Speed trap cameras flash at 129 kph on Belgian highways

After a first pilot project, all cameras on the Flemish highways will be permanently operational as of the end of August. Anyone driving 129 km/hour or more will be caught and fined. There will no longer be any margin of tolerance. The measure should improve traffic safety.

“129 km/hour will become the standard on the Belgian highways,” explained Edward Lantsheere, spokesperson of Justice Minister Vincent Van Quickenborne (Open Vld), in the newspaper De Zondag. “All speed control cameras will be operational all the time and start flashing at speeds from 129 km/hour.”

Flow of fines

The new camera regime will lead to more fines and files, but the police and public prosecutor’s offices are ready for the job. The federal police and the regional processing centers recruited new staff members to process the additional fines flow.

Regarding traffic safety, things are also getting serious for Mobility Minister Lydia Peeters (Open Vld). The Minister wants to simplify the system of local administrative fines – the so-called ‘GAS’ fines (Gemeentelijke Administratieve Sanctie) – ensuring that infringers (from abroad) can easily get caught.

Less paperwork for local fines

Since February 1st, 2021, local authorities in Flanders can punish traffic infringers with an administrative fine (GAS). For instance, to maintain the maximum speed of 30 or 50 km/hour on their territory. The measure gives local authorities more possibilities to maintain their traffic policy.

Until recently, the procedures were complex and time-consuming and, therefore, not very popular, but now Minister Peeters comes with several adjustments to simplify the paperwork.

“We gave local authorities a tool to maintain small infringements through an administrative fine. For instance, to punish small infringements in traffic, Minister Peeters explained. “By simplifying the paperwork, we hope to facilitate.”



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