Bolt provides Belgian summer festivals with renewable energy

This summer, the Belgian energy platform Bolt will provide three festivals – Rock Werchter, Sfinks Mixed (Boechout), and Boomtown (Ghent) – with green electricity. After a first experiment last summer with Werchter Parklife, the company decided to extend the idea to three other festivals.

“The organizers of festivals put great efforts into making their projects more sustainable, but the generators, necessary for the electricity production, emit significant amounts of CO2,” explains Pieterjan Verhaeghen, CEO and co-founder of Bolt. According to the CEO, switching to green electricity is one of the most effective ways to reduce the festivals’ ecological footprint.

Local and green energy

Bolt claims it is the first energy platform in Belgium where consumers buy electricity directly from local, green electricity producers. The company’s mission is to make the Belgian grid more sustainable and extend the same philosophy to other sectors, like the summer festivals.

The Rock Werchter festival, for instance, will be well equipped to produce green electricity. Two super batteries and several mobile solar panels will provide the festival ground with green electricity.


Even the festival-goers themselves will produce part of the green energy: by flushing the toilet, they put the water purification process in motion, and the remaining deposit will be transformed into electricity. All these interventions contribute to a significant CO2 emission reduction.

We see a simular evolution in Antwerp. This summer, all podia of the Antwerp world music festival in Boechout will operate completely diesel-free. Local energy producers, mobile solar panels, and the necessary batteries will provide the site with green energy.


In Ghent, Bolt joins forces with Boomtown. The festival will run on locally produced energy, and, together with the Ghent Bicycle Embassy (Gentse Fietsambassade), Bolt will equip the first electric bicycle parking with green electricity.

And Bolt is ambitious. “We want to make all festivals diesel-free by 2030,” says Pieterjan Verhaeghen. “It’s an ambitious goal, but it’s absolutely necessary if we want to keep on organizing festivals in a sustainable way. Today, we’re only showing a good example.”

Bolt is a Belgian energy supplier, the link between energy producer and energy consumer. Bringing together supply and demand makes the process more transparent. According to Bolt, switching to renewable energy is one of the most decisive factors to save the climate.



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