MG4 Electric prepping for Europe by Q4 2022

After showing the Chinese Mulan earlier this month, SAIC has unveiled more details of its next MG model, the MG 4 Electric, for Europe and the rest of the world. The compact four-door sedan features a very slim battery – only 110 mm high – allowing 51 kWh to 64 kWh packs and even swapping to higher capacity packs in the future.

It’s the first MG model built on the Modular Scalable Platform (MSP), developed by MG’s mother company, state-owned SAIC Motor. MG is currently running extensive tests in Europe with the new model to prepare it for a market launch in the last quarter of 2022.

Low roofline

The thin battery incorporated into the chassis allows a low roofline of just 1 504 mm high while offering enough room for five passengers. Initially offered with the 51 and 64 kWh packs, the MG 4 Electric would reach 350 and 450 km ranges, respectively (WLTP).

With the small pack, the electro motor delivers 125 kW (170 pk), while the bigger pack is coupled to a 150 kW (204 pk) engine. It’s a rear-wheel-drive platform, but AWD versions will become possible, too, with an extra motor on the front axle.

The so-called ONE PACK battery is developed specifically for the MSP platform, with the battery cells placed horizontally to limit the pack’s height to 110 mm. Batteries are mounted in the same manner for all body versions on this platform, with identical connectors, so in theory, packs of 40 to 150 kWh are possible. They could be used in car segments from A0 to D.

The platform is readied for future upgrades like doubling voltage from 400 to 800V to allow faster charging and to make battery swapping or ‘Battery as a Service’ (BaaS) which is already common in China, an option. That way, car owners can opt for a smaller battery to cover daily distances and upgrade to a larger battery when needed.





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