Porsche recalls 40.000 Taycans for wiring problem

Porsche recalls the Taycan again, which concerns all models including the Cross Turismo and the Sport Turismo. Worldwide, over 40 000 vehicles have been affected this time. There is a possible problem with the wiring harness under the front seats of cars built between July 2019 and May 2018.

This is not the first time Porsche drivers have experienced problems with the Taycan. After the market launch, customers mainly experienced connectivity problems fixed with software tweaks.

China and Australia went first

In May 2022, 6 000 units were recalled from the Chinese market for similar problems with the wiring under the seats. The concerned vehicles were assembled between January 2020 and March 2021.

A recall was also issued in Australia for the same problem in the same period. In total, 75 000 Taycans have already been delivered worldwide; in Belgium, 2 350 Porsche owners have already opted for the Taycan.

Possible safety risk

Under the seat, there are several connections between the seat and the floor of the vehicle. Because a seat is adjustable (height adjustment, length adjustment, adjustable backrest, etc.), this wiring harness must also be able to move dynamically.

The wiring harness contains cabling for comfort elements, such as seat heating and seat (electrical) adjustment possibilities. There is also wiring for safety-related systems such as the side airbags and the seat belt tensioners integrated into the seat. The recall is carried out to prevent a possible safety risk with these systems.


In the Porsche workshops the seats will be taken out and the wiring will be subjected to a thorough inspection. Damages will be repaired, and a flexible textile band will be applied around the wiring so that the wiring is adequately protected and can no longer come into contact with the moving parts of the seat mechanism.

New securing screws would be used when fitting the seats. The delivery of this assembly material was also delayed, which may explain the phased roll-out of the recalls. The intervention in the workshop is free of charge for customers who are personally invited to have their vehicles checked.


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