Sevic V500e: German delivery EV with swappable cargo

Sevic? Never heard of it? Well, that might change as the German EV engineering start-up has its first V500e vehicles delivered by Bulgarian contract EV manufacturer Milara International to Bochum for internal testing and client approval. And it’s ready to take the European cities.

The compact light utility EV with a unique cargo swap system is already open for pre-sales in Germany and Italy, starting at €24 900 (VAT not included), and in the US under a partnership with Tropos Technologies. But France, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Switzerland are clearly next on the target list to further expand throughout Europe.

This Sevic V500e is a German engineer’s vision of a last-mile delivery and utility vehicle that features a sleek EV cabin, and chassis offering ranges up to 300 km, and multiple cargo options that can be switched in sixty seconds.

120 to 300 km range

The V500e is an L7e-CU class compact electric van, ideal for use in urban areas, municipal use, or even indoors, as there are no emissions. It’s incredibly compact, being only 3,70 m long, 1, 37 m wide, and 1,99 m high, with a net weight of 757-894 kg, but capable of loading between 576 and 676 kg.

It’s powered by a 15 kW electric induction motor and offers battery options from 13 kWh to 33 kWh, for a 120 to 300 km range. AC charging is possible at 3,3 kW or 9 kW (optional). It has a top speed of 80 km, allowing it to use highways when needed. But its mission is rather in the city for last-mile delivery or a myriad of other utility functions.

Patented cargo swap system

The patented cargo swap system lets you change the vehicle’s function in less than 60 seconds, as you can simply lift the cargo construction with a forklift and replace it with another. These can be cargo boxes with all kinds of sliding, roll-up or folding doors, cooling, a box with an incorporated vending machine, a pick-up version with a tarpaulin, or a rear tipper.

There are two slots at the vehicle’s rear at the cargo platform’s height. If a forklift enters these slots, it unlocks the cargo, and it can be lifted away.

At the time being, pre-ordering for the launch edition is open in Germany and Italy, with prices starting at €24 900 (ex VAT) for the version with a 16,5 kWh battery (up to 150 km range) and €29 500 for the versions with a 33 kWh battery and up to 300 km range. On top of that, you’ll have to pay for bodywork and transfer.

Sold in the US under Tropos brand

In the US, Sevic forged a partnership with Tropos Technologies in March of this year. The latter is a Silicon Valley-based OEM that manufacturers and distributes all-electric, street-legal vehicles, specializing in utility e-LSVs – low-speed electric vehicles – and trucks under the Tropos Motors brand.

“With this partnership, Tropos will transition away from its current Asia-centric supply chain to Sevic’s European supply chain for the Tropos Motors ABLE™ vehicle platforms. These new vehicles will be available for North American distribution in the second calendar quarter of 2022.”

The Sevic EVs are made in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, by contract EV manufacturer Milara International, which already made a 10 million euros investment since 2019 to set up mass-production for the German-designed EV.

Milara offers a wide range of subcontracting services, from the production of parts to the assembly and testing of the final product. Milara International has a lot of experience assembling machines and components for the semiconductor, medicine, and automotive industries.






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