Ford’s EV pickups Maverick and Ranger ‘Lightning’ also for Europe

After the F-150 Lightning, Ford’s first fully electric pickup, North America’s number two car manufacturer is also planning electric variants for its smaller pickup trucks, Maverick and Ranger, in Europe. Ford has registered the model names ‘Maverick Lightning’ and ‘Ranger Lightning’ with the European Trademark Office.

When Ford launched the F-150 Lightning, an all-electric version of its best-selling pickup truck, the Blue Oval company made it clear that it wasn’t stopping there. CEO Jim Farley stated that he sees the automaker electrifying several more popular pickup trucks in its vehicle line-up.

Number two and three

The Maverick is Ford’s smallest pickup model in the internal combustion range, measuring just over five meters. In contrast, the Ranger is 5,35 meters long, and the American best-seller F-150 is an un-European 5,88 meters long.

While there is no further info on a possible electric Maverick yet, the Ranger is a different story: the electric Ford Ranger is reportedly being developed with an electric version of VW Commercial Vehicles’ Amarok pickup.

Not long ago, Volkswagen and Ford concluded a cooperation deal on commercial vehicle development and production. This already results in the new Ford Tourneo being a clone of the new VW Caddy and, vice versa, the ready-to-launch Volkswagen Amarok is now a copy of the new Ford Ranger.

The latter is Ford’s most ‘global’ pickup and will, for example, be built in South Africa. It was generally the only consumer pickup truck that Ford officially offered in many other markets outside the North American market. The F-150 and the Maverick are primarily designed for this North-American market (the biggest pickup market in the world), and that’s why they were developed and are being built over there.

Name giving carrousel

To indicate the venue of an all-electric version of the F-150 in the States last year, Ford gave it the suffix ‘Lightning’, fairly adequate to suggest that one has to do with the version that swapped its ICE for an electromotor. Now that Ford has registered the Lightning name in Europe for Maverick and Ranger, the company will at least be bringing the electric versions of both pickups to Europe.

In the USA, interestingly, there are different names planned, ‘Maverick Thunder’ and ‘Ranger Thunder’ have been registered as trademarks, as the EV news website, Electrek writes. Does this mean Ford would deviate from the Lightning designation for its electric pickups in the USA? At the same time, Ford has also registered the nameplate ‘F-150 Thunder’ for the F-150, possibly indicating a different model version and not a name change.




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