempt from taxes.



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