Brussels start-ups give EV and bicycle batteries a second life

Bilmo and Octave, two Brussels start-ups, have launched two innovative projects. Both companies were winners of the competition project organized by Bebat and Leefmilieu Brussel. Octave’s first circular stationary battery was commissioned on Tuesday at Terranova Solar, one of the biggest solar parks in the Benelux.

Bilmo provides cargo bikes with energy using recycled bicycle battery cells. Octave, the other start-up, has developed an energy storing system using battery modules from electric cars.

Cargo bikes

Bilmo was created in 2020. The start-up is the first in Belgium to offer fully reusable and repairable battery systems to feed electrical appliances, like a refrigerator. In addition, Bilmo developed a cargo bike, reusing batteries of bicycles.

Jean-Baptiste Goetgheluck, co-founder of Bilmo: “By extending battery life, we also increase competitive advantage. Above all, this new product based on used batteries fits perfectly into the circular economy.”


Octave was founded in 2019 by three engineers. They wanted to offer a sustainable solution to store electricity. So they reuse batteries from electric vehicles and transform them into an intelligent storage system. This way, they provide a smart solution for the growing need for flexibility in the grid.

Maxime Snick, CEO of Octave: “Thanks to our patented technology, we’re a forerunner in the field of smart and circular electricity storage. Moreover, we do this efficiently and circularly: not only do we offer lithium-ion batteries from electric vehicles a second life, but we also ensure the optimal integration of renewable energy by temporarily storing it and using it at the right time.”

Impact on the environment

Frederik Lesseliers, project manager at Leefmilieu Brussel: “The transition to circularity is essential for the future of our planet. The use of batteries has increased significantly in recent years, and that has an impact on the environment. The winners of the call for projects received financial support, targeted coaching, and participated in a networking community to exchange best practices.”

Bebat has been collecting, sorting, and recycling batteries for over 25 years. Leefmilieu Brussel is a public service responsible for research, planning, and counseling on environmental issues.

Octave’s first stationary battery of recycled EV batteries has a capacity of 75 kWh and is placed at Terranova Solar in Stabroek /Octave


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