Traxio: ‘10% fewer second-hand motorbike registrations’

Despite the resurgence in May, the second-hand motorbike market is falling on hard times. In the first six months of the year, 41 568 vehicles were registered, or a decrease of 10,6% compared to 2021 (46 471 registrations). Registrations of new vehicles decreased by 6,1% compared to last year.

In June, 9 852 vehicles were registered against 9 975 the year before (-1,2%). However, compared to 2020, when the market was catching up after the first corona lockdown, the difference was huge: -27%.

Honda market leader

According to Filip Rylant, spokesperson of mobility federation Traxio, Flanders remains the most significant market (56,6%), but it’s losing ground (-11,7%) compared to 2021. Wallonia represents 36,4% of the market and slightly goes down (-6,1%); in Brussels, the market declines by 5%.

BMW, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, and Kawasaki remain the most popular second-hand brands. Honda remains the market leader (17,9%), followed by Yamaha (13,4%), BMW (11,3%), Suzuki (7,8%), and Kawasaki (7,2%). However, compared to last year, they all suffered severe losses.

Peaking fuel prices

The regression of the market for new vehicles is partly due to delivery problems. Especially the more expensive models are sometimes hard to get. As a result, candidate-buyers postpone their final decisions.

However, the second-hand market is more complex. Supply is getting more and more scarce, reducing choices and increasing prices. On top of that, many motorcyclists shelve their helmets and sell their bikes, dictated by the actual cost of living, the peaking fuel prices, and the war in Ukraine.

Unfortunately, some give up their favorite leisure activities because it’s the first aspect people save on when times get tough.




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