More than half of green electricity in Flanders is produced abroad

Last year, more than one-third (36,08%) of Flanders’s electricity came from renewable energy sources. That was slightly more than one year earlier (35,8%), the Flemish energy regulator VREG calculated.

The VREG report shows that about 45% of all green electricity in Flanders is produced locally (in Belgium), and more than half (55%) abroad. In Norwegian hydroelectric power stations, for instance.

Northern import countries

Furthermore, 41,6% of the green electricity used in Flanders last year came from nuclear sources, 22,3% from fossil fuels, and 16,8% from hydropower. Offshore wind energy represented 6,9%, and onshore wind energy 6,1%.

In 2021, Norway and Finland were the most important import countries for renewables (6,3% and 2,4%, respectively).

Green electricity providers have to guarantee the VREG that their energy comes from renewable energy sources inland or abroad.



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