Vias: ‘1 in 3 drivers reduces speed to compensate high fuel prices’

Fuel prices are skyrocketing and many Belgian drivers adapt their driving habits. One out of three drivers reduces his speed on the highway, and one out of five even postpones his next refueling stop. That is what Vias, the traffic safety institute, discovered.

Vias conducted two surveys and interrogated about 2 000 drivers to analyze the impact of the increasing fuel prices on people’s driving behavior. One out of seven respondents admitted that the peaking fuel prices are decisive for his travel behavior. A crucial element, especially for the low-income group. Those with a company car are less impacted.

More defensive driving style

About 36% have already changed their travel behavior, and 28% are planning to do so if prices remain this high. Others (35%) are determined to use their car less often or not to travel at all (28%). Some (14%) have replaced the car with other means of transport.

The peaking prices not only affect people’s travel habits but also their style of driving. Most drivers reduce speed on the highway and adopt a more defensive driving style: 42% slow down more often, and 38% gear up more rapidly.

According to Vias’ study, organized between May 2nd and June 15th, Walloon drivers are more willing to adapt their driving behavior on the highway.


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