Dutch impose mandatory helmet for mopeds as of January 1st

The die is cast: Dutch riders of mopeds (and their passengers) will have to wear a mandatory helmet as of January 1st, 2023. Plans for the compulsory helmet were already imminent, but now the situation is finally clear. Those who hit the road without a helmet risk a fine of 100 euros.

The measure applies to all riders of motorized bikes with a blue license plate that can achieve up to 25 km/hour. Also, users of shared vehicles will have to respect the new law. The main goal of the measure is to reduce the number of injured people and casualties.

Reduce casualties

Traffic safety association Veilig Verkeer Nederland (VVN) is happy with the decision. “Some cities in the Netherlands, Amsterdam for instance, have already banned mopeds from the bicycle paths. These vehicles have to ride on the roadway. However, the consequences of an accident on the road often are far worse than on a bicycle path. The mandatory helmet, therefore, is a positive evolution.”


Sector organization RAI is happy to have some clarity after all. They will make sure now to have enough helmets available for the almost 800 000 moped riders in the Netherlands.

The measure, however, is not popular at all. Especially youngsters reject the idea of the mandatory helmet. They find it too heavy and suffocating and fear it will ruin their hairstyle. As a consequence, they are massively selling their vehicles.

The Belgian law also imposes a mandatory helmet for moped riders of categories A (50 cc max, 25 kph max) and B (50 cc max, 45 kph max). Those who refuse to wear a helmet risk a 55-euro fine.




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