D’Ieteren’s EDI ventures into solar panels and home batteries

D’Ieteren Automotive sees mobility from a broader perspective. In addition to the classic car distribution activities of the VW Group brands, it invests in sustainable mobility solutions such as sharing platforms (Poppy), bicycles (Lucien), charging infrastructure (EDI), and now energy supply with the acquisition of Go-Solar, a specialist in solar panels and home batteries.

With Go-Solar, D’Ieteren adds the missing link to EDI, which has quickly become one of the main players in charging infrastructure in the Belgian market. EDI aims to unburden the consumer – both private and business –  when it comes to charging modes for electric vehicles. It installs charging hardware (wall boxes and charging stations), but also supplies charging cards (or apps) that provide access to 250 000 public charging stations across Europe.

Production, storage and EV charging

As more and more EV users are looking for sustainable and cheaper energy, EDI’s acquisition of Go-Solar is a logical step. Go-Solar is a company with particular expertise in solar panels combined with home batteries.

This is exactly how customers can optimize their self-consumption by storing the energy generated during the day in a battery to be used in the evening or at night. In addition, people with an electric car can integrate their wallbox into an ecosystem that is becoming increasingly complex and interesting with current energy prices.

1 + 1 = 3

Combining the expertise of EDI (charging infrastructure) with that of local power production (and storage) creates a synergy that many people are looking for. However, until recently, this total solution was rarely offered.

“Working with a strong partner who is fully committed to promoting electromobility is an opportunity we did not want to miss. By combining our two activities and joining forces, we can positively contribute to the climate, energy, and economic challenges we face. Moreover, the entrepreneurial spirit and attention to quality that unites our two companies augur well for a promising future,” says Chris Poppe, managing director of Go-Solar.


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