Traxio: ‘speed pedelec registrations 26,2% up in half a year’

The number of newly registered speed pedelecs increased spectacularly in the year’s first six months. Between January and June, 8 219 units were sold, an increase of 26,2%, and 1 709 units more than during the same period last year.

In June alone, 1 706 of the popular vehicles were sold, 43,7% more than last year (1 187 units sold). May even saw a record level of 1 953 units sold. The figures are coming from Traxio, the mobility federation.

Companies prefer leasing

More and more private individuals buy a speed pedelec (35,6% of the market). On the other hand, companies buying speed pedelecs only represent 13,4% of the market; they usually prefer a leasing formula. This year, the number of companies leasing speed pedelecs is three times higher than before.

Also, the second-hand market for fast-riding bikes is growing. Estimations speak of about 50 000 units on the market since their launch in 2015.

Compensation for cycling

After some years, many private individuals want to replace their vehicles. In the first six months of 2022, 2 690 speed pedelecs changed hands. In June, 577 vehicles found a new owner, 131,7% more than last year.

Fuel prices are going through the roof, so many people prefer the bike for commuting. A bicycle compensation of 0,25 €/km is worth more than a wage cut to pay taxable benefits in kind. Besides, cycling is healthier and better for the environment.

Speed pedelecs are particularly popular in Flanders. In 2022, Traxio registered 94,9% or 7 800 units in Flanders, 245 in Wallonia, and 174 in Brussels. The province of Antwerp is the forerunner with 1 946 registrations, followed by East Flanders (1 899), Flemish Brabant (1 748), Limburg (1 294), and West Flanders (913).




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