Stromer vigour reflects healthy bike market

Speed pedelec manufacturer Stromer launches a new top model and an interesting leasing scheme. The relentless activity of the Swiss e-bike manufacturer seems a reflection of the healthy future of the bicycle market, despite current production and delivery problems.

Stromer launches its new ST7 top model at the Eurobike fair in Frankfurt. At the same time, Stromer, D’ieteren-owned bike shop chain Lucien, and Joule launched Stromer Discovery Plan, a way to discover a Stromer for one year as your company bike at attractive lease conditions.

Meanwhile, the Belgian bike market continues despite delivery problems (especially for sporty bikes). The market in 2021 closed 1,2% lower than in the (pandemic) record-year 2020: 584 913 units sold, against 592 107 the year before.

Stromer ST7

The Stromer ST7 seems to be the first speed-pedelec with the new Smart.Shift technology of Pinion. It makes electronic gear shifting possible, like in a modern car, even while driving or at a standstill. Other high-end components are a new rear-wheel motor (940 W, 52 Nm of torque), a Blubrake ABS for the 4-piston TRP disc brakes, and Supernova lighting.

Electric power comes from Stromer’s biggest battery, working in a 48 V environment with a capacity of no less than 1 440 Wh. Depending on your energy need, a range of 260 kilometers is feasible. People who want to drive off-road can opt for a suspension on the front fork and the saddle pen.

The Omni app giving full connectivity is free, but that’s not so amazing when you know that the launch edition ‘Solid Gold’ will cost €12 140 (from Autumn 2022)  and the ‘Dark Platinum’ will sell at €12 490 (from January 2023). In collaboration with Unit 1, Stromer also offers the Smart Helmet, with front and rear lights reacting to the signals the Stromer bike sends.

“With the ST7, we stretched the boundaries of what is feasible with an s-pedelec; we give long-haul commuters (30 km+) an efficient and sustainable mobility solution,” says Philip Henry, Product Manager at Stromer.

A Stromer for €150 per month

Stromer, Joule (specialized in bike leasing), and bike retailer chain Lucien are working together to offer professionals the ‘Stromer Discovery Plan’. It proposes companies to hire a Stromer  ST1 for €150 (+VAT) per month to get accustomed to ‘the Stromer world’ on a professional basis.

The bike market keeps going

After the record year 2020, the Belgian bike market continues to be healthy, despite the problems with producing and delivering (mainly) sporty bikes. The segment of gravel bikes is growing now, and more sporty bikes are also getting electric support.

“The bike market has managed to withstand well the year after the (corona-related) record sales in 2020,” says Filip Rylant, spokesperson at sector federation Traxio. “A light loss (-1,2%) is due to delivery problems for sporty bikes. Sales through regular bike shops have declined slightly (-0,7% to 58,1%), but almost half (47%) of their sales are e-bikes, compared to 27% via other distribution channels.”

The market share of the e-bike in Belgium stays almost stable at 38,7% (+0,1%). People prefer to buy the more expensive e-bikes in a specialized shop rather than in supermarkets, sports stores, or online. The two most popular categories (in a still broadening landscape) are still the trekking and city bike with electric support (16,2% and 16,6%, respectively).

The average e-bike tends to cost more, while people are now opting more for an in-wheel motor and more options or simply a more expensive top model.



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